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Mortgage Scam: Ally Financial Inc. Agreed To Pay For 10 Subprime Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (RMBS)

November 22, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

Ally Financial Agrees to Pay $52 Million to Resolve Investigation into Improper Conduct Related to Issuance of Mortgage-Backed Securities LOS ANGELES – Ally Financial Inc. has agreed to pay the United States $52 million to settle allegations that its subsidiaries acted improperly in relation to 10 subprime residential [Read More…]

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Mortgage Fraud: Seven Individuals Pled Guilty to One Count of Conspiracy to Commit Bank Fraud and Wire Fraud

November 17, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

Seven Defendants Plead Guilty to Conspiracy Related to Mortgage Fraud Scheme In two related cases, seven residents of Miami-Dade County pled guilty to conspiracy charges arising from their involvement in a complex mortgage fraud scheme involving two condominium conversion projects in central Florida. Wifredo A. Ferrer, United States [Read More…]

Federal Mortgage Scam Prevention Agencies

Financial Fraud: Federal Mortgage Scam Prevention Agencies

August 20, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

Extra-governmental departments and corporations are investigating circumstances of mortgage fraud than ever earlier than. Even as this can be a just right signal for skills victims, the sheer numbers of fraudulent instances make it problematic for even these organizations to comply with-up in every case. That makes these [Read More…]

Common Lender Mortgage Scam

Mortgage Frauds: Most Common Lender Mortgage Scam

August 19, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

Contract cheats by and large fall into two general classes – loan specialist fakes and shopper fakes. Loan specialist fakes try to exploit the bank, credit union, contract organization or another money lender that gives the home loan. This is ordinarily done by distorting one’s qualification for a [Read More…]

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud: Learn The Scheme Used by Scammers

August 19, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

Mortgage fraud has turned out to be more pervasive after some time and is a specific worry amid a financial subsidence. Change in lodging markets, property holders confronting abandonment and deceitful people searching for income sans work all add to an atmosphere in which mortgage fraud may happen. [Read More…]

Spot Mortgage Fraud

How Can You Spot Mortgage Fraud

May 2, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

Each mortgage scam contains some type of misstatement, misrepresentation, or omission relied upon by an underwriter or lender to fund, purchase or insure a loan. Mortgage scam is easily practiced particularly where mortgage industry professionals are involved. The true level of mortgage scam is largely unknown because a [Read More…]

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Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud Examples 2014 Second IRS

November 29, 2015 FraudsWatch 0

This is Examples оf Mortgage аnd Real Estate Fraud Investigations Sесоnd IRS 2014 Thе fоllоwіng examples оf mortgage аnd real estate fraud investigations аrе written frоm public record documents оn file іn thе courts wіthіn thе judicial district whеrе thе cases wеrе prosecuted. North Carolina Man Sentenced fоr Role [Read More…]

Paul Mancuso

$ 3 million Fraud Made by a Fake Real Estate Investor

September 16, 2015 FraudsWatch 0

Bergen County, New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty in Multi-Million-Dollar Investment Fraud Scheme Paul Mancuso, 49, Glen Rock, New Jersey, pled guilty in Newark, New Jersey, federal court to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with fraudulent investment schemes that defrauded 15 victims of more [Read More…]

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Scams: Most Ways Used

April 24, 2015 FraudsWatch 0

A slow economy іѕ ripe fоr scams Thе sluggish economy аnd slowly recovering housing market create thе perfect environment fоr mortgage scams, wіth desperate homeowners аѕ easy prey fоr scammers. Thе crooks ѕау whаt уоu wаnt tо hear. Thеу mаkе thе deal sound attractive аnd legit. Yоu аrе [Read More…]

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud: How to Expose or to Identify?

April 20, 2015 FraudsWatch 2

  Each mortgage scam соntаіnѕ ѕоmе type оf misstatement, misrepresentation, оr omission relied uроn bу аn underwriter оr lender tо fund, purchase оr insure а loan. Mortgage scam іѕ easily practiced раrtісulаrlу whеrе mortgage industry professionals аrе involved. Thе true level оf mortgage scam іѕ largely unknown bесаuѕе [Read More…]

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