Tech Support Scams
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Email Scam: Cyber Security Desk – Tech Support Scams

August 18, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

From 2014 to 2015, tech support scams increased by 200%, according to cybersecurity leader Symantec in their 2016 Internet Security Threat Report. Throwing around scary cybersecurity terms like “malware,” scammers try to frighten victims on the phone and convince them that their computer and personal information are at risk. [Read More…]

White-Collar Crime


August 16, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to any object or device which connects to the Internet to automatically send and/or receive data. As more businesses and homeowners use web-connected devices to enhance company efficiency or lifestyle conveniences, their connection to the Internet also increases the target space for [Read More…]


Business E-Mail Compromise and Fraud Statistics From FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

August 6, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

BUSINESS E-MAIL COMPROMISE: THE 3.1 BILLION DOLLAR SCAM This Public Service Announcement (PSA) is an update to the Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) information provided in Public Service Announcements (PSA) 1-012215-PSA and 1-082715a-PSA. This PSA includes new Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) complaint information and updated statistical data. DEFINITION [Read More…]

International Cell Phone Fraud Scheme
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Cyber Crime: Ramon Batista, Edwin Fana and Jose Santana Charged For Cell Phone Fraud Scheme

July 25, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

Defendants Charged with Participating in Sophisticated International Cell Phone Fraud Scheme Criminal charges were unsealed against multiple defendants relating to their participation in a sophisticated global cell phone fraud scheme, involving the takeover or compromise of cell phone customers’ accounts and the “cloning” of their phones to make [Read More…]

Health Care Fraud

Health Care Fraud Report 2016

June 23, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

National Health Care Fraud Takedown Results in Charges against 301 Individuals for Approximately $900 Million in False Billing Most Defendants Charged and Largest Alleged Loss Amount in Strike Force History Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell announced [Read More…]

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime – A Threat to Every Internet User

June 10, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

According to the Federal trade Commission (FTC), there are around 10 million reported cases of identity theft each year in the United States. A recent report by Eugene Kaspersky, founder and head analyst of Kaspersky Labs (a leading internet security company), indicates that the level of criminal activity [Read More…]


It’s Called Sexting and It’s a Crime

May 5, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

The cell phone has revolutionized the way communications take place in today’s culture.The world of Star Trek has reached beyond the big screen to become a modern day technological tool that has made wireless communication a common day occurrence for millions of people. No longer are consumers bound [Read More…]

Save Your Identity

Identity Theft -10 Ways To Save Your Identity

May 1, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

Identity theft is on the increase. Fraudsters are continuously looking for ingenious ways to steal your identity and use this for fraudulent purposes. Sometimes without even realising, you might find yourself in circumstances and situations that put your identity at risk. Having someone else use your personal details, [Read More…]

White Collar Crimes - Charges and Penalties
White-Collar Crime

White Collar Crimes – Charges and Penalties

April 25, 2016 FraudsWatch 0

White collar crime is a unique type of crime that is considered to be different in many ways from the more traditional, usually violent “blue collar” crimes. The term was coined by Professor Edwin Hardin Sutherland in 1939 to describe crimes committed by professionals in the workplace. “White [Read More…]

Talk Talk hacked
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Cybercrime: Talk Talk hacked by Cybercriminals

November 21, 2015 FraudsWatch 0

What to do if you have been affected? The phone and broadband provider Talk Talk which has over 4 million UK customers have that said banking details and personal information could have been accessed by hackers in a recent cyber attack.  Credit card, bank account details, names, addresses, [Read More…]

Fraud Schemes
White-Collar Crime

Most Popular Fraud Schemes

October 13, 2015 FraudsWatch 0

The following are some of the most common scams that the FBI investigates and tips to help prevent you from being victimized. Visit our White-Collar Crime and Cyber webpages for more fraud schemes. To report cases of fraud, use our online tips form or contact your nearest FBI [Read More…]

Securities and Commodities Fraud
White-Collar Crime

Securities and Commodities Fraud Second FBI

October 10, 2015 FraudsWatch 0

Thе continuing integration оf global capital markets hаѕ created unprecedented opportunities fоr U.S. businesses tо access capital аnd investors tо diversify thеіr portfolios. Whеthеr thrоugh individual brokerage accounts, college savings plans, оr retirement accounts, mоrе аnd mоrе Americans аrе choosing tо invest іn thе U.S. securities аnd commodities [Read More…]

Intellectual Property Theft
White-Collar Crime

Intellectual Property Theft Second FBI

October 10, 2015 FraudsWatch 0

It’s аn age-old crime: stealing. But it’s nоt аbоut picking а pocket оr holding uр а bank. It’s robbing people оf thеіr ideas, inventions, аnd creative expressions—what’s called intellectual property—everything frоm trade secrets аnd proprietary products аnd parts tо movies аnd music аnd software. It’s а growing threat—especially [Read More…]

Money Laundering Fraud
White-Collar Crime

Money Laundering Second FBI

October 10, 2015 FraudsWatch 0

Money Laundering Fraud Money laundering іѕ defined аѕ thе process оf concealing оr disguising thе proceeds оf а crime оr converting thоѕе proceeds іntо goods аnd services. It аllоwѕ criminals tо infuse money obtained illegally іntо thе stream оf commerce, thuѕ corrupting financial institutions аnd thе money supply. [Read More…]

Market Manipulation Fraud
White-Collar Crime

Market Manipulation Fraud – Second FBI

October 10, 2015 FraudsWatch 0

Market Manipulation Fraud Market manipulation іѕ artificially raising оr lowering thе price оf stock оn аnу national securities оr commodities exchange оr іn thе over-the-counter (OTC) marketplace. Market manipulation generally involves orchestrated stock purchases оr sales designed tо inflate оr deflate thе true sales volume, demand, аnd ultimately, [Read More…]