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  1. jenkins moses123@gmail.com he is from Las Végas also e-mail under jenkins williams said he is a military but works as a captain but send me his false card under a général asked me noney first was sending me his black suitcase I never received after needs money for having his passport and leave trip, again for his personal things it was always secret ask me not to talk about it…..First I sent over 2 thousand doll. Said he will pay me back but never did.

  2. Scammer using the name Cassie Mould. Using email: mouldcassie20@gmail.com
    Claims to be from Virginia living in Ghana working at orphanage (give me a break). Using dating sites to lure in unsuspecting men. Professes love then proceeds to ask for money for plane ticket home, etc. Using stolen pictures of porn model Natalie Sparks.

    • This is the same scammer trying to take two friends of mine for money. They both hooked up with this person on the same dating site. Uses the same story and virtually identical conversations with both of them. Says she is in love with them and wants to come meet. Seriously, the exact same story to both! What a piece if work. Scammer identifies themselves as Cassie Mould mouldcassie20@gmail.com Living in Ghana, supposedly from Virginia.

    • Wow, Cassie Mould is one busy scammer! She/he contacted me thru dating site. Within a few days told me she/he loved me and wanted to come “home” to the US and meet me. Started calling “herself” my wife within a week. Then told me she didn’t have enough money for a plane ticket and asked me ever so sweetly to send money so she could come meet me and have my “kids”. This went on for a few weeks with me saying I didn’t want to send money to someone I didn’t know. Then I received pictures of porn model Natalie Sparks from her claiming this was her. I called her on this and sweet little CASSIE MOULD started cussing me out like a sailor, lol. She’s located in Ghana. Her email is mouldcassie20@gmail.com Look out for this one guys!

      • Look out for Cassie Mould using email address mouldcassie20@gmail.com. Contacted me thru dating site. Very nice and sweet for a month or so, then started asking for money so she could buy a plane ticket to come meet me. Wanted me to send money thru MoneyGram and Western Union. I started seeing red flags. When I questioned “her” identity she either ignored me or gave me some line about having been hurt before and needing a “real man”. When I started to press “her” she started cussing at me. Then she’d go back to sweet talking me, then cuss me out when I didn’t buy in to her story. Quite a piece of work. Watch your back guys and block this one pronto if you come across her. By the way, pretty sure this is a man pretending to be a woman. She also sent me pictures of 3 different women and claimed they were all her!

        • Cassie Mould mouldcassie20@gmail.com
          I had the same experience as the guys above with this one. I would add that I think I was talking to at least 3 or 4 different people. A couple of them used really broken English, one only ever sent me “poetry” and one had a reasonable command of the English language. So sent me photos of Natalie Sparks at the beginning and then sent pictures of at least 3 other women claiming they were all her. What a scam.

  3. Johnson Preston, Sergeant Major US Army, scammer be careful on facebook. Sent me a friend request. I did google the person and do research before accepting request. Thank goodness. False name and using retired military picture of another person.

  4. An e-mail from luisjones@gmail.com wow i am so sorry for not being in contact with you and things have been hell here but i will survive, i am just in a little trouble over here and i lost a few of my friends in a bombing here in the northern part of Nigeria and it was kind of our fault, i was arrested and now i have been asked to pay a fine of $30,00.00 us dollars and my family have helped me raise some money and also sold my home in the usa but i am still short of $8500.00 and no one else to run too.. i am in serious problem here and i didnt even think i could ask you because we dont really know each other but out of trust and the fear of God, can you lend me a few funds and i promise to pay you back however i can once i return to the usa, i will be granted the xmas holiday to go back to the usa so i will be glad if you can assist me with whatever so i can get out of the mess, GOD bless you Louise,i will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. Take care and i hope you are safe as well… Kisses

  5. He told me his name is Tim Trends working in Myanmar. Is the guy in the photo the scammer or a stolen photo. Because this guy Skyped me asking for money.

  6. Met this guy on a dating website say is name is frank dawson, email address Franklinwalz@yahoo.com talk for a couple days then all of a sudden hes in love. give me some sab story about his parents died leaving him and his little sister and how he had to go to in the military to send her to college and take care of her. soon he start asking me for money the first time i sent him $200.00US because he claim he need it to buy personal hygiene stuff through western union to a address in illinios to his admiral name Roberta A Benefield. soon after he came again talking about he need medicine because have PTDS or whatever and he do have enough money to get it so i told him i dont have because i just sent him money ok he let it go for a couple of days then came back telling me im his wife and he dont like everyone out there not not knowing so i need to give him $575.00Us so he can get a some Kind of FRF form for me to fill out and ill get all kinds of benefits from the military so i got pissed off and told him to shoved it. couple days later he started texting me back then one day some friend name Matt text me talking about he sick and he needs my help with this meds because his PTDS is getting worse after that i realize i’ve been played so i told them off and they stop talking to me . after a few month i went back t the chat but he never log back in after our dispute. so ladies be aware of Franklin Dawson a.k.a frank email franklinwalz@yahoo.com..Cell 325-216-0694 oh he told me i cant about any of this to anyone because hell get in trouble and i believed everything this asshole told me. he also told me he live in florida and was base in Afghanistan this was around march this year

  7. The scammer has found me on a dating site…His e-mail address is ”millerc824@yahoo.com”…He told that he’s been working as an American soldier naming Robert Ollar Dempster in Nigeria…We communicated from Skype,haven’t seen his face as he explained the connection of internet is weak in the country 🙂 The same lies as he lost his family in a car accident and his wife cheated on him,that’s why he’s looking after his only child alone…I’ve felt something was going unusual…We chatted just for two months and by the time he required some money from me,I realized that he’s a cheater and told him that he’s not the same person as showmn in the photos as an American soldier…Then he ran away quickly…

  8. Eharmony scammer, use the name Connor Geer. Tried to get me to send him $700.00 while working in Dubai. I was lucky enough to tell this jerk where he could go. Still broke my heart though.

  9. I was contacted via Facebook from Malcolm James and his son’s name was James Mooradian. He claimed to be in Afghanistan since 2013 as a pilot and his son was in a boarding school in UK. Photos were sent to me from General James video on this site. I caught on soon enough before any money was sent. Broke my heart. Be warned

  10. I don’t want to post things after the heartbreak I felt but I do want to disclose names and places if he has a person in charge of this or himself This person keeps at me and the roles are reversed

  11. I am hoping you get this information Aaron
    I sent monies through a MoneyGram on April24th it was picked up on the 25th of April by a man named Alhassan Awal in Ghana.
    This person is still texting me even though I have stated I know what he is all about.
    You should have to have Id to receive the money and it would be on video if I find more information I will forward it to you feel to contact me through Gmail as he is not giving it up.

  12. I got friend request by the name, Chris Joe, in Facebook. First, I Ignored but I could not ignore the second request. Therefore, I talked with facebook. Most of all, his spelling was so terrible and there are many suspicious things. I checked him by internet. There is no information. I asked the school he insisted as a graduate, but no graduate with this name

  13. From:
    6/5/17 1:40 AM
    Thanks for getting back to me and for taking your time to reply me, i must confess it gladdens my heart.

    Where is home if i may ask ?

    i work with the US Army

    i have been in this life style for 6 years now and that was ever since i lost my wife to cancer of the breast. Well this has been my life style ever since too.

    Well i contact you because ever since i have been visiting this page, on seeing your profile it changed my perspective and i want to be with someone and just one person continuously and am finding refuge in you if am not being mislead by my instinct.

    I want to know more about you like:
    where you live
    how many children you have if any
    meet you in person if possible
    and lots more at your permission.

    Am so happy writing you and am going to stop here before i make a Textbook.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    I felt the above was a scammer as its not the site to find a girl friend. Its a BDSM site and he is claiming to be Dominate but yet he contacted me who is also A dominating women. He then changed what he wants to wanting a relationship. Googling pics is a blessing
    He is on the adult site Collarspace.com His profile collarspace.com…/2613447/details.htm

  14. I received a mensagem frpm Skype today from JOHN PETER. I talked a little and decide to see if he was a scammer. Yes. He is. And his picture is here in this site (fraudswatch). He said that he is working at United nations in Aleppo as a surgerie. When I said that I am a journalist he made some questions and tell about him. He is 57 , has a daughter. His wife died 4 years ago… of course, I found that he is is a fake man…

  15. Don’t know if this is new or not but I have been scammed by a man calling himself Alan James and Alan James Dowdy. He uses photos of Stuart James. He has had me send money to a Adam Roland Nabla in Ghana whom he calls his diplomat. I have also sent money to a Diane Hauck in New Jersey. I did find a Diane Hauck in New Jersey with the address he gave me!

  16. I use something called Search by Image. If he or she send you pictures, run it thru that app to see if they are a scammer. Oh and any military person in uniform, usually a flag officer or general they are a definite scam and stolen valor artists. Stolen Valor is a federal offense and they can be arrested and convicted of the crime.

  17. I have been online with more than one person claiming to be Gen James Rainey. The official pics of the real person are being used by these people, claiming they are their own official pics in military uniform. Have even been sent copy of old military ID card with pic and name of the real military person.

  18. Attention with European dating side.There are many persons using pics of American soldiers.I was one year in contact with architect James Blake serving in Afghánistán and later in arrest in Phillipines.This man misused pics of Mr.Kenneth Preston.

  19. I was involved with a man named Adam Hannes who was in the Army and stationed in Afghanistan. He sent me his picture, which is the picture of Lt. Colonel Gordon Hannett, who I thought was him. I was talking to him for five months and sent him a lot of money through moneygram. Please be aware that Adam Hannes is a scammer and if you are ever contacted by him do not respond. He contacted me first on facebook and then after a couple of weeks we started talking by gmail and then we started texting each other. We would talk everyday, sometimes twice a day. I ended up falling in love with him. I found out today that he is not who he said he was by a friend of mine who is in the service. I sent him a picture of Adam Hannes and he told me it wasn’t Adam Hannes it was Lt. Colonel Gordon Hannett. He told me to google it and there it was the picture that I thought was Adam Hannes, was actually Lt. Colonel Gordon Hannett. I was shocked. Be aware when you are talking to a military person who claims to be someone he is not. He also sent me pictures of his son. I have these pictures on my computer. I am devistated by this news.

  20. I was scammed by a supposed military doctor serving in Kabul….going by the name of James Logan…..the photos were actually of General Stuart James. We spoke a couple of times a day……got scammed hook, line and sinker…..sent the scammer a lot of money to help get his security trunk here from China etc…..to secure his safe passage out of Afghanistan. Just discovered the scam a few days ago and and am devastated…..and nearly broke. His story was heartwrenching…..told me how much he loved me, how wonderful I was to try and help him and his son. I did ask many questions as some things just did not add up but he always had an answer….even when I argued with him. The fraud department of my bank has been in touch with me but the money is long gone and untraceable. I am filing an online fraud report with the FBI…..encourage anyone else to do so as well.

    My personal humiliation and horror that I could be so easily duped is bottomless!

    • I had the same man scam me out of 9500$ on my credit card. I am turning it in also. I’m just glad that I’m not in this alone. He was sooooo good at his scam, he can make you believe everything.

  21. Henry Adams trying to get my bank details of me but no chace,and now had Carter Ham after me that is a scam as well

  22. He almost got me but he didnt…Contacted me on POF dating site. Said he was a Lt. In the US Army by was working with the Canadian Army over in Afghanistan on some kind of mission His name was Charles Bourchad. He said he was widowed and his kid was back home with his family. Said he was from Lubbock and wanted to take leave to come see me. Said we would talk more I detailed about it as we got to know each other.. well I had a guy feeling so started questioning him. He answered almost like a bot at times. But I told him I had a cousin who s a deputy and he was gunna run a background for my safety and he just dosappeares.. but I have the number he was calling from and picture

  23. The guy using General Stuart James pictures is now going by Captain George James and is supposedly serving in Syria with CIA. Supposedly he is in hospital after being shot in chest in Lebanon at a internet café last night 8/18/17 He used email of hannettgeorge0@gmail.com and is using a man by the name of Harold.Coy14@diplomats.com to play courier to bring him packages money etc to camp in Syria.

  24. General Michael Morgan is a scammer.He made me a friend request and i did not accept him but he started texting me at messenger.His picture profile on fb looks he was working fot the USA army.I just immidiately blocked him.

  25. I also think there are doing some kind of money laundering there because I condor entries call on my home phone in my iPhone picked up the location and I called it and it was her voice and she hung up real quick so I think you’re doing some kind of money laundering and I’m not sure how to check cashing place there and the bronx area I think God for the laundering the scanline they get from everybody through his bank account and add Mehmood Abdul they call him I have his bank account number at the capital one bank I have a couple more at that case bank I figured out the bank account number when they tried to scam me with my credit card but I got them and said I’m not going to lie try to keep me so I did it to them they can come here if they want but they won’t buy me because I don’t know why I like to guide to me but do you need any information with you ever contact me I have all kinds of stuff on them cyou’re doing a scam that pay O-Matic

  26. Chloé Villemot is one of the scam. I got it right away. Always aks for a facebook page everybody’s got one and to make a believable fake one takes too long for those scammers (fake puctures, fake relations, fake friends,… doesn’t happen)

  27. Over the past year I have been scammed by two people that got a lot of money off me. More recent I have about four men claiming to be different officers including a Brigadire General. I did research on each one and the person they portray are either dead in 1 case 1 is retired. The other 2 the men are alive. If you get contacted by anyone in the forces, Google the name and find out first.Use common sense. These guys are good. Please dont be a victim.

  28. The scammer is pretending to be a Gary Rodriguez. He pretended that he is deployed to London.
    He is also using another name on facebook as Richard Rodriguez.
    I meet him on a dating app called coffee and bagel but I’m smart enough not to be scammed by those assholes. this is the facebook thttps://www.facebook.com/adriana.gabcole

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  30. I feel I am being scammed by Major Anderson Howell Preston. I have questioned him on this and he denies everything then this morning he sent me what he claims is his social security #125624066 and his driver’s license number 379250328 NY. I really need to know if this guy is real. His email address is Andyhoww@gmail.com

  31. There must be a more concise and scientific database of these somewhere, something that’s easily searched. Anyway, wanted to report Patricia Danso or Damso (recent typo made in registering, seems oblivious of it.) Most recent email address unic.love2017@gmail.com Took me for about $25k over 2 years, no contact lately but the account was active on Hangouts last night so it’s still in use. Whoever is using it is a confirmed scammer. I think they’re from Accra from conversation and familiarity with the area. I did already report it to the IC3 a year or two ago but they’re still at large. I have chat logs, moneygram slips, etc.

  32. I have started to talk to someone who calls angelalove 32 years old, in polish dating site, the real person on the photos is Natalie Sparks, so better to check the photo on the google graphic to make sure, sometime it helps but not always we will find a stolen photo in the internet.

  33. There is a Larry Scott name, who scams. There have been 2 years since my very good friend is continuing mailing him.I can`t convince her to give it up, they control the victims psichologicaly..! Scarry!

  34. Had friend request on Facebook Tues. from Raymond B. Chandler, Army Captain. He was very romantic. Said he fell in love with me after seeing my profile photo. I told him how old I was 20 yrs older and he said age didn’t matter to him, I finally told him to look for a younger woman. This messenger back and forth went on almost 2 days. I said I can’t believe anyone could fall in love that fast and that he must be getting quite a charge out of all this. That is when they stopped bothering me.

  35. Stewallace777@gmail.com SMGT45@STEWALLACE. INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT.
    Nigerian scammer.. also on Instagram.. Has been reported to every fraud site and report on FBI site for prolific
    scammer of women. Have tracked him so far to LAGOS Nigeria. HE IS SCUM OF THE EARTH.

  36. i was scammed by dennis lawrenzo currently living in manila.. but i think he is nigerian.. always needs money

  37. There is a guy DUKE AMELL EDBERG that is a big scammer and lair. He claims to be a widow and working in Syria for the USA.
    He is married with a daughter and lives in Londen England.
    Now he claims he does not know me.

  38. Jay Smith is a scammer on tinder. Immediately asks for money and says he is in construction business but needs money for his workers. Had the nerve to ask me for $3,500! He says he is working in California and lives in Indiana. But his phone number is out of New York. His number is 315-702-6917. I didn’t give him shit. Damn scammer.

  39. Romance scammer now on LinkedIn by the name of Clarence Rodriguez. Requested connection to communicate in a different method due to LinkedIn being a professional website. I told him we could communicate through Skype. Yet before I’d accept his Skype request I had a question. I asked him what was his intentions, what was he looking for. Was he looking for a friend, a companion or someone to help with financial needs. That I was available with only one of the above. His answer was most of friends. I asked him what is most of friends? His reply: I meant best of friends. Then asked if that was a convincing answer. I told him convincing came in time. He hasn’t responded back or sent his request through Skype Beware!!! Alot of scammers out there. More than those of honesty.

  40. I have been scammed out of thousands of euros by a guy who calls himself Michael Scott who actually is Jason Jordan. I really believed I was helping this guy Met this guy on POF dating site, me being in Spain and he supposedly in New York thought no harm could be done chatting with him. How wrong I was? Have all details of whom and where monies were sent, names and addresses to. I will survive but want to prevent others being taken in by this ‘romeo’ scammer.

  41. This was my first timeattorney ever go on on-line dating.site which is, match.com, and phishing.
    I met these guys and they are Mike Kelly who says he’s on a peace mission in Syria. This mike kelly ask to send an iTunes card. Another guy name David Cooper, whose into construction, he says he was so excited for being awarded in Cape town, Africa. He ask me to send money due to his luggage being lost/stolen and he need to buy a laptop, cell phone, and tools that were stolen.
    Last guy is Jenkins Moses William’s or jenkinsmoses123@gmail.com. all those sweet loving words and promises me he will l fly out to visit me, but before he can come out to vial, he ask for money that the United Nation is holding for him.. it must be paid before he visits me. All these 3 names are scammers! Beware ladies!

  42. Scammer going by the name Calvin Abraham, Romance scam, pretends he is in the military and needs leave permit money. He is now scamming someone who thinks they are in love and planning to meet soon and has received thousands of dollars from this person. Uses email account: calvinabraham12@gmail.com. He has convinced this lady to send money to some mystery man who supposedly is his commander named KITTISAK PAAIKUN residing in Bangkok Thailand.

  43. Ik ben opgelicht door deze zogezegd en Larry Mac Frost.
    Ben gevallen voor deze goed uitziende man en wou het wel proberen met hem. Na een poosje kwam hij in de problemen en vroep of ik hem helpen kon. Ik twijfelde maar deze man wis’t me toch steeds te overtuigen. Alles heb ik hem gegeven . Zelf meer. Ga nog jaren leiden door deze bedrieger.
    En nog steeds denk ik aan hem. Mi’s ik hem en ween ik om hem.
    Ben ik dan zo achterlijk.? Ben nu zeer ongelukkig .

    • Yes is there a place where I can reported al the information I have.
      Maybe so we can punishing the person’s ho doing this.
      Ime in big financier probleemstelling now.
      How helps me.

  44. I have important information to give regarding the true identity of the gen peter pace scammer for 1 and no doubt relating to others. Hopefully someone contacts me

  45. met him thru fb and became friends . we communicated for a while and then he said he got contract to work in Cambodia.
    when he was in Cambodia, he asked me to help him so govt will release his money. He promised to pay me and i believed him with his sweet convincing words. HIs name is Manuel Bayanai. from sweden. He even gave me his US passport. Now i saw his profile picture in fb as Ben Molenbrugge from Neitherlands. I hope he will be catched and put to jail or hope his picture will be displayed all over. he is enjoying the money he scammed from me who worked so hard to live a comfortable retired life. now im homeless because of this scammer. Is there a place to post his picture online? so his family will know that he is a scammer , feeding food to his family from a scammed money

  46. This to repot to you that one Oluchukwo Stephanie Mba, a supposed 300 level microbiology student of UNN who holds account number 2178597979 with your Bank is a scammer.

  47. The infamous scammer LT Jeffrey Miller also goes by the id Bryan Smith Miller and also Bryan Mcpherson. Email is bryanmcpherson70@yahoo.com.

    He has been scamming since 2011 and yes there is a whole load of crap and rubbish like he had been captured with is rubbish. I urge people who use the internet for romance be v v v alert as these scammers all they want is $$$$.

    Do not ever fall into their scams cause I had personally encountered tons especially on yahoo, facebook and even skype and yes they will all use v famous top ranking US Generals names but these scammers are photo stealing.

    One way you can detect them and you have to use your instinct is to make them angry and then they will revert to their African English. I had used this tons of times and have managed to make them admit to me they are out for a scam.

    Be also v alert cause all these scammers who are faking as US Generals or Americans nowadays also type like Americans.

  48. Gen. Stuart James also known as Tim Johnson send last Mail at 30.08.2018 with this: timjohnson5002@gmail.com . He wrote he is widdow born 1959 and one son in the States in School and he work for the secret security of the united and is in Afghanistan Kabul. than he wrote he is after Kabul in Lomè to sort his farm there in Togo after that he will come to Germany, where i am living marry me and will be together forever. By the way a nice Picture a good looking man, hope and more – going stupid. After i wrote he is a scam i got no mail at the last 30.08.2018 anymore. He wrote i do not believe in him ok, thats it. Tim Johnson was his name and i find the pictures with Gen. Stuart James.

  49. This is an email i recieved and just want others to know about it too.

    Re: Immediate Release of Your $10.5Million Via ATM Card Payment.

    Oct 9, 2018, 9:52 PM (3 days ago)

    Why is this message in spam?

    It is similar to messages that were identified as spam in the past.

    Zaria Street, Off Samuel Akintola
    Street,Garki 11, Garki-Abuja.

    Our Ref: FGN/CBN/NIG/01/2018.

    Your Ref………………………….

    From The Desk Of Mr. Godwin Emefiele.
    Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

    SUBJECT: Dear Valued Customer.

    Dear Friend,

    We wish to inform you that your unclaimed payment of USD$10.5 Million in Africa has been released and ready to be paid to you via PREPAID VISA CARD which you will use to withdraw the US$10.5 Million from any ATM Machine in any part of the world. We have mandated Forex Investment Banking, to send you the ATM CARD and PIN NUMBER which you will use to withdraw all your US$10.5Million Dollars in any ATM SERVICE MACHINE in any part of the world, but the maximum you can withdraw in a day is US$20,000.00 Only.

    You are therefore advice to contact the Head of ATM CARD Department of Forex Investment Banking;
    Contact Person: Rev. Goodluck Egobia,

    Office email address: forexinvestmentbanking01@gmail.com

    Tell Rev. Goodluck Egobia, that you received a message from the CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA. Instructing him to send you the ATM CARD and PIN NUMBER which you will use to withdraw your USD$10.5 Million Dollars in any ATM SERVICE MACHINE in any part of the world, also send him your direct phone number and contact address where you want him to send the ATM CARD and PIN NUMBER to you.

    We are very sorry for the plight you have gone through in the past years.

    Thanks for adhering to this instruction and once again accept our congratulations.

    Best Regards.
    Mr. Godwin Emefiele.
    Executive Governor,
    Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

  50. me contacto davi anderson de miami florida y que se encuentra en liverpool trabaja haciendo explotaciones de petroleo tiene un hijo de 13 años greg anderson ya ya saben las típica parafernalia que soy un ángel que dios puso en su camino y blablabla se llevo creo un fiasco porque me metí a la pagina de tineye y allí lo descubrí todo utiliza las fotos del hipnoterapeuta steve g jones


    SCAMMER OF USD 3514.50 / INVOICE DATED : JULY 31-2013
    INSTAGRAM : mrsammydee
    PHONE : +44 7790600600
    EMAIL : sammy_dale@me.com

    PHONE : +30 693 234 3614

    Googling sammy dale scammer or george vavoulas scammer

  52. I’ve been trying to log on and require to scan they’re using Melissa Midwest pictures on through Facebook not even through a dating site but through the groups and their Facebook profile is Sarah James

  53. My friend been talking to this guy and she sent me info. He is trying to scam her with this email address. Please see message below:

    I’m Mr Charles Debany a friend to Matthew Hunter Williams, he has
    asked me to contact you as soon as I get to Indonesia so I could help
    her with sending her personal effects to you. Sorry for the delay .
    Below is the delivery registration details, you can contact them to
    complete the procedure and also to get the exact ETA.
    Contact: Mrs Cynthia Smiths

    Names to be flag?
    Charles Debany
    Matthew Hunter Williams
    Cynthia Smiths
    Amato Ferdinando

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