Scam Email: Steve Wood

Yup, Tom – it’s a scam. Delete it and do not respond.

Hi Kathleen,

Its been 2 years since my last email about the scam I was in the middle of – and got out of with your help. I received another email yesterday from ‘Steve Wood’. The punctuation in his message is strange, and he only
answered one of two questions I first asked him, in his response. He didn’t tell me how he ran across my work:

*I want to have the beautiful painting (“name here”) purchased immediately for my wife as a gift for our anniversary.I’m presently on deployment in Afghanistan,so i have limited access to communication,i will only be able to respond through email at the moment. I would have personally appreciate to have it purchased in person and to meet with you could have also been a great privilege The price is totally acceptable by me $2,000  i’m sure its framed? i will authorized a check payment to you immediately i can get hold of your information,and i want it to be delivered as a surprise to our new home.Please consider the beautiful piece of the artwork sold to me.

However,you don’t have to worry about shipment,my shipper will handle it.I’ll notify my shipping agent who’s moving my belongings from our old home in Florida to get ready for the pickup of the artwork from your
address. I will appreciate if you can forward to me your Full details,(which you want the check payable to ) such as your Full name,contact address and mobile number.The payment will be sent to the address provided,i will not want any delay due to my inability to access to easy communication.I expect your prompt response.Thank you
Best Regards*

I’m not going to respond as I think its a scam. Two years ago, the other scammer spoke in an inflated way about my work, was unavailable to talk by phone, was ‘in transition’ between homes, has a ‘shipper’ who would handle delivery, and asking me for too much info… (who asks for a mobile number?). And the interest sounds ‘urgent’ and he doesn’t want ‘any delay’.

Your thoughts?

thanks, Tom

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