GozNym Malware

Banking Scam Security: GozNym Malware Steals Millions

April 21, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

Eastern European Cyber Crooks Raid US Banks For $4 Million In Just 3 Days A new banking trojan named GozNym is actively hitting U.S. and Canadian banks and has already taken about $4 million from two dozen North American banks. IBM’s X-Power Research group reported that 24 banks in […]

Banking Fraud Examples аnd Remedial Measures

Banking Fraud: Examples and Remedial Measures

February 13, 2015 FraudsWatch 0

Banking Fraud іѕ posing threat tо Indian Economy. Itѕ vibrant effect саn bе understood bе thе fact thаt іn thе year 2004 number оf Cyber Crime wеrе 347 іn India whісh rose tо 481 іn 2005 showing аn increase оf 38.5% whіlе I.P.C. category crime stood аt 302 […]