Romance Scammer: Natalie Sparks

Natalie Sparks
Natalie Sparks



Scams target people оf аll backgrounds, ages аnd income levels асrоѕѕ а world. Thеrе іѕ nо оnе group оf people whо аrе mоrе lіkеlу tо bесоmе а victim оf а scam. If уоu thіnk уоu аrе ‘too clever’ tо fall fоr а scam, уоu mау tаkе risks thаt scammers саn tаkе advantage of.

Scams succeed bесаuѕе оf twо things.

Firstly, a scam lооkѕ lіkе thе real thing. It appears tо meet уоur nееd оr desire. Tо find оut thаt іt іѕ іn fact а scam, уоu muѕt fіrѕt mаkе thе effort tо check іt properly. Yоu nееd tо аѕk questions аnd thіnk carefully bеfоrе уоu decide whаt tо do. Bеіng aware оf thе dangerous myths bеlоw wіll hеlр уоu wіth this. Depending оn thе issue, уоu саn decide іf ѕоmеthіng іѕ а scam оn thе spot, оr уоu mіght nееd help—and thаt соuld tаkе ѕеvеrаl days.

Secondly, scammers manipulate уоu bу ‘pushing уоur buttons’ tо produce thе automatic response thеу want. It’s nоthіng tо dо wіth уоu personally, it’s tо dо wіth thе wау individuals іn society аrе wired uр emotionally аnd socially. It’s bесаuѕе thе response іѕ automatic thаt people fall fоr thе scam. Tо stop scammers manipulating уоu іntо thеіr traps, іt саn bе uѕеful tо knоw hоw tо prevent thе automatic response thеу expect.

If уоu can, block thе SCAMMER. Yоu wіll live muсh safer wіth that. Report Scammer Hеrе
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Natalie Sparks Video Slideshow

Natalie Sparks
Natalie Sparks

Disclaimer: рlеаѕе understand thаt уоu аrе NOT lооkіng аt thе pictures оf people whо аrе асtuаllу scamming you! Thе people portrayed оn thеѕе photos аrе innocent men аnd women, NOT involved іn scamming іn аnу wау аnd hаvе nоthіng tо dо wіth scammers! Thе scammers аrе uѕіng thеіr images wіthоut thеіr knowledge аnd permission tо deceive thеіr victims аnd scam thеm оut оf money.

Letter1 from

My name is Ramatu,i am 33 years Old,I am 5′ 7″, 141 lbs.,Long Hair and a healthy Lady. I am Beautiful, happy, secure, self-confident, psychologically aware, emotionally.. Am helping my mother in a hair dressing Living with my Mom ,i am a Ghanaian By Birth and i have been In Ghana all My life i am a Hard working lady and very friendly.i have no Kids and Never Married..

Letter2 from

Native American

32 / Frau / Heterosexuell
Offline. Zuletzt Online Gestern, at 4:09 pm

Beigetreten February 8, 2015. Lebt in New York City, New York.

I’m searching for man who’s simple, honest, loving, caring and respectful. I want a man who’s contented for who and what I am. Someone who will love and cherish me through all his life. I like a man who’s matured enough to be my partner in life and knows how to commit serious relationship. A real man who shares his thoughts, ideas and dreams with me. A man who shows me the meaning of true love and a happy every after.

^^minutes later, “she”´s doctored this field to:

Hello am Jennifer and am very happy to be in this site… Am looking for real man real love a man who can take very good care of me and who will give me my needs you can add me on yahoo by this email

Dating Site and Email Account With Stolen Images From Natalie Sparks

Dating Site Fake Account:…..4814866….969300….121….96470…042434…6407.shtml…6967797…66738…822763…68843…39478…46503…1980.html…ekiss00/…5617468

Email Account:

Image Uѕе Bу Scammer From Natalie Sparks

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  1. who is natalie sparks? is it a stage name. one has contacted me with the name Faustina Fosu. is that her real name. Where does she live?

    • Natalie Sparks is an American porn actress, She currently lives in Las Vegas Nevada. She has a facebook page under her real lame with personal photos on it. You can go there and compare her photos with you persons photos. You can also find x-rated photos of her by googling her name.

        • Okay here is a new one; Facebook account Jeffrey Scott Simmons. Claims to be his niece Mary. Claims to be in Jacobsburg Ohio. Using photos of Natalie Sparks.

      • Natlie Sparks Ws hired by a modeling angeny years ago. So when anyone reads things like she is from Vegas it was merely a mareting scam from her agency.She was under employmet contract.She was in Vegas only a week,in New Orleahs a week,and LA a week.When I was in the Air Force.I was taught.”Dont believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see”. It suprises me to see how others gulp it up and believe it.

        • This from the guy that is going to marry her. LOL I have also read that she graduated from my very own high school, but since I know someone that graduated about that time I doubt it as she (my friend) has never heard of her, nor recognize the photo. That being said, I don’t give one shit about it, but I think it is hilarious that some dipshit thinks he is going to marry her because of some kind of online correspondence. I hope you haven’t sent her an engagement ring of any value, but that’s none of my business. Are you planing on recording your nuptials? LOL. Happy Honeymoon Gary.

    • I hate to ruin your unproved information but yes Natalie Sparks was her stage name.I know her real name and we have plans to get married and to have a couple kids. So sorry to ruin your little boner.Her real name will only be known by me and that will also change once were married. Shes a christian now and has no intention of doing what she did in the past.

  2. Someone on Chat Avenue used Natalie Sparks’s photos and tried to scam me last night using name ‘Nikolette Page.’ She told me she lives in Greece and works at art gallery.

    Thanks god……..I knew before I almost fell for it…..

    • I,m sorry for you all. Can you see that her age has changed since the slide show was made. shes alo older now. It mades me mad though because she is not a model any more,not a porn star any more and not a scammer anymore. Ive forgiven her i hope others can to .I speak with her everyday and shes in the hospital with Malaria. It seems as if everyone is beating a dead horse. Look at the other scammer web sites on fraudswatch.The one saying “the People behind the pretty faces.” Then yull have the picturs of the real scammers.

    • Yes sir.Im here again and would appreciate your help on this one Ive wrote several comments on this site on the subject of Natalie Sparks.Thats her old stage name.I have some info that may suprise youand I found out less than a hour ago.It may catch the scammers behind Natalie Sparks.Im a veteran.I was viewing (browesing) other girls when there she popped up again.I copied 2 photos of Natilie and sent them to her and asked her Im someone was using her photos again.Im waitng on her reply.To make the story even better,I got back on the same site “” and started brousesing again.There she was again on the same site with a differnt name.One name is Joyce annd the other name is Roselyn.So I copied and sent that to Natilie Sparks.I know her real name but to protect her I dont revaeal it.I dont have the Knowledge or equipment if if shes innocent it would do alot to clear her name.Me and her (Natilie) are supposed to get married some day.Id like to know the truth myself first.I give her the benefit of a doubt.Ive also seen Natilies picture being used on Facebook.I asked her about that one and she said she dosnt use facebook.I dont know if its still there or not because i quit using that site long ago. maybe this will help.

      • Well, best of luck to you Gary. These scumbags are crafty. i have busted a couple of them one as recently as a six months ago. These two, both in Ghana Africa, one 16 in Tamale and one 19 in Accra. They are both boys poor and starving. Their employers (The Sakawa boys) pay them the equivalent of $50 per month. They both lied to the end even to the point of claiming they really were the women whose photos they were using, Brianna Lee and Janessa Brazil, but swore they were no longer into porn and have become Christian but became stranded in Africa while visiting their mum lol. I have actually become friends with one of the boys who now understands I will never give him money but encourage him to stay in school.

        I promise you, Gary you are being scammed. If you are sending her money (to help pay for her Malaria treatments perhaps) STOP. You were in the military, when was the last time you have heard of someone getting malaria in the U.S.? And besides Natalie Sparks, aka whatever, made a but load of money while she was working, but even the best of them can’t expect their career to last much more than 10 years.

        In any case, best of luck to you.

    • hi! She met me on chat avenue with the name iris graham and when i checked my skype i had added her long back with a name viola hyatt then i realized she is fake. I got the number and picture of this person who is behind this fraud from his skype account and i got it checked on whatsapp. I want to report it but i dont know how. From his picture i can see he is from india.

    I have run across that name several times upon fake profiles ‘Faustina Fosu. using photos of various models. (‘Fosu’ is a West African based name that has not yet flourished from its racial boundaries). Natalie is 30 years born Sept 4 1986 (USA). She is retired from modeling, now married and for obvious reasons would prefer to keep her real name and ‘personal photos’ private. Many of her professional photos and websites have been taken down or manager copyrights have expired.

  4. I have just been scammed by someone going by the name Karen Johnson, using Natalie Sparks photo’s on Facebook and on a chat app called WhatsApp. I’ve turned in a complaint to the FBI

  5. Aimee amber has been talking to me just of now asked for 200 said natile spark was her name soon as money came up new she was a scammer

  6. That’s very interesting Gary Pickens since I have copies of your 5 year Visa and Pass Port in which I paid for and have receipts for!

    • Well trhats Interesting.I have a Pass port Ive never used and never have had to get a visa.But if you have such Evidence Id be happy if youd give it to Fruadswatch and I give them permission to post it.I guess that makes you the Scammer.Or which is it.Liar maybe.What are you trying to Protect.

  7. You are all …, she is real yes natalie sparks was her stage name but she finished with the industry over 7 to 8 years ago and does not live in Las Vegas at all yesterday still lives in America at the moment but will be leaving shortly is not married yet neither has any children yet people are taking advantage of her old status and using her images to make money out of them for there own scamming it has nothing to do with her and I am not at liberty to reveal her true identity or name neither will I give where she lives for safety reasons

  8. je viens de me faire avoir par elle pas longtemps car je trouvais ca trop vite comme histoire d’amour ,elle était sur instagram il y a encore 10 min avant que je vois votre site et que je lui dise que je vais la dénoncer sous le Mitchell Guenther sur instagram mais avec moi elle s’appelait senita m guenther

  9. je viens de me faire avoir par elle , j’ai pas perdu car j’ai été plus vite qu’elle . je trouvais ses photos bizarre sur instagram sous le nom de Mitchell Guenther , au début on à parlé longuement et en discussion privé elle me disait qu’elle s’appelait Senita M Guenther et j’ai failli la croire et j’ai fais des recherche et je suis tomber sur votre site par chance merci beaucoup

  10. I just meet another on HUD she/he connected on hangouts as says her name is Juliet I did an image search and discovered this site. I have a few more if fraudswatch wants to contact me I will be happy to contribute.

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