Romance Scammer – Rania Hamza Bouba

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Rania Hamza Bouba

Dating Scammer – Rania Hamza Bouba


Rania Hamza Bouba

Rania Hamza Bouba

From           :  Miss. Rania Hamza Bouba
Country       :  Benghazi- Libya, North Africa
Date            :  Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 10:26 PM
Email           :

Hello My Dear,
i hope you are fine and in a good health which is very important to me because you mean a lot to me now. God will bless and reward you for every effort you are about to make to see me out from this horrible Situation i found my self today as a result of the untimely of my parents (may their gentle souls rest in peace ).

I thank God for the life of Rev Ansel Casey the Priest of the church located in the ( ALLIANCE HOME ) where i receive and send emails to you. call me with this rev father phone number ( +221 771109552 ) When you call, tell him that you want to speak with me so that he will send for me to come and answer your call, i have told him about you in case you call.

Rania Hamza Bouba

Rania Hamza Bouba

This is the bank contact information. i send it to you now so that you will make contact with the bank for the transfer. try to contact the bank now for the transfer.
i have told the bank manager every thing about you. try to contact them immediately so that the will transfer the money to you in your country. After the transfer of the money in to your account, you will withdraw sum money and send to me so that i will get my traveling documents and join you over there in your country. I want you to send an application letter to the bank email and ask them to transfer the fund of my late father account to your account because i have officially sent a nomination letter to the bank introducing you to them as my business partner.


Here is the contact information of the bank in Scotland, United kingdom where the money was deposited by my late father with my name as next of kin. send application letter to their email address for the transfer.

Royal Bank in Scotland. Contact Person. Mr. Philip Roy Hampton. ( Director Foreign Remittance Department )
Address of 36 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2YB
Tel………Tel: +447541621180 +447 866 523 383
Fax:……… +440313971922

Information about my late father & the deposit code are as follows:

Let them know that you are my partner for the transfer of the fund in the account details i have informed them about you try and contact them today so that we can hear from  them soon.
I have told this bank every thing about you so send them application letter for the transfer now.

ACCOUNT NAME……( Mr Hamza Bouba )
AMOUNT DEPOSITED….US$ 7,600.000.00
NEXT OF KIN…….Rania Hamza Bouba.

I am waiting to hear from you the response from the bank.
Thanks and be blessed .

Yours sincerely,
Miss, Rania Bouba.

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