Email Scam: Livex International Bank

This is an email received about “ Livex International Bank ” is a phishing scam and why not try to contact these people or log onto these sites and enter your data because you risk being stolen.


from:Mr. Alex Gidonou

Livex International Bank

date:Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 2:32 PM
subject:Greetings from Mr. Alex Gidonou
Livex International Bank
Livex International Bank

Good Day,

Greetings  from Mr. Alex  Gidonou. I am contacting you because I need a foreign partner to execute a project have been working on for the past twelve years. I am the Auditing and accounting director of Livex International Bank. I am writing in respect of one of our deceased foreign customer with account number 7016620987.

The Late Mr. Frederick Lloyd whom is one of the Directors of an oil company based in Benin Republic-West Africa, On Friday 26th December 2003, He was involved in a plane crash and unfortunately lost his life. Ever since then I have made several inquiries on the media to locate any of our clients extended relatives but my effort was not successful.


We have not received any official claim for his money US$5M (Five Million, USD) with my bank because he has no family members who are aware of the existence of the account nor the funds. I have secretly monitored his account opening files and all information’s are in my custody and disposal. The amount stated above has been in the custody of my bank branch for over 16 years. Please note that following our banking rules & guidelines here funds of this nature if remained unclaimed for a period of 16 years will be confiscated by the federal government but due to the high level of government corruption among our senior government official they will now divert the funds to private pocket instead of government purse so for this reason I have decided to grab this opportunity myself because have seen government take advantage of monies of this nature too many times.

On this note, since I have all the required details I decided to seek your consent so you can be presented as Next of Kin to the deceased so my bank can award the funds to your favor without any breach of the law. If you agree to be my partner in this project I will give you 40% of the total amount, then 10% will be donated to an orphanage home here in Benin while the remainder 50% will be for me.

Upon the receipt of your response, I will send you by fax or e-mail the letter of application which you will type, sign and send back to our bank to enable us start this project. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this business is hitch free and that you should not entertain any fear as all modalities for the smooth and easy transfer of this fund has been finalized, this transaction will be completed within five business days of receiving your response, after you apply to the bank as a relation to the deceased.

I look forward to your urgent response.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Alex Gidonou
Tel: +229 686 38901

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