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Report Fraud: List of Where To Report By Country

If you have been defrauded, the first thing is to report the theft, but many of us do not know where, and especially how it relates. Here we will give a list of where to report a scam or theft arranged countries:

List of Companies or Departments to Report Fraud

Report Fraud List by Country
Report Fraud

US: The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI )

Tel: 855-TEL-FBI  or  855-835-5324
More info about US Report Fraud can be Read Here…

CANADA: Canadian Anti-fraud Centre (CAFC)

Tel: 1-888-495-8501
More info about Canadian Report Fraud can be Read Here… 

EUROPA: European Anti-Fraud Office ( OLAF )

 European Commission switchboard+32-2-299.11.11
General Directorate+32-2-298.82.51
Directorate A – Investigation I
EU Staff, New financial instruments, Centralised expenditure, External aid
Directorate B – Investigation II
Trade customs fraud, Tobacco & Counterfeit goods, Agricultural & Structural funds
Directorate C – Investigation support
Workflow management, Training & Communication, Operational analysis & Forensics, Legal advice
Directorate D – Policy
Policy development, Fraud prevention, Inter-institutional & External relations, Strategic analysis, Reporting, Joint operations, Hercule
           More Info About European Report Fraud can be Read Here… 

UK:  Report Crime In England, Wales and Northern Ireland

        Most use site for report scam or theft in UK:
        Report Fraud: from
        Tel: 999
        Other useful phone numbers:
OrganisationTelephone number
Crimestoppers0800 555 111
Anti-terrorist Hotline0800 789 321
British Transport Police0800 40 50 40
Victim Supportline08 08 16 89 111
Action Fraud0300 123 2040
NSPCC Helpline0808 800 5000

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