Romance Scammers – Adolfo Ferraro

Romance Scammers – Adolfo Ferraro

Adolfo Ferraro
Adolfo Ferraro
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First Name:Adolfo
Location:Italy, Milano
Birth Date:05-02-1972

Letter 1
asked me 460 euro for buying tickets to get to know me in Italy

Hello, my dear XXX!
My heart filled with joy when I read your letters! How are things?
You know yesterday I was talking to my girlfriend and I told her about you and what you write. I told her that I think I have feelings for you and I can not help it. I told her that I really want to see you, and supported me in this, because I think we need this meeting. What do you think of this? Write me please about it. I really want to come to you and I’m really ready for this, but I would like to know your opinion on this issue. Why I think this is a responsible decision, and we should go together. I’m old enough and I can decide myself. I can come to you and meet you. After the letters we wrote to each other, I’m pretty sure that you have for me. I like your way of thinking, I love everything you write and I like your attitude towards the values of life and of life. I just want to have a simple female happiness in this life. I just want to support and a bit ‘of love, affection and hope. I want to have a number of love and understanding man who always support me in difficult times and will be close to not happening. And because it seems to me that this man can be you! This is another reason why we should meet.
I understand that this is a very responsible and risky decision, but I think if a person wants to change his life, he must sacrifice something and not fear because fear prevents find themselves.
I’ll wait for your letter and I hope you answer me what
think about the fact that I wrote today. Yours, Svetlana.

Hello my beloved XXX!
Your letter, as usual adorned my day. I look forward to your letters and every morning I open my mailbox, hoping to see them your letter. Really have become a necessity for me.
How’s my XXX? They’re all good. My whole family sends you greetings.
Today we have one more day closer to our meeting and and just wonderful.
This morning I spoke to the work on my vacation I can take this already this month, as I told you. I think it would be wiser if first I’m going to travel agency and learn all the time and date and then I write an application for leave. I’ll try to go to the agency after work today or tomorrow morning. Then you will write all the information that I know.
I would have loved if you had told me how do you imagine our first meeting? I think this will be the most memorable moment. When our eyes met for the first time. From these thoughts, my heart stops and I have no breath.
I look forward to this day! And you?
I have long wanted to ask you to tell me about your traditions. how to spend your wedding and special traditions you have. I am very interested to know.
I can not write a lot today, I have to keep working and I
be waiting for your letter. I love you. Yours, Svetlana.

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