Identity Theft
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Stopping Identity Theft Against Seniors!

February 21, 2017 FraudsWatch 0

The Federal Trade Commission has reported identity theft as the top consumer complaint, affecting millions of Americans each year. Seniors are particularly vulnerable, and identity theft affecting seniors rose 200%. Seniors are appealing targets because they generally have higher credit lines, home equity, and more savings than young [Read More…]

Identity Theft

Identity Theft: Jeff Crews Sentenced For Conspiring To Participate In a Racketeering Conspiracy And For Aggravated Identity Theft

January 31, 2017 FraudsWatch 0

Leader of The Simple City Criminal Organization Sentenced to Over 10 Years in Federal Prison for a Racketeering Conspiracy and Aggravated Identity Theft Stole Vehicles and Used the Stolen Identity Information of Victims to Engage in Fraudulent Financial Transactions Greenbelt, Maryland – U.S. District Judge George J. Hazel [Read More…]

Identity Theft
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Identity Theft: Martin Aleksandrov Enev Sentenced For Possession Equipment With the Intent to Defraud, and Identity Theft

January 10, 2017 FraudsWatch 0

Bulgarian National Sentenced to Federal Prison for Possession of a Device to Make Fraudulent Credit and Debit Cards Defendant Believed to Be Part of an Ongoing International Identity Theft Ring Baltimore, Maryland – U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett sentenced Martin Aleksandrov Enev, age 27, a Bulgarian national [Read More…]

Identity Trafficking Scheme
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Identity Theft: Francisco Matos-Beltre And Alejandro Tello-Rojas Commit Human Smuggling for Financial Gain And Trafficking the Identities

September 15, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

Two Men Plead Guilty for Their Roles in Identity Trafficking Scheme Two individuals each pleaded guilty today to one count of conspiracy to commit identification fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit human smuggling for financial gain in relation to their respective roles in trafficking the identities [Read More…]

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime – A Threat to Every Internet User

June 10, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

According to the Federal trade Commission (FTC), there are around 10 million reported cases of identity theft each year in the United States. A recent report by Eugene Kaspersky, founder and head analyst of Kaspersky Labs (a leading internet security company), indicates that the level of criminal activity [Read More…]