Financial Fraud: Four Persons Arrested Credit Card Bust-Out Scheme

Fourth Defendant Arrested in Credit Card ‘Bust-Out’ Scheme that Spent $2 Million on Luxury Watches, Liquor, Cars and Cemetery Plots LOS ANGELES – With the surrender this morning of the final defendant, federal authorities have taken into custody four people named in a grand jury indictment that alleges a “bust-out” scheme in which the defendants […]

Financial Fraud: Jason McDonald Sentenced For Bank Loans And Retail Store Credit Cards Or Lines Of Credit Fraud

New York Man Sentenced in ID Theft, Fraud Investigations PROVIDENCE, RI – A third person charged in federal court in Rhode Island in a series of on-going investigations into individuals who are stealing personal identifying information of others and using that information to apply for bank loans and retail store credit cards or lines of […]

Financial Fraud: Five Defendants Charged With Scheme to Steal Victims Credit Cards And Defraud Them

Five members of credit card theft ring plead guilty ATLANTA – Treveyon Herring, one of five defendants charged with stealing credit cards from the baggage loading areas of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and a private mail sorting facility, has pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy. “Americans depend on the United States mail system to carry some […]

Fiancial Fraud: Hussain Abdullah Sentenced For Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud, And Aggravated Identity Theft

Leader Of Fraudulent Credit Card Scheme Sentenced To Five Years In Prison Used the Personal Information of Victims to Fraudulently Obtain Credit, With Losses of More Than $225,000 June 23, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact ELIZABETH MORSE (410) 209-4885 Greenbelt, Maryland – On June 23, 2017, U.S. District Judge George J. Hazel sentenced Hussain […]

Identity Theft: Craig Alexander Sentenced For Credit Card Fraud and Aggravated Identity Theft

Brooklyn Man Sentenced For Credit Card Fraud and Aggravated Identity Theft Used Another Man’s Driver’s License to Commit Credit Card Fraud in the Utica Area SYRACUSE, NEW YORK –Craig Alexander, 31, of Brooklyn, was sentenced today to serve 64 months in prison for committing credit card fraud and aggravated identity theft in September of 2014 […]

2 Cases of Credit Card Fraud

Twо people wіth nо apparent ties tо thе community, suspected оf buying thousands оf dollars іn gift cards using stolen credit card information, hаd thеіr alleged criminal activity соmе tо аn еnd оutѕіdе Sam’s Club оn Ken Bale Boulevard – thаt describes twо unrelated investigations thаt occurred 10 months араrt thіѕ year іn Bowling Green. […]

Credit Card Fraud: Avoid When Paying Online

  Credit Card Internet Fraud is one of the most common crimes in cyber space today. It can be as simple as being charged for a dollar online purchase and then the merchant using the card to charge other purchases. This is much easier for a thief than the old fashioned way of actually stealing […]

Credit Card Fraud: How To Prevent?

  Credit Card Fraud Prevention Credit card fraud has recently grown at an alarming rate around the globe, with online transactions accounting for a high percentage of fraudulent purchases. In fact, online credit card fraud is expected to increase to an estimated $190 billion by 2014, according to financial experts. This is a worrying statistic […]

Different Types of Credit Card Fraud

  Credit card fraud is one of the biggest loss concerns in a bank. The frauds are usually performed by a group of people either using counterfeit credit cards to cheat unsuspecting merchants or in collaboration with the merchants to cheat the banks. This group of people who performed fraud is known as fraud syndicates. […]