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Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime: Ryan S. Lin Charged That He Conducted an Extensive Cyberstalking

Massachusetts Man Arrested and Charged with Cyberstalking Former Roommate Defendant engaged in extensive online harassment and privacy intrusions Boston – A Massachusetts man was arrested last night on charges that he conducted an extensive cyberstalking campaign against his former roommate, a 24-year-old Massachusetts woman, as well as her friends, family […]

Financial Fraud

Financial Fraud: Dwayne C. Hans As Cyber Criminal Charging With Wire Fraud, Computer Fraud, And Money Laundering

Cyber Criminal Charged In Scheme To Steal More Than $1.5 Million From A U.S. Financial Institution Defendant Allegedly Conducted Unauthorized Intrusion into a Government Website Yesterday, a complaint was unsealed charging Dwayne C. Hans, a United States citizen, with wire fraud, computer fraud, and money laundering.  According to the complaint, […]

Cyber Criminals

Cyber Criminals: Steven Ray Convicted of Mail Fraud and Forging Treasury Checks

Former Brockport Fireman Sentenced For Mail Fraud, Forging Treasury Checks And Obstruction Of Justice ROCHESTER, N.Y. – U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul, Jr. announced today that Steven Ray, 51 of Brockport, NY, who was convicted of mail fraud, forging treasury checks, and obstructing an official proceeding, was sentenced to 84 […]