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SERGEANT Miller is not in any dating site,
When you see a pic DELE The profile is FAKE.


LT. Jeffrey Miller
LT. Jeffrey Miller

also known as:
A Albert Miller, Alex Miller, Alexander David Monteros Bermell, Alvin Lescott, Anderson Miller, Andrew Lawson, Austin Miller, Authur Miller, B Barry, Bernhard Scott Smith, Bight Miller, Bill Walker, Billy Ford, Bismarck Miller, Bob Kenet, Brain Miller, Braine Miller, Brian Miller, Bruce Miller, Bryan Lukens, Bryan Miller,  C Capt. Micheal M. Alex, Carlos Smith, Charles Miller, Charlse Wallace, Chris Miller, Christopher Mccoy, Christopher Miller, Chucks Francisco, Cruze Miller, Curtis Miller, D Dan Preston, Daniel Miller, Daniel Smith, Daniel Wood, Danny Miller, David Amed, David Bury, David Edwards, David Field, David Markell, David Miller, David Robert, Desmond Benson, Dominic Davidson, Douglas Miller, E Emmanuel Wilshere, Eric Smith, Ezekiel Galli, F Fagaustine Miller, Felix Agyeman, Frank Lan, Frank Miller Smith, Frank Miller, Frank Walter, Frank William Nastelli, Frederick Miller, Fredrick Major Gen, Fredrick Millerus,  G Gabriel Miller, Gen Antony Willy, Gen David J Miller, Gen Miller David, Gen Miller, Gen. John Miller, General Bill Miller, General Clavin Miller, General David Miller, General James F. Amos, General Joe Williams, General John Muobor, General Mark Miller, General Max D. Miller, General Miller D., General Miller Karl, General Peter Miller, George Miller, Goffrey Miller, Grant Miller, H Hallo55, Hans Miller, Happy Felix, Harry Cole, Harry Mas, Harry Thomas, Hayford Wilson, Howson William, J Jackson Miller, James Amos, James Miller, Jean Miller, Jeff Miller, Jeffery Miller, John Aberle, John Edward, John Jeffrey Miller, John Miller Williams, John Miller, John Mulholland, John Smith Miller, John Smith, Johnmac Miller, Johnsmith Miller, Johnson Smith, Jones Miller, Jones Williams, Jonny Love, Josh Patrick, K Keith Foster, Kelvin Hurbert, Kelvin Miller, Kenneth Barton Miller, Kenneth Miller, Kenneth Morgan, Kenneth Muller, Klevin Miller, L Larry Miller, Lenox Miller, Lieutenant General Smith John Miller, Lieutenant General Williams Brown, Lionel Miller, Lt Gen. Williams Millier, Lt. Gen. Adolf Banks,  Lt. Jim Miller, Lt. Thomas Edwards, Luv Miller, M M.G. Bright Miller, Major 1 General, Major Charles M Henderson, Manuel James, Mark Bruce, Mark Cone, Mark Curny Miller, Mark Daniels, Mark Kenet, Mark Miller, Mark Morrison, Mark Philip, Maxwell Miller, Mc Daniel Miller, Michael Brandon, Michael Garlin, Michael Wilson, Micheal Miller Alex, Micheal Miller, Micheal Robinson, Micheal Willson, Mike Cook, Mike Scutt, Miller Anderson, Miller Anthony, Miller Cruze, Miller Frank, Miller Smith James, Miller Smith, Miller Thomas Camp, Miller Wayne, Monte Miller, Moses Miller, Muer Miller, O Oscar Hills, P Patrick A Miller, Patrick Miller, Paul Miller, Peter Miller Warren, Peter Miller, Philip Brooks, Philip Miller, R Ralph Henry, Randy Colle, Randy Miller, Ray Miller, Raymond Miller, Raymond O Miller, Richard Banes, Richard McCoy, Richard Parker, Rick Addolf, Robert Branes, Robert Menz, Roy Mills Maker, S Salim Karim, Samuel Adjarko, Scott Chance, Scott Miller, Sean Miller, Simon Miller, Ssg Lionel Miller, Steve Bash, Steve Miller, Steve Moon, Stg. Bryan Miller, Stg. Miller Smith, T Talbot Fiffe, Timothy Temples, Tom Fedd, Tom Miller, V Vincent Walter, W Wesley Asiedu, William  Wood, Williams Brown Brown, Williams Brown, Williams Miller, Wilson Dickson, Z Zach Moore, Zakariah Miller,


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  1. I had the scammer who used Stuart James’ photos as his own. I turned in all the information I managed to get on him and hoped it might help in shutting him down. The last I heard from him was about 3 weeks ago with more outrageous stories. I hope I can continue to – one at a time – weed out these scammers and get as much information as I can on them to turn them over here. I’m fuming over the fact they use the military but they also use regular people and that’s outrageous too. Thank you fraudswatch for being here to post to others to beware.
    Suzette Pulvirenti

  2. They don’t care cause we are stupid women and I pray to start a sight where we come to gether stop wasting our time reporting to these sight and go after them military and all need to back up we upholding the army good name

    • It’s not just the military which I think is a total disgrace to our soldiers! There must be hundreds – maybe thousands of guys and probably girls who post pictures and then play the person until they can get some money. I let them in so I can try to find out all the information I can find out and then turn them in to fraudswatch in hopes others will see them. It’s just crazy how fast they want to move. Just be sure – if you let them in – to get emails….phone numbers…..whatever you can get and then let them go. Might not be able to get every one but can try. It might save somebody all their money which is what these people want. Maybe together was can all make a good difference.

  3. I do understand that our men and women in uniform are not doing that… Mostly Nigerian people behind that photos.. I wish your site a little more friendly to reporting scammers… In instruction is there’ but I can’t to it …clicked on it no responses …

    • I have tried to report also and have not been able to see where to do it. Have caught quite a few just on the “romantic” side and would like to report them but don’t know where.

  4. Hello, how can I find out if someone was a scammer or not. Or if an e-mail address of the US Military Army Base is a correct one. They contacted me to tell me that a friend I met on Facebook was killed last year in April in Nigeria. But the internet says, there is no military base in Nigeria. How can I check if this is true or not. I did not get any news from this friend since last year April. Now the Military Base (or a scammer) contacted me to tell me he is shot. The name of the soldier was sgt. Morgan Nash. Was/is he fake or not. Who can help me out of this. I live in Europe, I have no idea. I do not want to blame this person, because it might be true that he is killed. Thank you for helping me

  5. Ive been chatting wit major anderson howell preston saw his name that someone else had been talking to him as well it just seems to good to be true im dirt poor so aint getting no money from me bit just wanna kbow is this guy real

  6. Just reported gen. Adams Fraser as a scam for Gen. Douglas Fraser. Been talking to him for several days and I got suspicious when he ask me to marry him. Says he is in Syria.

  7. I was contacted through Facebook from a man who said he was General Terrence J OShaunnesy, stationed in Kabul Afganistan. I researched his name and there is a man with quite an impressive military record in the Navy as a pilot and there are video’s of him in Hawai when we were taking military action to set up a defensive strategy in regards to North Korea/Within 1 month or more he stated that he had done some business for the Ghanda government and was being paid a significant amount of money. He informed me that the money was coming via a Diplomat to the USA, but required a 1500.00 payment to get it here, because it was to be kept a secret. Unfortunately I fell for it, and sent the 1500.00 dollars via moneygram, which I have a copy of. Then when the money arrived he tried to get me to send an additional amount of 7500.00 stating it was tariffs. I did not send it. I became suspicious and researched and realized it was a scam.I have copies of all the conversations between me and the so called General, and the Diplomat. Four months later he continues to harass me with emails and now states what was to be 30,000 dollars is now 10 million. He even sent me pictures of stacks of money. I have told him I am reporting this via an email, reporting his identity as well as the so called diplomat. Irregardless if I get my money back which I would like, I don’t believe this man is who he says he is, and using a most patriotic General’s name is shameless. Please respond. I know he has been fishing for somebody else,whoever he is. Thankyou and would appreciate your response.

    • No one can ask for money on the basis of large amounts of proposals without real certainty, unfortunately trufflers take advantage of the innocence and credibility of people, they know how to act and how to “abate” them. Monygram, work in different countries where legislation is more permissive and with fewer laws against offenders.

  8. Poznalam.Sgt Edwards Ralph. US Armia pisal ze mną 2,5 roku ..Niestety ja mu uwierzyłam.i.wyslalam.pieniądze ..Przebywal w Nigeri na misji w Maiduguri .

  9. Please can you help me I have been talking to a man currently serving in the army.I think it is a scam he says he is deployed to Afghanistan his name is gen Mark heinrich .he said that I have to send £800 and my contact details and photo graphics id the money is to end his contract early I wrote an email to the address that he gave me saying it was the un they verif did the amount to cancel his contract .he is now getting quite agitated as I have not sent the money can you help please thank you Shona Guthrie

    • Why should you be afraid? First you do not know it’s from the army, two: all those who want to deceive use these tricks to scare you. There is no way to “touch” you. You can make a direct complaint to the FBI.

  10. I believe a dear friend is being scammed. Can someone check out this Guy for me. Name, Stephen Mark, 63 yrs old, supposedly went to West Point,NY, a Col, Army, lived in Tenn,Nashville and Sacramento Cal. Now working for the , UN? IS telling my friend that they are legally married under UN Law, He even sent a Marriage licence lol And said he UN confirmed it and that a UN lawyer even called her?? She’s never met him in person and is a real 100% disabled receiving a pension Veteran 73. Please help me it would be appreciated. I am sure she’s being scammed but she 100% certain it’s real…..SADLY. Thank You

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