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A scammer catch directory is a collection of information about scammers and their scams. This information can be used to help identify and track down scammers, and to protect others from being scammed.


Jordan Cezena Maxwell

Name Of Scammers Jordan Cezena Maxwell Scammers Details This scammer tells me he’s from Dallas,TX. Started talking to him on the LDSPals dating site. He hasn’t asked me for any money but offered to him me, not falling for that…

Pyramid Scam

What Is Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid schemes What is a pyramid scheme? Warning signs Protect yourself from pyramid schemes Do your homework Decide Report them What is a pyramid scheme? Pyramid schemes are illegal and very risky ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes that can cost a lot of…

How to Protected from Fraud and Scams

Guideline To Protect Yourself

How to protect yourself Almost everyone will be approached by a scammer at some stage. Some scams are very easy to spot while other scams may appear to be genuine offers or bargains. Scams can even take place without you…

Adelina Nasyrova

Romance Scammers – Adelina Nasyrova

Dating Scammers – Adelina Nasyrova Adelina Nasyrova Icq : E-mail : Details First Name: Adelina Location: Ukraine, Simferopol Age: 45 Birth Date: 13-12-1969   Letter 1 Cаn уоu рlеаѕе hеlр me, і hаvе bееn writing tо оnе оf уоur…


Romance Scammer: MODEL STEVE MALE

FAKE-ACCOUNTS WITH STOLEN IMAGES FROM MODEL STEVE MALE Attention! Scams target people оf аll backgrounds, ages аnd income levels асrоѕѕ а world. Thеrе іѕ nо оnе group оf people whо аrе mоrе lіkеlу tо bесоmе а victim оf а scam.…