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from:Mr. Abdul Maleek <>
to:Recipients <>
date:Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 3:14 PM

Financial Investment Plans did not encrypt this message
Financial Investment Plans
Financial Investment Plans

[mks_highlight color=”#ffffff”]Good day friend and how are you and family,

I am Idris Abdul Maleek, Citizen of Libya now in exile at Italy due to the political problems in Libya.
I am very interested in  investment and business ideas on hotel resorts/golf courses project in the USA,EUROPE,ASIA etc and I will suggest you also come up with plans to diversify part of the investment capital into the Transportation, real estate in addition to the hotels investment options if the returns on investment can be assured.

I feel you should be able to understand that such real estate and hotel investment are safe and less risky of loosing investment capital due to the appreciation of the property value as times goes by.
I need you to provide me with details investment info’s we can work on,This communication with you is private and should be treated as such to enable me continue with you further.
The capital available and reachable on my side is $200 million usd. However, if my investment scales through without betrayal of trust from your side, I can reach out to some friends that will need to have similar investment partnership.

For now, let us plan on what is available.

I will be ready to proceed further with you if we are able to reach a very clear understanding to Work together and protect each other interest without betrayal of trust.
This will involved the following agreements to be signed between us as follows:
a.            Investment and Trust Agreement
b.            Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
c.            None Disclosure Agreement

These agreements will serve as instrument of trusting binding us and protecting our mutual interest in the investment partnership.
I am ready to work in partnership with a very serious minded person that can turn investment capital in to profitable ventures that will endure for a long time in key sectors such as: Mining, Real estate, hotel, infrastructural investment, power and energy.

I have blocked investment capital up to the Sum of $200million USD in a security vault bank in the Netherlands.
This investment deal will be a good one if you open your sincere heart to handle this deal successfully by making yourself available to a meeting with my financial representative in Amsterdam to complete all formalities for the transfer of the investment funds to you as my trustee beneficiary partner.
Finally, this deal requires maturity of mind, sincerity of mind, honesty and trust between me and you to be able to proceed further.

We shall have an investment and trust agreement and MOU signed between me and you as trust covenant between me and you which will be legalized and notarized in Netherlands as a legal instrument protecting our mutual interest  before
the transfer of the investment funds from Netherlands to your country if we have to proceed further.

I want to be a silent investor due to my position in Libya past Government, I will need a very strong and capable partner to work with me that will be able to protect my political image and protect the investment from government interference.
Your ability to make plans to travel will go a long way in proving to me you are going to be a reliable ally moving forward.
As I have explained in my proposal to you, I will need you to use your good position to deploy the investment funds into proper investment funding and implementation in bringing the investment plans to reality for our mutual benefits.
I shall be interested to have more details on your plans to actualize these investment plans into reality, I shall send you the soft copies of the agreements to go through to initiate the process of  you coming to  Netherlands for the signing of the agreements
and transfer of investment funds.
I will like to know if you have the capacity to handle such foreign investment funds, invest and manage such investment to yield profit on investment, this is not underrating your ability, I just want us to be on the same page and work together to avoid any
mistake that will lead to challenges later on.

I required you to handle this partnership privately if we must continue, I do not want go into joint venture with a group of people due to the fact that, there must be a betrayal in a group, I will prefer to deal with you on an individual capacity.
Kindly forward the following that will be required to draft agreements:
a.          Your direct Mobile Number
b.          $200 million USD Investment plans
c.        Contact address
d.        Name of next of Kin

to my private e-mail

You are warmly welcome to work with me and you will be duly rewarded in this partnership venture.
I will be able to provide you with the contact details of my financial officer in Europe after your responds to this mail.

Thanks Yours Sincerely,
Best Regard,
Idris Abdul Maleek[/mks_highlight]

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