Email Scam Example: Zenith Bank Plc.

Zenith Bank Plc
Zenith Bank Plc

This is a fraudulent email from a theme “Zenith Bank Plc.“. Do not try to contact him by phone or email, you risk being cheated or robbed of her well-known tricks.


 Zenith Bank Plc. 


date:Sun, Apr 5, 2015 at 3:44 PM


Zenith Bank Plc.



Zenith Bank Plc
Zenith Bank Plc


Zenith Bank Plc.
84 Ajose Street
Victoria Island
Lagos, Nigeria.
Mobil line +234-812…5218
Office +234-701….268


This is the second time we are notifying you about this said fund. We hereby send to you the information submitted by Mr. John T. Kehoe U.S.A of California, with an application to receive your Award Payment of $10,000.000.00.on your behalf from this bank.

Please as a matter of urgency, you are required to verify the following information and inform us if you are aware or know anything about this. This morning Mr. John T. Kehoe came to the office claiming that you have instructed him to come and receive the payment on your behalf with some representatives.

I have ask them to come back tomorrow as they did not provide any power of an attorney from you which will proof that you thoroughly send them, This was to enable me contact you to verify how genuine this people are to you.

Firstly. Did you instruct one Mr. John T. Kehoe of 122 Fitch Way, Sacramento, Ca. 95864. whose information’s is below, to claim and receive the payment on your behalf?
Secondly. Did you sign any ‘Deed of Assignment’ in his favor thereby making him the current beneficiary with the following account details:

Account Name: Mr. John T. Kehoe Group Ltd,
A/C #USD114-25567-8,
Bank Name: Bank Of America
Swift Code: SCBL 11K111.

Finally, you are hereby advised to indicate to this honorable Bank with immediate effect, if you are the person that instructed Mr. John T. Kehoe to come for the claim of your fund worth of $10,000.000.00. NOTE: your full name and telephone number is needed for communications.
We wait for your call on +234-8120695218 or email at and urgent respond to this bank so that you will be giving an immediate

Yours sincerely,
Dr.James Ovia Glory.
Head of Operations.
Zenith Bank Plc

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  1. Dear Zenith Bank,
    I want to make a complain of a certain person or group of persons scamming people using Zenith bank account in doing scam, one of such is one Bisola Oladapo with phone number 08143594298 that claims to work with American embassy in Abuja that does travelling documents for people, after several discussions on phone, asked my friend, Lydia Mirilla Davies with phone number 08038914211 and with First bank account number 3024868689 to make some deposit of 74 thousand naira to a Zenith bank account number 2177194515 belonging to James Philibus on the 13th July 2017 (Zenith bank can verify), whom Bisola said is the visa processing officer, after this deposit was made and Lydia was asked to go to Abuja from Port-Harcourt where she lives for bio-metrics which she did on the 27 July 2017 which was the date giving my Bisola Oladapo, that was the end of hearing from Bisola Oladapo up until when this was written, she no longer picks her calls from Lydia or from me, in trying to get in touch with her, Lydia also went to American embassy in Abuja but was told there is no such person.
    I am making this complain because Zenith bank can also help in tracking down these fraud stars that are destroying the image of the country because they are using Zenith bank and maybe other bank accounts to perpetrate there crime, as I write this, this women has placed adverts on her facebook page and other websites of which people are responding to her messages and we do not know how many people has fallen to her trap and how many are going to fall after,
    Please, Zenith bank Should help in investigating this people by calling James Philibus to order and ask him what was the payment of 74 thousand naira paid on the 13th of July that was reported to Zenith bank was for?, Zenith Bank can also ask Lydia 08038914211 about the payment and what was it for?, I know Zenith bank should be wandering why is Lydia not making this complain herself?! I am practically involved in this because I sent her that money and was willing to take care of the rest travelling payments, Please I am pleading again, let us stop this criminals as we don’t know who else will be involved.
    I will upload proves of my sending the money to Lydia Mirilla Davies, Bisola Oladapo’s facebook page and other site and adverts on them showing her crime adverts and contact details.

    Bisola Oladapo Facebook site

    Bisola Oladapo other ad site (here she has changed her picture, but I uploaded the previous contact)

    Bisola Oladapo other ad site with different number

    Please also check for an uploaded screenshot of my bank wire to Lydia

    Francis Erekosima

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