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Akosua Sikayena
Akosua Sikayena

Dating Scammer Akosua Sikayena

Scammer Akosua Sikayena
Akosua sikayena
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First Name: Akosua
Location: Ghana, Kumasi
Age: 33
Birth Date: 01-01-1981

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Letter 1
She made contact through SKYPE using name fresh_bee. first couple of days just idle chit chat then she started asking about using a web cam said she borrowed a friends but it was broken. I took a webcam shot of her it matched the photos she had sent. there is the same girl in the same dress on this site, Blandine 9, asked for $50 to buy web cam I played along and she asked me to send it with western union. told her next day I have no money. last we saw of her

[03/02/2011 21:29:41] Fresh_Bee: Hello
[03/02/2011 21:30:04] *** Call from Fresh_Bee ***
[03/02/2011 21:30:31] Fresh_Bee: How are You?
[03/02/2011 21:31:11] Xxx: fine how are you
[03/02/2011 21:31:32] Fresh_Bee: I m doing good
[03/02/2011 21:31:36] Fresh_Bee: By the way i m called Akosua
[03/02/2011 21:31:40] Fresh_Bee: I m single lady
[03/02/2011 21:31:43] Fresh_Bee: Never been married
[03/02/2011 21:31:45] Fresh_Bee: No kids
[03/02/2011 21:31:48] Fresh_Bee: I m 30yrs of age
[03/02/2011 21:32:49] Xxx: how come your’e not married you lookfit
[03/02/2011 21:33:10] Fresh_Bee: Oh i havent married
[03/02/2011 21:33:37] Fresh_Bee: This is my first time in this place and i m looking for someone to talk to and you re the first person who has answered me
[03/02/2011 21:34:14] Xxx: are they blind
[03/02/2011 21:34:22] Fresh_Bee: what is that?
[03/02/2011 21:36:07] Xxx: well you are good looking judging by your picture I would of thought they would be quing up at your door to take you out
[03/02/2011 21:36:22] Fresh_Bee: Haha
[03/02/2011 21:36:38] Fresh_Bee: Please tell me something about you so that i can know you better
[03/02/2011 21:38:16] Xxx: well Im’e quite older than you 54 im’e married and have a daughter 25 and grandson 4
[03/02/2011 21:38:40] Fresh_Bee: Oh that is nice to hear that
[03/02/2011 21:38:49] Fresh_Bee: What did you do for living?
[03/02/2011 21:39:29] Xxx: Im’e retired due to ill health
[03/02/2011 21:39:41] Fresh_Bee: Oh cool i understand
[03/02/2011 21:40:03] Fresh_Bee: I m a student
[03/02/2011 21:40:15] Fresh_Bee: I m now in Nursing Training
[03/02/2011 21:40:21] Xxx: I was a truck driver before that
[03/02/2011 21:40:26] Fresh_Bee: I m Training to be a Nurse
[03/02/2011 21:41:55] Xxx: I hope you are enjoying your training my older sister was a nurse
[03/02/2011 21:42:11] Fresh_Bee: Oh yes
[03/02/2011 21:42:47] Xxx: what do you like doing in your spare time
[03/02/2011 21:43:18] Fresh_Bee: Oh having fun with my friends
[03/02/2011 21:43:31] Fresh_Bee: Please i would be very happy for you to be my friend if you dont mine
[03/02/2011 21:44:14] Xxx: I don’t see why not
[03/02/2011 21:45:40] Xxx: what’s the weather like over there it’s blowing a gale here and very cold
[03/02/2011 21:45:57] Fresh_Bee: Oh it is raining here
[03/02/2011 21:46:30] Fresh_Bee: Please do you have email address
[03/02/2011 21:49:41] Xxx: I have one that i use for my own use it’s
[03/02/2011 21:49:52 | Edited 21:49:55] Fresh_Bee: Okay good
[03/02/2011 21:50:07] Fresh_Bee: This is mine
[03/02/2011 21:50:50] Fresh_Bee: i would be very happy for if you try and send me email there sometimes
[03/02/2011 21:51:13] Xxx: can do
[03/02/2011 21:51:22] Fresh_Bee: Thanks for that
[03/02/2011 21:52:59] *** Call ended, duration 22:55 ***
[03/02/2011 21:53:20] Fresh_Bee: Please have you seen my email address i wish
[03/02/2011 21:54:29] Fresh_Bee: I m trying to email you there now
[03/02/2011 21:54:34] Xxx: yes I have your email address I will send some photo’s
[03/02/2011 21:54:45] Fresh_Bee: Thnx for that
[03/02/2011 21:54:59] Fresh_Bee: Please i m waiting for that and i will send you mine alsao
[03/02/2011 21:57:24] Fresh_Bee: I m waiting ok
[03/02/2011 22:04:00] Fresh_Bee: Hello dear you there
[03/02/2011 22:04:07] Fresh_Bee: I m still waiting for your pictures
[03/02/2011 22:14:22] Xxx: I’m just getting some photos to send
[03/02/2011 22:15:16] Fresh_Bee: Okay that is nice to hear
[03/02/2011 22:15:32] Fresh_Bee: I have sent you my pictures check it
[03/02/2011 22:17:00] Fresh_Bee: Please did you have yahoo messenger
[03/02/2011 22:19:40] Fresh_Bee: Thnx for your pictures
[03/02/2011 22:19:45] Fresh_Bee: Have you got mine
[03/02/2011 22:21:32] Xxx: you are one sexy lady
[03/02/2011 22:21:46] Fresh_Bee: Thanks for saying that
[03/02/2011 22:22:00] Fresh_Bee: i will add you to my yahoo messenger list
[03/02/2011 22:23:11] Xxx: as you can see I like my motor bikes, do you drive
[03/02/2011 22:24:02] Fresh_Bee: I really like your pictures very nice….Yes i can drive
[03/02/2011 22:26:17] Fresh_Bee: I have add you to my messenger list
[03/02/2011 22:27:38] Fresh_Bee: You still there friend?
[03/02/2011 22:28:29] Xxx: yes I am catching up on some paperwork,
[03/02/2011 22:28:46] Fresh_Bee: Okay no problem
[03/02/2011 22:28:49] Fresh_Bee: I understand
[03/02/2011 22:29:37] Xxx: do you have some more photos, where do you go on your holidays
[03/02/2011 22:30:33] Fresh_Bee: Oh i m really sorry this is my first time here and i dont have more pictures ..but i will try one day and see if i can take for more for You
[03/02/2011 22:32:45] Xxx: well I have to go now I willbe online tomorrow speak to you then
[03/02/2011 22:32:59 | Edited 22:33:01] Fresh_Bee: Okay n0 problem
[03/02/2011 22:33:14] Fresh_Bee: please can i have your phone number so that if i m online i can txt you
[03/02/2011 22:35:30] Xxx: sorry I don’t hav a mobile as I like to have a bit of peace and quiet when I’m relaxing xxxxxxx till tomorrow
[03/02/2011 22:35:54] Fresh_Bee: okay cool
[03/02/2011 22:36:00] Fresh_Bee: i will see you then
[04/02/2011 07:27:11] Fresh_Bee: Hello
[04/02/2011 22:29:10] Fresh_Bee: Hello how are You?
[04/02/2011 22:31:04] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[04/02/2011 23:29:39] Xxx: are you on line
[04/02/2011 23:31:04] Xxx: Sorry I missed your call iv’e just got in
[04/02/2011 23:31:30] *** Call to Fresh_Bee ***
[04/02/2011 23:31:51] Fresh_Bee: Yes i m online
[04/02/2011 23:31:52] Fresh_Bee: And now i have you back
[04/02/2011 23:31:52] Fresh_Bee: How was your day?
[04/02/2011 23:33:43] Xxx: we took our grandson out it was blowing a gale so we didn’t stay out very long
[04/02/2011 23:34:07] Fresh_Bee: Oh good
[04/02/2011 23:35:13] Xxx: I am building him a speedway bike for m to use at the local training sessions
[04/02/2011 23:35:48] Fresh_Bee: Okay that is really good to hear…..=have you sent me your pictures yet?
[04/02/2011 23:36:35] Xxx: I will sort them out and email them
[04/02/2011 23:36:51] Fresh_Bee: Yes i will like that
[04/02/2011 23:37:16] Xxx: what have you ben up to today
[04/02/2011 23:37:53] Fresh_Bee: i went to school today
[04/02/2011 23:38:53] Xxx: what have they been teaching today
[04/02/2011 23:39:09] Fresh_Bee: Many more
[04/02/2011 23:44:13] Xxx: do you have to wear your uniform at school I like nurses in uniform
[04/02/2011 23:44:31] Fresh_Bee: Yes
[04/02/2011 23:44:33] Fresh_Bee: What’s your favorite foods & drinks?
[04/02/2011 23:46:24] Xxx: if we eat out we usually go to a chinese and have a curry or macdonalds for a burger
[04/02/2011 23:46:41] Fresh_Bee: wow
[04/02/2011 23:47:03] Xxx: whats your favorite
[04/02/2011 23:47:51] Fresh_Bee: Banku
[04/02/2011 23:47:53] Fresh_Bee: Can you drive a vehicle?
[04/02/2011 23:50:21] Xxx: yep at the moment I have a KIA Soul and a caravan
[04/02/2011 23:50:36] Fresh_Bee: Good
[04/02/2011 23:50:36] Fresh_Bee: What’s your religion?
[04/02/2011 23:51:34] Xxx: i’ don’t follow any particular religion
[04/02/2011 23:51:43] Fresh_Bee: Really,
[04/02/2011 23:51:49] Fresh_Bee: Why?
[04/02/2011 23:54:30] Xxx: most wars have been over religion if everyone hfollowed the same religon the world would be a more peaseful place
[04/02/2011 23:54:54] Fresh_Bee: Good
[04/02/2011 23:55:29] Xxx: do you have a boyfriend
[04/02/2011 23:55:47] Fresh_Bee: No
[04/02/2011 23:56:55] Xxx: where do you go to when you have time off
[04/02/2011 23:57:33] Fresh_Bee: With my friends
[04/02/2011 23:58:39] Xxx: do you go to night clubs or the cinema or out for a meal
[04/02/2011 23:59:13] Fresh_Bee: Out for the meal with my female friends
[05/02/2011 00:00:16] Xxx: do you ever go to the beach
[05/02/2011 00:00:53] *** Call ended, duration 29:23 ***
[05/02/2011 00:01:20] *** Call to Fresh_Bee ***
[05/02/2011 00:02:01] Fresh_Bee: Yes
[05/02/2011 00:02:25] Fresh_Bee: But i think this weekend i will be there with my friends
[05/02/2011 00:03:40] Xxx: you ca send some photos I bet you look nice in a bikini
[05/02/2011 00:04:10] Fresh_Bee: Oh i will send you my pictures but did you have my email address
[05/02/2011 00:05:02] Xxx: yes I sent some photos yesterday
[05/02/2011 00:05:33] Fresh_Bee: Okay…let me check it
[05/02/2011 00:10:42] Xxx: which part of benin do you live in
[05/02/2011 00:11:17] Fresh_Bee: I have already told you yesterday that i was born in Belin but now living in Ghana……………..Have you forgot?
[05/02/2011 00:15:09] Xxx: no you didn’t iv’e just checked the conversation from yesterday
[05/02/2011 00:15:21] Fresh_Bee: Sorry
[05/02/2011 00:15:30] Fresh_Bee: May be i forgot to tell you
[05/02/2011 00:16:06] Xxx: wht’s ghana like
[05/02/2011 00:16:32] Fresh_Bee: West Africa……….Have you been in Ghana before or do you have friends in Ghana now?
[05/02/2011 00:17:52] Xxx: no the hearest I have been is egypt we went on a nile cruise
[05/02/2011 00:18:32] Fresh_Bee: Oh good to hear..please do you have a webcam working i would like to see You
[05/02/2011 00:26:48] *** Call to Fresh_Bee ***
[05/02/2011 00:29:11] Xxx: are you still there
[05/02/2011 00:29:38] Fresh_Bee: Yes…i m trying to email you my pictures
[05/02/2011 00:30:31] Xxx: my laptop froze I had to restart it
[05/02/2011 00:30:53] Fresh_Bee: Okay
[05/02/2011 00:35:27] Xxx: you sent 2 photo’s yesterday I got them ok
[05/02/2011 00:35:57] Fresh_Bee: Okay good…i m trying to send you some now
[05/02/2011 00:36:05] Fresh_Bee: ((F))
[05/02/2011 00:38:59] Xxx: are you sending them to
[05/02/2011 00:39:43] Fresh_Bee: Yes i have sent now check
[05/02/2011 00:41:27] Xxx: yes I got them
[05/02/2011 00:41:39] Fresh_Bee: Good
[05/02/2011 00:42:12] Xxx: as I said yesterday you look very sexy
[05/02/2011 00:42:30] Fresh_Bee: Thnx
[05/02/2011 00:42:38] Xxx: do you have a webcam
[05/02/2011 00:43:20] Fresh_Bee: i m really sorry i dont have my own webcam and mic..but i will try one day to borrow one from my friend so that you can see me
[05/02/2011 00:46:02] Xxx: when do you finish your training
[05/02/2011 00:46:17] Fresh_Bee: By 2years time
[05/02/2011 00:47:46] Xxx: theres going to be some happy patients having you to care for them
[05/02/2011 00:48:01] Fresh_Bee: You re right
[05/02/2011 00:50:52] *** Call ended, duration 24:04 ***
[05/02/2011 00:51:39] Xxx: ooops internet gone down again
[05/02/2011 00:52:09] Fresh_Bee: Yes but dont worried
[05/02/2011 00:52:13] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[05/02/2011 00:53:46] Xxx: I like the new profile picture
[05/02/2011 00:53:56] Fresh_Bee: Thanks
[05/02/2011 00:55:10] Xxx: you should send m a picture of you in uniform
[05/02/2011 00:55:23] Fresh_Bee: I dont have that one but i will try
[05/02/2011 01:00:11] Fresh_Bee: You still there or i have lost You
[05/02/2011 01:00:50] Xxx: i’m gettig some photos to send
[05/02/2011 01:01:00] Fresh_Bee: Thanks
[05/02/2011 01:01:05] Fresh_Bee: I m waiting
[05/02/2011 01:12:32] Xxx: iv’e just sent them
[05/02/2011 01:13:15] Fresh_Bee: Okay thnx let me check them ok
[05/02/2011 01:18:31] Xxx: I’m going to bed now as ut’s past my bed time
[05/02/2011 01:19:31] Fresh_Bee: Okay i will see u later,Please your email havent come yet
[05/02/2011 01:20:09] Xxx: night night xxxxx
[05/02/2011 01:20:47] Fresh_Bee: Now i have your pictures
[05/02/2011 01:20:52] Fresh_Bee: Thnx
[05/02/2011 19:47:24] Fresh_Bee: How are You?
[05/02/2011 19:50:03] Xxx: fine
[05/02/2011 19:50:24] Fresh_Bee: Good to hear
[05/02/2011 19:50:32] Fresh_Bee: How is things going there?
[05/02/2011 19:50:47] Xxx: do you have any more pictures
[05/02/2011 19:51:45] Fresh_Bee: Oh i m really sorry i dont have more but i will try my best
[05/02/2011 19:54:03] Xxx: I’m talking to a friend that I went to school with many years ago
[05/02/2011 19:54:27] Fresh_Bee: Oh cool……….Are you busy
[05/02/2011 19:55:23] Xxx: no we are talking on skype
[05/02/2011 19:55:49] Fresh_Bee: Okay cool…where was he from?
[05/02/2011 19:56:33] Xxx: He lives near the coast obout 10 miles from me
[05/02/2011 19:57:22] Fresh_Bee: Ok
[05/02/2011 19:57:26] Xxx: He lived in south africa for a while working in the mines
[05/02/2011 19:58:42] Fresh_Bee: Okay cool……….i trying my best to borrow for webcam but i dont have any help
[05/02/2011 19:58:51 | Edited 19:58:58] Fresh_Bee: but i will keep continue
[05/02/2011 19:58:52] Fresh_Bee: ok
[05/02/2011 20:00:44] Xxx: I showed My friend your photo’s he thinks you are cute
[05/02/2011 20:00:57] Fresh_Bee: Really
[05/02/2011 20:02:21] Xxx: yep with them come to bed eyes who wouldn’t
[05/02/2011 20:02:39] Fresh_Bee: Hahaa
[05/02/2011 20:09:34] Xxx: what are you doing tonight
[05/02/2011 20:10:21] Fresh_Bee: I m tired………………….so i wont be online much longer
[05/02/2011 20:10:53] Xxx: have you had a hard day at school
[05/02/2011 20:11:08] Fresh_Bee: No school today
[05/02/2011 20:11:52] Xxx: what’s got you so tired
[05/02/2011 20:12:36] Fresh_Bee: i went to a friend Birthday party
[05/02/2011 20:13:05] Xxx: I hope you didn’t drink to much
[05/02/2011 20:13:25] Fresh_Bee: Sorry…………i dont drink
[05/02/2011 20:14:17] Xxx: so what do you do for fun
[05/02/2011 20:14:29] Fresh_Bee: I havent done that before
[05/02/2011 20:14:43] Fresh_Bee: Dancing with my friends
[05/02/2011 20:14:54] Fresh_Bee: Becos i was very happy for my friend
[05/02/2011 20:16:11] Xxx: so did any one take any photo’s
[05/02/2011 20:16:57] Fresh_Bee: Yes…………….But i dont have the pictures with me
[05/02/2011 20:26:03] Xxx: thats a shame
[05/02/2011 20:27:09] Fresh_Bee: Ohh
[05/02/2011 20:47:23] Xxx: if you are going to bed early will catch you tomorrow xxxxxSteve
[05/02/2011 22:05:25] Xxx: :Dis that you
[06/02/2011 15:00:26] Xxx: Hi are you on line
[06/02/2011 15:00:26] Fresh_Bee: Hello
[06/02/2011 15:00:52] Xxx: have you recovered from yesterday
[06/02/2011 15:03:11] Xxx: it’s pouring with rain here what’s the weather doing there
[06/02/2011 15:03:44] Fresh_Bee: Yes i m online with You
[06/02/2011 15:03:58] Fresh_Bee: the weather here is really cold
[06/02/2011 15:09:40] Xxx: what temperature do you call cold
[06/02/2011 15:10:00] Fresh_Bee: i mean that the weather here is cool
[06/02/2011 15:12:28] Xxx: it’s 4degrees here
[06/02/2011 15:12:40 | Edited 15:12:42] Fresh_Bee: Oh cool my dear
[06/02/2011 15:13:28] Xxx: what time did you get up this morning
[06/02/2011 15:19:11] Xxx: i had to get up at 8.00am s I was helping out at the speedway track
[06/02/2011 15:19:33] Fresh_Bee: Okay dear…and when can i get you online again
[06/02/2011 15:20:39] Xxx: I will be online this evening about 9.00 pm
[06/02/2011 15:20:56] Fresh_Bee: Okay i will wait for you
[06/02/2011 15:22:35] Xxx: ok i will be online for aout another half an hour
[06/02/2011 15:22:45] Fresh_Bee: Okay dear
[06/02/2011 15:22:48] Fresh_Bee: i will be here
[06/02/2011 15:24:08] Xxx: are yo going out tonight or staying in do you have friends overor are you in by yourself
[06/02/2011 15:24:37] Fresh_Bee: No
[06/02/2011 15:24:41] Fresh_Bee: i will be here
[06/02/2011 15:25:40] Xxx: do you live by yourself or do you live with your family
[06/02/2011 15:26:22] Fresh_Bee: i rent room
[06/02/2011 15:28:50] Xxx: My Grandson has just shouted that my tea is ready so i will be off line for about half an hour I will skype you when i’m back on line xx
[06/02/2011 15:29:07] Fresh_Bee: Okay i understand and i will be here
[06/02/2011 15:51:55] Xxx: Hi sexy i’m back online
[06/02/2011 15:52:30] Fresh_Bee: Okay my dear
[06/02/2011 15:52:37] Fresh_Bee: i m still here waiting for you
[06/02/2011 15:53:05] Xxx: where in Ghana are you living
[06/02/2011 15:53:26] Fresh_Bee: Kumasi
[06/02/2011 15:53:31] Fresh_Bee: Have you been here before?
[06/02/2011 15:57:11] Xxx: no the furthest south i have been is southern Egypt
[06/02/2011 15:57:32] Fresh_Bee: Oh yes you have told me that before
[06/02/2011 15:57:47] Fresh_Bee: i m still working how to borrow for my friend webcam for you to see me
[06/02/2011 15:59:29] Xxx: im looking forward to that it’s so much nicer to see the person you are talking with instead of typing
[06/02/2011 15:59:47] Fresh_Bee: Good You re right
[06/02/2011 15:59:50] Fresh_Bee: That is true
[06/02/2011 16:00:10] Xxx: do your family stii
[06/02/2011 16:00:33] Xxx: still live in Benin
[06/02/2011 16:00:45] Fresh_Bee: Yes
[06/02/2011 16:01:24] Xxx: how many brothers and sisters o you have
[06/02/2011 16:01:57 | Edited 16:01:59] Fresh_Bee: I have 2sisters
[06/02/2011 16:02:18] Xxx: I have two sisters and one brother
[06/02/2011 16:03:33] Fresh_Bee: oh cool
[06/02/2011 16:03:57] Xxx: my younger sister is a professioal fitness trainer
[06/02/2011 16:04:35] Fresh_Bee: good
[06/02/2011 16:05:51] Xxx: she has just come back from south africa after doing a product launch for nivea
[06/02/2011 16:06:18] Fresh_Bee: Okay dear
[06/02/2011 16:06:21] Fresh_Bee: i understand
[06/02/2011 16:07:17] Xxx: she lives in london so we only see her about once a year
[06/02/2011 16:08:15] Fresh_Bee: Okay my dear..i understand what you are saying so did she visit you sometimes
[06/02/2011 16:15:34] Xxx: she usually comes up around christmas time
[06/02/2011 16:16:38] Fresh_Bee: Okay……cool
[06/02/2011 16:16:44] Fresh_Bee: no weekends then
[06/02/2011 16:20:23] Xxx: no it’s a 4 hour drive at least so its to far just to pop up for the weekend I see my older sister nearly every week usual she wants her car fixed
[06/02/2011 16:21:24] Fresh_Bee: Okay my dear i understand what you mean
[06/02/2011 16:21:32] Fresh_Bee: Everything is ok by me
[06/02/2011 16:22:11] Xxx: how old are your sisters do they live with your mam and dad
[06/02/2011 16:22:27] Fresh_Bee: they re all married
[06/02/2011 16:24:02] Xxx: so you are the only spinster then are your sisters older than you
[06/02/2011 16:24:24] Fresh_Bee: Yes they are older than me
[06/02/2011 16:25:19] Xxx: are you the prettiest
[06/02/2011 16:26:10] Fresh_Bee: Why?
[06/02/2011 16:27:53] Xxx: because your looks would take some beating your’e so sexy
[06/02/2011 16:28:04] Fresh_Bee: Thnx
[06/02/2011 16:28:31] Xxx: your’e welcome
[06/02/2011 16:28:38] Fresh_Bee: Thanks dear
[06/02/2011 16:28:42] Fresh_Bee: You have make me feel so happy
[06/02/2011 16:29:28] Xxx: so what have you been up to today
[06/02/2011 16:30:56] Fresh_Bee: doing my room work
[06/02/2011 16:32:08] Xxx: i hope your not to tired after all that work
[06/02/2011 16:32:50] Fresh_Bee: Oh no
[06/02/2011 16:33:32] Xxx: what time do you start scool in the morning
[06/02/2011 16:33:46] Fresh_Bee: 10:00am
[06/02/2011 16:34:42] Xxx: thats not too bad it gives you i bit of a lie in
[06/02/2011 16:35:15] Fresh_Bee: yes
[06/02/2011 16:37:38] Xxx: i usually dont get up untill after 10.00am due to my medication for my Parkinson’s disease
[06/02/2011 16:38:52] Fresh_Bee: Oh cool
[06/02/2011 16:41:02] Xxx: the medication makes you impotent so I get very flustrated when i can’t perform
[06/02/2011 16:41:21] Fresh_Bee: You are right
[06/02/2011 16:45:48] Xxx: I am sure it is the medication as before i got married i never had any problems with my perfomance
[06/02/2011 16:46:17] Fresh_Bee: Good….
[06/02/2011 16:46:20] Xxx: with my previous girl friends
[06/02/2011 16:47:03] Fresh_Bee: Oh cool
[06/02/2011 16:47:37] Xxx: what do you do at home when your’e not on line
[06/02/2011 16:48:37] Fresh_Bee: not much
[06/02/2011 16:49:02] Xxx: do you watch much tv
[06/02/2011 16:49:36] Fresh_Bee: yes
[06/02/2011 16:50:16] Xxx: what are your favorite programs
[06/02/2011 16:51:31] Fresh_Bee: movie
[06/02/2011 16:56:20] Xxx: do you like action films, romantic films or sexy films
[06/02/2011 16:58:14] Fresh_Bee: Action films
[06/02/2011 16:59:32] Xxx: the tv here has been showing all of the starwars films this week
[06/02/2011 16:59:55] Fresh_Bee: wow
[06/02/2011 17:01:19] Xxx: who’s your favorite actor / actress
[06/02/2011 17:01:51] Fresh_Bee: Agya koo
[06/02/2011 17:05:55] Xxx: he has just done a tour in america
[06/02/2011 17:06:48] Fresh_Bee: Good
[06/02/2011 17:06:59] Xxx: do you like british pop music
[06/02/2011 17:07:15] Fresh_Bee: I havent watch that before
[06/02/2011 17:08:05] Xxx: what kind of music do you like
[06/02/2011 17:08:32] Fresh_Bee: Country music
[06/02/2011 17:09:45] Xxx: which singer do you like most
[06/02/2011 17:10:46] Fresh_Bee: But sometimes i really like Michael Jackson
[06/02/2011 17:11:41] Xxx: did you like his song thriller
[06/02/2011 17:12:52] Fresh_Bee: Yes yes yes yes
[06/02/2011 17:13:04] Fresh_Bee: Very much and You re not alone
[06/02/2011 17:13:54] Xxx: i like the rolling stones and most rock bands like deep purple and queen
[06/02/2011 17:14:25] Fresh_Bee: Cool
[06/02/2011 17:20:08] Xxx: i have video of my grandson on you tube heres the links
[06/02/2011 17:20:31 | Edited 17:20:32] Fresh_Bee: Good
[06/02/2011 17:20:39] Fresh_Bee: I will watch that later and see
[06/02/2011 17:21:56] Xxx: he rides quite well for being 4 years ld
[06/02/2011 17:22:21] Fresh_Bee: Oh yes now i have seen it did you record that
[06/02/2011 17:22:55] Xxx: my wife videoed them
[06/02/2011 17:23:45] Fresh_Bee: ok
[06/02/2011 17:23:55] Fresh_Bee: If you video any body how can you put that to Youtube
[06/02/2011 17:25:50] Xxx: you register with yooutube and then you can upload your videos
[06/02/2011 17:26:58] Fresh_Bee: Okay that is really good idea
[06/02/2011 17:27:50] Xxx: i can have you got videos of you that you can upload
[06/02/2011 17:28:06] Fresh_Bee: Oh i dont have videos
[06/02/2011 17:29:22] Xxx: never mind if you can borrow a webcam you can record video to upload
[06/02/2011 17:30:30] Fresh_Bee: I dont know how to do that but i will borrow the webcam for you to see me
[06/02/2011 17:32:46] Xxx: i cant wait to see you in the flesh so to speak
[06/02/2011 17:33:39] Fresh_Bee: Yes i keep my word
[06/02/2011 17:35:09] Xxx: what did you get for christmas anything nice
[06/02/2011 17:35:21 | Edited 17:36:01] Fresh_Bee: Oh me and my friends we all go out to club
[06/02/2011 17:37:50] Xxx: i got the usual socks etc nothing to exiteing
[06/02/2011 17:38:29] Fresh_Bee: Okay
[06/02/2011 17:38:57] Xxx: the quad bike was our present to our grandson
[06/02/2011 17:39:08] Fresh_Bee: Really.
[06/02/2011 17:39:24] Fresh_Bee: Please did you have your webcam working i would like to see you one day
[06/02/2011 17:45:19] Xxx: my webcam is working i will turn it on by calling you on a video call let me know if it comes on
[06/02/2011 17:45:43] Fresh_Bee: Okay
[06/02/2011 17:45:47] Fresh_Bee: Yes i see you
[06/02/2011 17:45:47 | Edited 17:45:49] Fresh_Bee: wow
[06/02/2011 17:45:55] Xxx: can you see me
[06/02/2011 17:47:06] Fresh_Bee: Yes i m very happy now
[06/02/2011 17:47:13] Fresh_Bee: i will try my best to do the same
[06/02/2011 17:47:39] Xxx: all we need now is you to borrow a web cam
[06/02/2011 17:48:03] Xxx: this is my office
[06/02/2011 17:48:27] Fresh_Bee: Oh yes i will do that my dear
[06/02/2011 17:48:29] Fresh_Bee: I keep my word
[06/02/2011 17:48:34] Fresh_Bee: Good
[06/02/2011 17:49:25] Fresh_Bee: You have a very nice office dear
[06/02/2011 17:49:30] Fresh_Bee: ((F))
[06/02/2011 17:50:43] Xxx: my wife has been in tidying so it is more tidy than usual
[06/02/2011 17:51:22] Fresh_Bee: Cool……………i hope your wife come there everytime?
[06/02/2011 17:51:47] Xxx: ((h)) i hope you get a webcam soon
[06/02/2011 17:52:38] Fresh_Bee: Oh yes but no promise
[06/02/2011 17:52:41] Fresh_Bee: i will try my best
[06/02/2011 17:53:41] Xxx: do you go to se your family very often
[06/02/2011 17:53:56] Fresh_Bee: Oh not much
[06/02/2011 17:56:40] Fresh_Bee: ((F))
[06/02/2011 17:56:44] Fresh_Bee: You are welcome
[06/02/2011 17:56:51] Fresh_Bee: Are you busy with someone
[06/02/2011 17:58:42] Fresh_Bee: If you are busy it is okay..i can see you later
[06/02/2011 18:00:05] Xxx: no i’m not busy but i am going to call my friend i will catch you later xxxSteve
[06/02/2011 18:00:56] Fresh_Bee: Okay dear
[06/02/2011 18:01:00] Fresh_Bee: i will be here
[06/02/2011 21:42:59] Xxx: are you there
[06/02/2011 21:44:24] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[06/02/2011 21:45:11] Xxx: i’m missing your sexy typing
[06/02/2011 22:01:18] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[06/02/2011 22:36:05] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[06/02/2011 22:54:04] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[06/02/2011 22:57:46] Xxx: hi darling
[06/02/2011 22:58:43] Fresh_Bee: Hi dear
[06/02/2011 22:58:48] Fresh_Bee: I m now back online
[06/02/2011 22:59:38] Xxx: ((hug))have you bee busy
[06/02/2011 23:00:00] Fresh_Bee: You still there ?
[06/02/2011 23:00:31] Fresh_Bee: No i m not busy
[06/02/2011 23:00:55] Xxx: yes i’m on my laptop down stairs
[06/02/2011 23:01:28] Fresh_Bee: Okay cool…i hope we can have a chat now
[06/02/2011 23:02:14] Xxx: 🙂 of cause we can
[06/02/2011 23:02:24] Fresh_Bee: Good to hear
[06/02/2011 23:02:28] Fresh_Bee: How is things with You
[06/02/2011 23:03:20] Xxx: iv’ been playing scrabble on facebook
[06/02/2011 23:03:44] Fresh_Bee: Really i havent heard about that before
[06/02/2011 23:04:47] Xxx: It’s one of the apps on facebook
[06/02/2011 23:05:00] Fresh_Bee: Oh nice
[06/02/2011 23:05:11] Fresh_Bee: I will try that later and see how things will work
[06/02/2011 23:06:27] Xxx: you can find it here
[06/02/2011 23:06:40] Fresh_Bee: Okay i will try
[06/02/2011 23:07:02] Xxx: i lost two games and won one
[06/02/2011 23:07:40] Fresh_Bee: Really which games
[06/02/2011 23:08:25] Xxx: scrabble. have you got a facebook account
[06/02/2011 23:10:48] Fresh_Bee: No i dont have
[06/02/2011 23:11:53] Xxx: ((inlove)) what are you wearing right now im’e lying on the couch in my jeans and t shirt
[06/02/2011 23:12:48] Fresh_Bee: Why?
[06/02/2011 23:14:02] Xxx: i’m just talking to you and watching the tv i was just curious
[06/02/2011 23:14:43] Fresh_Bee: Okay dear
[06/02/2011 23:19:11] Xxx: i have got our dog sitting next to me she is a west highland white terrier
[06/02/2011 23:19:36] Fresh_Bee: Haha
[06/02/2011 23:19:53] Xxx: did you have any pets when you were at home
[06/02/2011 23:20:09] Fresh_Bee: Yes i have a dog
[06/02/2011 23:22:21] Xxx: what breed is your dog is it a boy or a girl
[06/02/2011 23:22:36] Fresh_Bee: Girl
[06/02/2011 23:24:55] Xxx: our westie had 4 pups 2 yearsago they were so cute that it was hard to part with them one lives two houses away so we see him every day
[06/02/2011 23:25:23] Fresh_Bee: Okay that is really cool to hear my dear
[06/02/2011 23:26:36] Xxx: how long have you been in ghana you must miss your family
[06/02/2011 23:27:03] Fresh_Bee: 2Years
[06/02/2011 23:29:48] Xxx: i was looking at your photo’s, you look really nice with your hair up in thephoto where you are wearing
[06/02/2011 23:30:03] Xxx: your sugar top on
[06/02/2011 23:30:11] Fresh_Bee: Thanks for your words
[06/02/2011 23:32:49] Xxx: your photowhere you are standing up you look very deamure
[06/02/2011 23:35:20] Xxx: you really suit the white top as it complements your lovely eyes
[06/02/2011 23:35:54] Fresh_Bee: Thanks you so very much for your words
[06/02/2011 23:37:41] Xxx: what are you learning at nursing school at the moment
[06/02/2011 23:40:52] Xxx: do you have to travel very far to school or is it near where you live
[06/02/2011 23:41:57] Fresh_Bee: every morning we have a bus that pick all the student to school
[06/02/2011 23:43:20] Xxx: is it just a nursing school or does it teach other professions as well
[06/02/2011 23:44:06] Fresh_Bee: They teach more……
[06/02/2011 23:45:49] Xxx: where do you want to work when you have qualified as nurses are in short spply all over the world
[06/02/2011 23:46:47] Fresh_Bee: If i finish Nursing Training i will be a Nurse
[06/02/2011 23:49:07] Xxx: in england we have nurses from all nations it is a good qualification to have it gives you the freedom to travel the world
[06/02/2011 23:49:45] Fresh_Bee: Nice thought
[06/02/2011 23:52:34] Xxx: your engish is very good, I wish I could speak another language, I know a little bit of french but was to busy messing about at school, did you learn english at school
[06/02/2011 23:53:13] Fresh_Bee: Yes…i can speak french a little
[06/02/2011 23:55:19] Xxx: how many students are in your class, dare there any male nurses at you school or are you all girls
[06/02/2011 23:56:13] Fresh_Bee: Oh in our school we have boys class room and lady class
[06/02/2011 23:58:38] Xxx: if all the girls in your class are as sexy as youthe boys would not be able to consentrate on thier work
[06/02/2011 23:58:59] Fresh_Bee: Hahaha
[06/02/2011 23:59:14] Fresh_Bee: Dear you are making me laughing
[06/02/2011 23:59:56] Xxx: good I wouldn’t want to make you cry
[07/02/2011 00:00:13] Fresh_Bee: Thanks
[07/02/2011 00:02:00] Xxx: you still havn’t told me what you are wearing
[07/02/2011 00:02:24] Fresh_Bee: Why?
[07/02/2011 00:04:08] Xxx: i would like to get a picture in my mind as I am talking to you
[07/02/2011 00:04:44] Fresh_Bee: Oh that is cool.did you know something..i have borrow for my friend webcam
[07/02/2011 00:05:26] Xxx: have you got it there with you
[07/02/2011 00:05:47] Fresh_Bee: Yes
[07/02/2011 00:06:41] Xxx: i will pop upstairs and put my web cam on
[07/02/2011 00:08:37] Fresh_Bee: Okay i will wait
[07/02/2011 00:15:05] Fresh_Bee: Dear how is things going there?
[07/02/2011 00:16:54] Xxx: my web cam is on you should be able to see me
[07/02/2011 00:17:08] Fresh_Bee: Yes i can see you now
[07/02/2011 00:17:11] Fresh_Bee: But now can i come on
[07/02/2011 00:18:18] Xxx: have you pluged your web cam in
[07/02/2011 00:18:44] Fresh_Bee: Yes
[07/02/2011 00:19:54] Xxx: did your computer recognise the web cam
[07/02/2011 00:20:15] Fresh_Bee: Yes
[07/02/2011 00:22:31] Xxx: if you go to the top of your screen click on tools/ options /video settings you might have to turn your computer off and re boot for it to recognise it
[07/02/2011 00:23:20] Xxx: Try video calling me
[07/02/2011 00:23:52] Fresh_Bee: Now i have it donw
[07/02/2011 00:24:36] Fresh_Bee: Can you see me now?
[07/02/2011 00:24:36] Xxx: have you got a microphone
[07/02/2011 00:25:11] Xxx: yes you look just as sexy in the flesh
[07/02/2011 00:25:12] Fresh_Bee: My friend told me that she has problem with her webcam as it keep frozen that is why i m trying to talk and see if you can hear me
[07/02/2011 00:25:14] Fresh_Bee: thanks
[07/02/2011 00:27:05] Fresh_Bee: Can you see me clear
[07/02/2011 00:27:45] Fresh_Bee: what did you say?
[07/02/2011 00:28:21] Xxx: yes you are a bit jerky though
[07/02/2011 00:29:46] Fresh_Bee: Okay dear..i understand what you are saying my friend webcam is not working good for me..My dear why dont you try and get me my own one so that if we re both online everyday then we can see each other?
[07/02/2011 00:31:51] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[07/02/2011 00:32:00] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[07/02/2011 00:32:16] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[07/02/2011 00:33:47] Xxx: i’m trying to get you on video usng my other computer
[07/02/2011 00:34:18] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[07/02/2011 00:34:22] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[07/02/2011 00:34:57] Fresh_Bee: Okay…
[07/02/2011 00:35:51] Fresh_Bee: I went to a webcam shop here last friday with my and i have seen for a very nice webcam here
[07/02/2011 00:35:52] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[07/02/2011 00:35:55] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[07/02/2011 00:36:24] Xxx: Ive got a spare one here
[07/02/2011 00:36:53] Fresh_Bee: Good
[07/02/2011 00:37:37] Xxx: can you see me
[07/02/2011 00:37:55] Fresh_Bee: Yes
[07/02/2011 00:38:17] *** Call to Fresh_Bee ***
[07/02/2011 00:41:04] Xxx: i still cant hear you is the micrphone built into the web cam
[07/02/2011 00:41:31] Fresh_Bee: It is not working i think as my friend have problem with the webcam
[07/02/2011 00:42:36] Xxx: I would need an address to post the spare webcam to
[07/02/2011 00:42:50] Fresh_Bee: Please i m really sorry i dont have address
[07/02/2011 00:42:59] Fresh_Bee: Can you show me the webcam
[07/02/2011 00:43:16] Fresh_Bee: Wow wow wow wow
[07/02/2011 00:43:23] Fresh_Bee: That is really great
[07/02/2011 00:43:34] Fresh_Bee: But i have search for one here and i have picture of it
[07/02/2011 00:43:41] Fresh_Bee: If you like i will send it to You
[07/02/2011 00:44:06] Xxx: yes send me a picture
[07/02/2011 00:44:40] Fresh_Bee: Okay i will send you the picture of the webcam i want to buy for it
[07/02/2011 00:45:36] Xxx: have you checked your settings for audio inthe tools/ options menu
[07/02/2011 00:46:11] Fresh_Bee: Yes but my friend told me that she has problem with the webcam so may be the mic will not work,havent you seen that the webcam is not working good for as
[07/02/2011 00:47:27] Fresh_Bee: Dear accept it picture of the webcam i search for it
[07/02/2011 00:48:01] Xxx: have you sent a pic of the webcam you have
[07/02/2011 00:48:08] Fresh_Bee: Yes
[07/02/2011 00:48:23] Fresh_Bee: The one i wanted to buy for it
[07/02/2011 00:48:24] Xxx: iam recieving it now
[07/02/2011 00:48:31] Fresh_Bee: It is quality one
[07/02/2011 00:49:50] Fresh_Bee: Have you seen the webcam ?
[07/02/2011 00:50:35] Xxx: it looks ok i will have a look for the name of it on the internet do you know which site it was on
[07/02/2011 00:51:24] Fresh_Bee: Oh no i didnt fine that on site….i went to a webcam shop here and i fine for that
[07/02/2011 00:52:22] Xxx: yes ok the one you are using keeps freezing
[07/02/2011 00:53:42] Fresh_Bee: Yes it is not good one that is why i wanted to buy for the webcam i have sent you picture it
[07/02/2011 00:53:42] Xxx: is my picture jerky when i move
[07/02/2011 00:54:02] Fresh_Bee: yes
[07/02/2011 00:55:51] Xxx: it could be the internet speed have you tried doing a speed test to find out your connection
[07/02/2011 00:56:41] Fresh_Bee: Yes my internet connection is good…But my friend the one the webcam belong to told me that her webcam is not good working
[07/02/2011 00:56:54] Fresh_Bee: As she says that she has get problem with the webcam
[07/02/2011 00:57:04] Fresh_Bee: That is why
[07/02/2011 00:58:37] Xxx: ive just done a snapshot im sending it now
[07/02/2011 00:58:44] Fresh_Bee: Dear so how can i get for the webcam i wanted to buy for it?
[07/02/2011 00:58:48] Fresh_Bee: Yes i have seen it
[07/02/2011 00:58:58] Fresh_Bee: From tomorrow going i will be free in the house
[07/02/2011 00:59:05] Fresh_Bee: Becos my landlord will Travel
[07/02/2011 00:59:58] Xxx: i like you necklace
[07/02/2011 01:00:10] Fresh_Bee: Thanks
[07/02/2011 01:01:29] Xxx: is my video any clearer as i hav just adjusted my settings
[07/02/2011 01:02:16 | Edited 01:02:33] Fresh_Bee: Yes.But dear why dont you let me buy the webcam so that if we will have a good webcam working everyday if we are both online
[07/02/2011 01:02:16] Fresh_Bee: ?????
[07/02/2011 01:03:19] Xxx: yes i think that you should
[07/02/2011 01:04:07] *** Call ended, duration 25:51 ***
[07/02/2011 01:07:08] Xxx: i am just changing webcams to try and get better connection
[07/02/2011 01:23:24] *** Call to Fresh_Bee ***
[07/02/2011 01:24:56] Fresh_Bee: Ok
[07/02/2011 01:26:07] Xxx: have you got your cam on
[07/02/2011 01:27:17] Fresh_Bee: Yes it is still working but it is not working good so i dont feel much comfortable about that.My friend will come for her wevbcam tomorrow
[07/02/2011 01:29:49] Xxx: yes i am getting a message that the connection is slow
[07/02/2011 01:30:00] Fresh_Bee: Yes dear
[07/02/2011 01:31:25] Xxx: i’m glad that we managed to see each other you are as gorgeous as your photo’s
[07/02/2011 01:31:41] Fresh_Bee: Thanks dear
[07/02/2011 01:32:05] Fresh_Bee: That is why i wanted to get a good webcam to chat with you all the time
[07/02/2011 01:33:52] Xxx: some people send photo’s of other people i’m soglad you didn’t 🙂
[07/02/2011 01:34:22] Fresh_Bee: No how can i do that
[07/02/2011 01:34:46] Fresh_Bee: Why are you saying that?
[07/02/2011 01:37:04] Xxx: iwhen i saw the photos you sent they are so nice i thought you might not be the same person i am so glad you are ((hug))
[07/02/2011 01:39:03] Fresh_Bee: Oh why did you think that
[07/02/2011 01:40:56] Xxx: some people try to pretend they are someone else for some reason . I am so hapy youare not like that
[07/02/2011 01:41:20] Fresh_Bee: Dear..i m truthful lady and i keep my word
[07/02/2011 01:42:04] Xxx: and so beautiful as well
[07/02/2011 01:44:36] Fresh_Bee: Thanks you so very much for your words
[07/02/2011 01:45:40] Xxx: what will you be doing tomorrow
[07/02/2011 01:47:47] Xxx: i forgot to ask you how tall you are as i am only 5 feet 6 inches tall
[07/02/2011 01:48:38] Fresh_Bee: I will go to school tomorrow.
I m 5.7
[07/02/2011 01:49:31] Xxx: what time do you get home from school
[07/02/2011 01:49:45] Fresh_Bee: 4:30pm
[07/02/2011 01:51:03] Xxx: i should be in then i will send you a message about 5 pm as i should be in then
[07/02/2011 01:54:08] Xxx: well it’s getting late and you have a busy day tomorowso get yourself tucked up in bed and i will call you tomorrow
[07/02/2011 01:54:26] Fresh_Bee: Okay i will do that
[07/02/2011 01:54:28] Fresh_Bee: Okay i will wait for that my dear what about the getting me my own webcam to use?
[07/02/2011 01:55:36] Xxx: yes i think that is a good idea
[07/02/2011 01:56:39] *** Call ended, duration 33:15 ***
[07/02/2011 01:57:20] Xxx: good night sleep tight XXX Steve
[07/02/2011 01:58:04] Fresh_Bee: yes dear
[07/02/2011 01:58:50] Xxx: sweet dreams :* :*
[07/02/2011 01:59:43] Fresh_Bee: Thanks dear…But my dear cant you try and get me the webcam as soon as i m very happy for you to see me anytime we were chatting..Becos i m really disappointed today about my friend webcam
[07/02/2011 02:00:22] Xxx: how would i get it to you
[07/02/2011 02:00:46] Fresh_Bee: Please my dear i dont know as i dont have address but we need to fine that out
[07/02/2011 02:01:16] Xxx: how much was it
[07/02/2011 02:01:55] Fresh_Bee: They said that it will cost me $50
[07/02/2011 02:02:29] Xxx: is that us dollars
[07/02/2011 02:02:42] Fresh_Bee: Yes
[07/02/2011 02:03:10] Fresh_Bee: But i dont know where to get that
[07/02/2011 02:04:18] Xxx: we need to find out how to get it to you do you have an adress of a friend who i could send it to
[07/02/2011 02:04:57] Fresh_Bee: Oh no dear i dont even know my friend who has address
[07/02/2011 02:05:02] Fresh_Bee: Now i have a good idea
[07/02/2011 02:05:33] Xxx: what woult that be
[07/02/2011 02:06:23] Fresh_Bee: Darling the time my father was alive he send my Mum money sometimes by Western Union..But as for me i havent receive money there before and i dont know if you send it to me they will give it to me or not
[07/02/2011 02:07:13] Xxx: iv’e never used western union before
[07/02/2011 02:07:32] Fresh_Bee: Oh cool…But please do you know that..
[07/02/2011 02:08:36] Fresh_Bee: But my dear let as try that place and see how things will work for as
[07/02/2011 02:10:06] Xxx: i will have a look on the internet to see how to do it and what details i would need as to where to send it
[07/02/2011 02:10:34] Fresh_Bee: Darling you can use my name
[07/02/2011 02:12:32] Fresh_Bee: NAME__AKOSUA SIKAYENA
[07/02/2011 02:12:52] Fresh_Bee: Darling it the details
[07/02/2011 02:14:30] Xxx: ok I will have a look on the internet to see how we can do it
[07/02/2011 02:15:09] Fresh_Bee: Okay dear,I think you can go to Western
[07/02/2011 02:16:04] Fresh_Bee: ((h))((h))((h))((h))((h))
[07/02/2011 02:17:45] Fresh_Bee: Please one idea
[07/02/2011 02:18:10] Fresh_Bee: I think if you go to bank you can tell them that you want to send money throughy Western Union
[07/02/2011 02:18:26] Fresh_Bee: I hope that also will work Darling
[07/02/2011 02:19:25] Xxx: i have just tested my internet speed and you need to upgrade your skype to a newer version i am using version
[07/02/2011 02:19:51] Fresh_Bee: Okay my love…… spend is ok
[07/02/2011 02:21:15] Xxx: there is a western union shop near wher I live I will op in there and find out how to do it ok
[07/02/2011 02:21:42] Fresh_Bee: Okay dear..that would be good idea so that i can get my own webcam
[07/02/2011 02:21:47] Fresh_Bee: Thanks for that
[07/02/2011 02:22:11] Fresh_Bee: Dear when would you go there and check?
[07/02/2011 02:22:29] Xxx: i will speak to you tomorrow
[07/02/2011 02:22:56] Fresh_Bee: Okay dear,i hope that if things go well i will have the money tomorrow to go and buy the webcam my love
[07/02/2011 02:23:27] Xxx: night night
[07/02/2011 02:23:37] Fresh_Bee: Okay dear
[07/02/2011 02:23:44] Fresh_Bee: nice to chatting with you
[07/02/2011 02:24:40] Xxx: you to :* :* :* :*
[07/02/2011 02:24:52] Fresh_Bee: Thanks for your kiss
[07/02/2011 02:25:33] Xxx: shame it couldn’t hav been in person
[07/02/2011 02:25:46] Fresh_Bee: You are right
[07/02/2011 03:18:06] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[07/02/2011 03:29:34] *** Xxx blocked Fresh_Bee ***
[07/02/2011 19:33:37] Fresh_Bee: i have miss you
[07/02/2011 19:46:17] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[07/02/2011 19:49:18] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[07/02/2011 19:51:58] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[07/02/2011 19:54:27] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[07/02/2011 19:59:16] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[07/02/2011 20:04:32] *** Xxx blocked Fresh_Bee ***
[07/02/2011 20:10:28] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[07/02/2011 20:15:30] Fresh_Bee: ((h))((h))
[07/02/2011 20:16:07] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[07/02/2011 20:23:42] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[07/02/2011 22:19:15] Fresh_Bee: Hi Darling
[07/02/2011 22:19:21] Fresh_Bee: How are You?
[07/02/2011 22:19:51] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[07/02/2011 22:22:33] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[07/02/2011 22:24:51] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[08/02/2011 00:21:44] Fresh_Bee: Hello love how are You doing?
[08/02/2011 00:22:58] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[08/02/2011 00:24:26] Fresh_Bee: where have you been as i have called you today so many times and i didnt hear from you dear
[08/02/2011 00:25:00] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[08/02/2011 00:39:03] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[08/02/2011 00:39:45] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[08/02/2011 00:49:09] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[08/02/2011 00:57:23] *** Missed call from Fresh_Bee. ***
[08/02/2011 00:57:48] Xxx: have no money inthe bank can’t afford to send you any money for webcam so sorry, I expect you no longer wish to talk with me I am so sorry
[08/02/2011 00:58:36] Fresh_Bee: Okay no problem i understand what you are saying so is that why i didnt hear from you
[08/02/2011 00:59:19] Xxx: I thought you would be upset with me
[08/02/2011 00:59:47] Fresh_Bee: Oh no dont……..Because i m not like that way
[08/02/2011 01:01:28] Xxx: i would still like to keep you as a friend to talk to as I stil think you are gorgeous
[08/02/2011 01:01:31] Fresh_Bee: ((F))((F))((F))
[08/02/2011 01:02:22] Fresh_Bee: Thanks for your words…i understand if you cant get me the money it s okay by me….because the love i have for you is not about money or something else it is from all my heart
[08/02/2011 01:03:09] Xxx: that is so nice to hear
[08/02/2011 01:03:30] Fresh_Bee: Oh yes my dear.
[08/02/2011 01:06:30] Xxx: I wish I could get you a web cam but I have to sort out my overdraft at the bankfirst as the new government have reduced how much they pay us it is a really hard struggle
[08/02/2011 01:08:05] Fresh_Bee: Okay dear..i understand what you are saying.i would be very happy for me to get my own webcam to use
[08/02/2011 01:12:18] Xxx: I will get sorted with the bank soon as possibly can then I should be in a better situation to help you
[08/02/2011 01:12:40] Fresh_Bee: Okay thanks for your thought
[08/02/2011 01:13:16] Xxx: I hope you are not too mad at me
[08/02/2011 01:13:29] Fresh_Bee: Oh i m not mad..why?
[08/02/2011 01:14:38] Xxx: because Ifeel awfull about not being able to help you
[08/02/2011 01:14:59] Fresh_Bee: Dont worried i understandful lady
[08/02/2011 01:15:58] Xxx: you are so lovely you make me so happy
[08/02/2011 01:16:33] Fresh_Bee: Good
[08/02/2011 01:17:14] Xxx: what did you learn at school today
[08/02/2011 01:17:45 | Edited 01:17:54] Fresh_Bee: Many more.but please it is too late here
[08/02/2011 01:20:27] Fresh_Bee: I want to go to bed
[08/02/2011 01:21:54] Xxx: your right you get yourself to bed now and have a nice sleep I will be dreaming of you tonight, give your teddy bear if you have one a big cuddle I will catch you tomorrow :* :* :* night night my loverly
[08/02/2011 01:23:01] Fresh_Bee: ok
[08/02/2011 01:23:04] Fresh_Bee: i m off now
[08/02/2011 01:23:10] Xxx: bye
[08/02/2011 18:08:24] Xxx: hope to hear from you later 🙂
[08/02/2011 18:27:51] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[08/02/2011 18:30:09] Xxx: Hi Akosua
[08/02/2011 18:34:39] Xxx: I have to go out at 7pm I will be back in the house about 10pm I will try and get back sooner if I can, I will send you a message when I get home to let you know i am online
[08/02/2011 18:35:28] Xxx: I hope you are still my friend
[08/02/2011 22:17:22] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[08/02/2011 22:18:14] Xxx: hello are you coming on to talk sweetheart
[08/02/2011 23:07:52] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[08/02/2011 23:08:56] *** Call to Fresh_Bee, no answer. ***
[01:03:12] Xxx: fairwell my sweetheart I hope you find happiness in your future I am always here as your friend bye byeXXX

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