Month: November 2015

Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud

Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud Examples 2015

This is Examples оf Mortgage аnd Real Estate Fraud Investigations Sесоnd IRS 2015 Thе fоllоwіng examples оf Mortgage аnd Real Estate Fraud Investigations аrе written frоm public record documents оn file іn thе courts wіthіn thе judicial district whеrе thе cases wеrе prosecuted. Former Short Sale Specialist Sentenced fоr Mortgage аnd […]

Scheme to Defraud

SAN DIEGO—The Owner of a Glendale-based Ride-Sharing Business Pleaded Guilty

L.A. Man Pleads Guilty in $17 Million Scheme to Defraud Verizon by Reselling More Than 30,000 iPhones Obtained at Deeply Discounted Price   SAN DIEGO—The owner of a Glendale-based ride-sharing business pleaded guilty this afternoon to federal wire fraud charges, admitting that he illegally generated over $13 million in profits […]

Five Individuals, Including Two Doctors, Charged in Kickback Schemes In California

Five Individuals, Including Two Doctors, Charged in Kickback Schemes Involving Nearly $600 Million in Fraudulent Claims by Southern California Hospitals Former Hospital Executive, Doctors, and Two Others Admit Roles; Agree to Cooperate   WASHINGTON—In a series of related cases announced today, the former chief financial officer (CFO) of a Long […]

Hate Crime Statistics

New Hate Crime Statistics From FBI

FBI Releases 2014 Hate Crime Statistics Today, the FBI released Hate Crime Statistics, 2014, the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program’s latest compilation about bias-motivated incidents throughout the nation. Submitted by 15,494 law enforcement agencies, the data provide information about the offenses, victims, offenders, and locations of hate crimes; however, the […]

Microsoft Winner


This is an email received about “MICROSOFT OFFICIAL PROMOTION” is a phishing scam and why not try to contact these people or log onto these sites and enter your data because you risk being stolen. MICROSOFT® CORPORATIONS Cardinal Place 80-100 Victoria Street London,SW1E 5JL United Kingdom                           MICROSOFT OFFICIAL PROMOTION […]