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Email Scam: Mr. John Hawk DHL Courier Company


Mr. John Hawk

DHL Courier Company


ccn: …
date: 29 giugno 2015 14:48

Mr.John Hawk, the DHL Courier

Company’s Diplomatic Agent 



I am Mr.John Hawk, the DHL Courier Company’s Diplomatic Agent of Benin Republic who came to deliver your consignment,  i received your email regarding the delivery of your consignment and so far so good i have arrived in Germany today and i am presently in Wisconsin international airport Germany which is as a result of the numerous passengers who dropped in this airport.

Although it is a good news that your valuable consignments has arrived successfully in Wisconsin international airport for onward shipment to your home address but I’m having a little problem here with the Airport Authorities because they intercepted your Consignment with regards to the U.S Customs law guiding every incoming consignment/packages/parcel but after interception of the consignment, they confess that all my documents are complete but they added that i need to obtain a certificate called INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT which will permit me to pass through the border along with your consignment to complete the delivery to your above address you submitted.

Further more, I would have proceeded to your home since with your consignment but the Customs in Wisconsin international airport of
United States of America could not allow me due to the INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT of the consignment and this rendered me stranded and helpless as a stranger, even the customs deliberated to open the consignment due to this issue  of customs permit certificate but i refused due to my diplomatic immunity, and again i was given instruction that the consignment should not be opened or scanned at any point of entry. Consequently, the Wisconsin international Airport Authorities OF United States of America are very serious about the certificate called INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT. They guess it must be obtained first before I will take the next available flight to your place with the consignment. At the moment I have pleaded with the Wisconsin international Airport Customs Authorities to allow me in with the consignment but they refused.

They said that it is illegal to enter the Country with the Consignment without the INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT . They now directed me to contact the origin country of the consignment to get the certificate and I have also contacted the DHL Company Director Benin Republic to go to the custom office in Benin Republic to obtain the certificate and the custom said that the certificate will cost you the sum of US $98, Please note that INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT is very needed right now to be obtain from Benin Republic Customs Services to enable me get out through customs at Wisconsin international airport USA and locate to your home address.

Please quickly make the arrangement of sending the needed sum of US$98 immediately through western union with the information below so that my director can obtain the required INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT to enable me arrive to your home today and go back to my country.


Director DHL Company:  Mr Frank Williams
Telephone Number:       (+229) 98 37 03 77
DHL Contact Email:      ( ) OR

Send the sum of US$98 direct to DHL office in Benin Republic with this


Receiver name…..RAPHEAL NWAEKWUO
Country……..Benin Republic
Country code….+229
Test question…in God
Answer……..we TRUST
MTCN and sender name…….

Note that any moment i receive the needed US$98 i will forward it to my director to obtain the document and fax to the custom for them to release me it is the only thing to be done, please Call me on this phone (608) 561-16100 or sms.
I wait for your prompt payment immediately.

Sincerely&Thank You

Mr. John Hawk
Diplomatic Agent
DHL Courier Company
Benin Republic

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