Category White-Collar Crime

White-collar crime is a crime committed by a person of high social status or respectability in the course of their occupation. These crimes are often non-violent and involve financial fraud or deception. Some examples of white-collar crimes include embezzlement, fraud, insider trading, and money laundering.

White-collar crimes can have a significant financial impact on victims, businesses, and even the economy as a whole. They can also damage the reputation of the offender and their employer.

White-Collar Crime

Stopping Identity Theft Against Seniors!

The Federal Trade Commission has reported identity theft as the top consumer complaint, affecting millions of Americans each year. Seniors are particularly vulnerable, and identity theft affecting seniors rose 200%. Seniors are appealing targets because they generally have higher credit…

Health Care Fraud

Health Care Fraud Report 2016

National Health Care Fraud Takedown Results in Charges against 301 Individuals for Approximately $900 Million in False Billing Most Defendants Charged and Largest Alleged Loss Amount in Strike Force History Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and Department of Health and…