Selena Gomez
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Celebrities Scammed: Selena Gomez

Fake-Accounts With Stolen Images From Selena Gomez Original Info and Description About Selena Gomez Facebook: Selena Gomez’s Facebook Twitter:    Selena Gomez’s Twitter Pinterest: Selena Gomez’s Pinterest MySpace: Selena Gomez’s MySpace Youtube:  Selena Gomez’s YouTube channel Google+:   Selena Gomez’s […]

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Email Scam: Google Winning Notification

  Google Winning Notification   from: GOOGLE WINNING <> reply-to: to: date: 3 luglio 2015 16:01 subject: CHECK ATTACH FOER MORE DETAILS signed-by: Google Incorporation®. Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9TQ, […]

Email Scams Examples

Email Scam: Mr. John Hawk DHL Courier Company

DHL from: Mr. John Hawk DHL Courier Company <> reply-to: to: ccn: … date: 29 giugno 2015 14:48 oggetto: Mr.John Hawk, the DHL Courier Company’s Diplomatic Agent  mailed-by: signed-by: Letter: I am Mr.John […]