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Comments 6

  1. Avatar Kris says:

    I’m a victim of scammer this month the scammer use a picture of Lt Jeffrey Miller but the scammer failed to get money from me… scammer use a email solange

  2. Avatar Tatiana says:

    My story began in March. Somebody asked me to become friends? I agreed and we began to chat. In a few days I understood that they want to scam me. I didn’t send money as a gift for his son’s birthday. Besides that boy tried to call me Mum. It was strange and I refused to continue chatting. I am sorry about using them photos of so called James Stuart. I don’t know if he is a real man or not. He is really a handsom man but it seems to me his photos were stolen. The name of that person was Isaak Augustine.

  3. Avatar John La Galante says:

    Lynda (Noor) Joseph is a scammer.

  4. Avatar Ivy Abellanosa says:

    I am a victim of a scams online on a man named Richard Clifford but using the picture of Uwe. I need you help. With my help i want that they caught .

  5. The name of my scammer uses the name General Hannett Lambert and uses photos of Major Gordon Hannett plus lots of others in his civvies

  6. Avatar Mary Le Grange says:

    Good day. I am a 61 year old woman from South Africa. During lockdown I joined facebook for the first time in my life. I confirmed three friend requests and we started sms-ing each other. A few days later, they started calling me honey, baby etc… I discovered tin-eye and looked up their photos…
    * Ibrahim Johnson +44 7771 255493 claimed to be a ships captain and was using MSC Captain Pierpaolo Scala’s photo. He has since stopped contacting me. Professes to live in Manchester. Never asked for money.
    * Javes Edmondz + (760) 973-9097 claims to be a doctor with the UN currently stationed in Turkey. Tin eye does not have his photo. The good doctor wants to buy property in South Africa, has released the funds but the agency needs a deposit of $1 500, before releasing it… He has kindly offered me 30% of profits. Still in contact. Was supposed to deposit money today but he hasn’t yet given me details (not happening) He has intimated that we are going to share a life together.(so not happening)
    *Scott Wellington +1 518-724-6840 claims to be a neurosurgeon for the UN based at the moment in Syria. Is using Fernandez Gomez Pintos photo.
    Claims to be widowed, lives in the states and has a 16 year old son. This one could give courses on how to woo a woman. Feel like a rat reporting him. He has an excellent command of the English language. He asked me to get him an Amazon Card for $200 as his computer was slow and he didn’t want to run the risk of not being able to go online. This is South Africa… It was the beginning of lockdown. Couldn’t find one. Then a week later, he asked me if I could send $600 to his son for a birthday present as his duties were so stressful he was unable to arrange it. His stint would end in July, he wanted to visit me and would pay me back then with interest. Didn’t happen either, I just don’t have that sort of money floating around. His sms’s have been getting fewer and more sporadic. On his watsapp pofile he has the words… The unexplicable can not be explained….you live it.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

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