Scam Email: Cindy Dickson


It’s when scammers make lame mistakes that most people get suspicious that the purchase is not actually for real. This scammer using this fake name made several mistakes, but the obvious one that tipped the scales for the artist was saying they do not use PayPal. Then the artist got suspicious. But some scammer say they use PayPal and then send a faked payment confirmation email  hoping the artist will not manually check their account before wiring money to a non-existent shipper. So be careful. And google things that don’t make sense.

On Aug 1, 2013, at 5:58 PM, Cindy Dickson [] wrote:

Good Day,

I am Cindy Dickson from Norway, I want to informed you that your items are most creative & desirable, so much talent! I am interested in purchasing some of your unique items to my shop in Norway,but before i do i want to inform if i can make the payment with my credit card because presently my best form of payment is via credit card,that is where i put all my money for any international transaction.So kindly reconfirm your website/contact details and get back to me with it so as to know if I’m right with the site.

Concerning the shipment,my shipping company will be coming to pickup the items because i already have some merchandise with them in which they will be shipping together to me here in Norway.So you don’t need to be worried about the shipment nor handling fee.

Niels Juels gate 43
0257 Oslo,
phone: + 47 20 13 31 00
fax:   + 47 23 28 49 51

Best Regard,
Cindy Dickson.

second email:

On Aug 2, 2013, at 12:14 PM, Cindy Dickson [] wrote:

Hello Carmen,

Thanks for getting back to me with a feedback,So below here is what i need.

[Name of Painting]
Qty….1  $3000

[Name of Painting]
Qty….1 $3800

[Name of Painting]
Qty….1 $1800

[Name of Painting]
Qty….1 $3200

[Name of Painting]

Please kindly calculate the total cost of the items,so that you can get the order processed for me.i will email you my Credit Card account information for the payment of the order.

Concerning the shipment, i will be having my shipping agent coming to pickup the order directly from you because i already have some large merchandise with them in which after picking up the items they will then deliver it to me here in Norway.So i want you to get back to me with the size and weight items.

Cindy Dickson.

third email:

On Aug 7, 2013, at 2:03 AM, Cindy Dickson [] wrote:

Hello Carmen,

Thanks for getting back to me with the total, i will like to know cost of each one of the listed work i’ve selected.

Cindy Dickson.

fourth email:

On Aug 8, 2013, at 8:49 AM, Cindy Dickson [] wrote:


Concerning the payment,i will like to inform you that i DON’T use Pay pal for payment,so it will be best if you can look for a  colleague that has manual terminal charging machine so as to  assist you in charging my credit card details.If it’s okay by  you kindly get back  to me so as to know if i will be proceeding with the order or not.


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