Celebrities Scammed: Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler


Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler

A beautician to the stars has appeared in court accused of scamming almost $300,000 of credit card charges from her A-list clientele. Maria Gabriela allegedly wrote down the numbers from the celebrities’ credit card details and then used the details to rip them off. An affidavit claims the salon owner swindled around $214,000 from actress Liv Tyler alone – as well as taking $68,000 from jewellery designer Loree Rodkin. Rodkin told investigators she knew of other clients, such as Jennifer Aniston, Cher and Anne Hathaway, who have noticed similar unauthorised charges on their cards. Perez, who owns the upmarket Chez Gabriela Studio in Beverly Hills, California, appeared in court on Thursday and was charged with two counts of access device fraud. Wearing a short-sleeved grey lacy blouse and jeans, she remained handcuffed during the hearing at Los Angeles Federal Court. Perez was eventually released on $50,000 bail after her mother, Irene Gonzalez, put up the family home to cover the costs. The 51-year-old beautician was ordered to wear an electronic bracelet to monitor her whereabouts and surrender her passport. An arraignment hearing was scheduled for September 20.

Unlike most celebrities on this list, beautiful Liv Tyler did not get conned by her manager or financial advisor. Rather, it was her dermatologist Mari Gabriela Hashemipour. Hashemipour is a known skin expert who has worked with other big names like Cher and Jennifer Anniston. But Miss Hashemipour was not only interested in taking care of her clients’ skin – she was also keen on their credit card details. Tyler’s managers soon noticed that their client was getting charged for things the actress did not purchase. It turned out that Hashemipour was doing all the shopping.

Many people lооk uр tо thеіr favorite celebrities fоr inspiration, hope, аnd direction. However, celebrities аrе human аnd lіkе uѕ ordinary people, аrе vulnerable оnе wау оr another. Celebrities аrе nоt аt stupid, аt lеаѕt nоt аll оf them. But sometimes, thеу саn bе tоо trusting аnd thаt оftеn opens а window оf opportunity fоr people thеу trust tо tаkе thеіr hard earned money. Tо err іѕ human, аnd celebrities, nо matter hоw bright оr popular thеу are, аrе сlеаrlу nоt exempted.

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