Financial Fraud: Edward Ambrosino Charged With Wire Fraud, Tax Evasion, Making And Subscribing to False Corporate Tax Returns

Town Of Hempstead Councilman Edward Ambrosino Indicted For Wire Fraud And Tax Evasion An eight-count indictment was unsealed today in United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York charging Edward Ambrosino with wire fraud, tax evasion, making and subscribing to false corporate tax returns, and failing to file a return or pay […]

Financial Fraud: Artica-Romero, Joaquin Mejia-Murillo And Milton Noel Romero Charged With Wire Fraud

Three Indicted For Scheme To Facilitate Evasion Of Workers’ Compensation Laws And Employment Of Undocumented Aliens In Construction Industry Jacksonville, Florida – Acting United States Attorney W. Stephen Muldrow announces the unsealing of an <a href=”” target=”_blank”; length=254897″>indictment charging Orlando residents Anyi (“Angie”) Artica-Romero (31), Joaquin Mejia-Murillo (62), and Milton Noel Romero (34) with wire fraud […]

Asset Protection

Everyone should be afraid of being sued with so many lawsuits being filed now days around the world. You might think that you may never be sued. How wrong you are! Let’s first take a look at how easy it is to be sued now days. One of the first dangers is being indirectly involved […]

Investment Fraud: John Quadrino Charged With Wire Fraud Conspiracy For Orchestrating a Ponzi Scheme

Oceanside Man Indicted In Multi-Million-Dollar Fraud Scheme John Quadrino Charged With Defrauding Over 80 Investors in a Ponzi Scheme, Resulting in Losses of More Than $6 Million A six-count indictment was unsealed this morning in federal court in Central Islip, New York, charging John Quadrino, the owner/operator of Princess Cut Industries, Inc., Sassy Jewelry Buyers, […]

Investment Fraud: EDWARD J. SERVIDER Pled Guilty to Defrauding Approximately 100 Investors

Staten Island Man Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Defrauding Investors Of Over $2 Million Joon H. Kim, the Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced today that EDWARD J. SERVIDER, a/k/a “Nick Halden,” pled guilty to defrauding approximately 100 investors of over $2.4 million through his firm EJS […]

Financial Fraud: Henry Okpalefe Convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud And Money Laundering

Canadian Man Convicted Of Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Targeting U.S. Lawyers HARRISBURG – The United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced today that Henry Okpalefe, age 49, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was convicted of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. The three-day bench trial was held before United […]

Mortgage Fraud: Tommy Rudy Habibe-Arias Charged With Making False Statements in an Application For a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Loan

One Individual Charged With Making False Statements In A Reverse Mortgage Loan Application SAN JUAN, P.R – On March 29, 2017, a federal grand jury in the District of Puerto Rico returned a one count indictment charging Tommy Rudy Habibe-Arias with making false statements in an application for a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage loan (commonly […]

Healthcare Fraud: Harry Crawford Sentenced For Conspiracy to Commit Health Care Fraud, and Conspiracy to Defraud The United States

Owner of Medical Equipment Provider Sentenced to 12 Years In Federal Prison For Collecting A Debt By Extortion and for Tax and Health Care Fraud Conspiracies Man Who Owed Money to the Owner Was Murdered Baltimore, Maryland – U.S. District Judge Marvin J. Garbis sentenced Harry Crawford, age 57, of Baltimore, Maryland, on March 28, […]

Financial Fraud: Nita Rae Nirschl Charged In 37 Counts of Money Laundering From Credit Union

Indictment: Credit Union Was Liquidated After Employee Stole More than $5 Million WICHITA, KAN. – A Parsons woman was indicted Tuesday on federal charges of embezzling more than $5 million from a credit union that was declared insolvent and liquidated, U.S. Attorney Tom Beall said. Nita Rae Nirschl, 64, Parsons, Kan., is charged in an […]

Tax Fraud: Enrique Toribio And Marcus Burke Sentenced For Engaging In Income Tax Fraud

Two Georgia State Prisoners Sentenced for Committing Tax Fraud using Stolen Identities from Prison GAINESVILLE, Ga. – Enrique Toribio has been sentenced to four years in federal prison for engaging in income tax fraud by providing names and Social Security numbers to a tax preparer, and instructing the tax preparer to file fraudulent income tax […]

Conveyancing Fraud: a New Type of Property Fraud

A novel brand of cybercrime has arisen in the last few years which targets those attempting to buy or sell property.  Given the large sums of money involved, the rewards for this type of criminal activity can be enormous.  According to figures carried by the Daily Telegraph, scams are able to secure around £112,00 on […]

Charitable Fraud: Stephen E. Stockman And Jason Posey Indicted for Multi-Year Fraud Scheme

Former Texas Congressman and Associate Indicted for Multi-Year Fraud Scheme HOUSTON – A former U.S. Congressman and one of his associates were indicted today for their roles in orchestrating a scheme to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from charitable foundations and the individuals who ran those foundations. Some of the funds were used to […]

Illegal Towing Practices

The following are some of the more common laws that some towing companies violate. We all know that sometimes it seems there are just to many laws, but also we are glad that most of these laws exist because they are protecting us from harm. Our intent here is to educate the general public about […]

Immigration Fraud: Yousif Al Mashhandani And Adil Hasan Charged With Immigration Fraud

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Two Iraqi refugees living in Northern Virginia were arrested this morning and charged along with another individual with immigration fraud. The defendants arrested this morning are Yousif Al Mashhandani (“Yousif”), 35, of Vienna, and Adil Hasan, 38, of Burke, who are full biological brothers. The third individual charged is Enas Ibrahim, 32, […]

Cyber Crime: Ramon Batista Sentenced For a Sophisticated Global Cellphone Fraud Scheme

Owner of Florida Telecommunications Company and His Co-Conspirator Sentenced To Prison for Involvement in International Cellphone Fraud Scheme A federal court in West Palm Beach, Florida, today sentenced the owner and operator of a Florida-based telecommunications company to 75 months in prison and his co-conspirator, a resident of Bronx, New York to 36 months in […]

Financial Fraud: Joshua Knaup – Former Fedex Driver – Sentenced For Stealing Over Half a Million Dollars

Former Fedex Driver Who Set up Fake Hedge Fund Sentenced to 33 Months Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew J. Galvin (619) 546-9721 NEWS RELEASE SUMMARY – March 27, 2017 SAN DIEGO – Joshua Knaup, the founder and chief investment officer of EquityPro Capital, was sentenced Friday to 33 months in prison and ordered to pay $556,629 […]

Stopping Identity Theft Against Seniors!

The Federal Trade Commission has reported identity theft as the top consumer complaint, affecting millions of Americans each year. Seniors are particularly vulnerable, and identity theft affecting seniors rose 200%. Seniors are appealing targets because they generally have higher credit lines, home equity, and more savings than young people. Seniors are also easy targets for […]

Financial Fraud: Dean Volkes And Donna Fallon Convicted on Charges of Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Theft of Government Property And Money Laundering Conspiracy

CEO, CFO, and Company Convicted of a $180 Million Scheme to Defraud, Launder Money, and Obstruct Justice PHILADELPHIA – Dean Volkes, 53, and Donna Fallon, 52, of Long Island, NY, and Devos Ltd., doing business as Guaranteed Returns, located on Long Island, were convicted Wednesday on charges of mail fraud, wire fraud, theft of government […]