EMail Scam: Office of Barack Hussein Obama II President of the United States

Barack Hussein Obama
Barack Hussein Obama

This is an email received about “ Office of Barack Hussein Obama II President of the United States  ” is a phishing scam and why not try to contact these people or log onto these sites and enter your data because you risk being stolen.


Prof. William Bernard Dunn 


reply-to:Prof. William Bernard Dunn” <>
date:Sat, Apr 2, 2016 at 5:41 PM

Your welcome to office of Barack Hussein Obama

II President of the United States


Letter Scam:

Your welcome to office of Barack Hussein Obama II President of the United States.

Good day to you my dear , how are you doing today and also your family, I am writing to inform you that your total funds have been gathered up from all over the world by me Barack Hussein Obama II President of the United States to total sum of $87.6million which will be brought to your home and handed over to you in person with a lots of security personal signed by head of this country.

This order was signed by head of this country to help all citizens final make sure that everyone receive they belongs from all over the world and stop falling to the hands of the IMPOSTERS fraudsters Hackers Scammers which have been going on all over the world, we the government officials don’t want to see any of citizens fail to hands of the wrong people imposters anymore, that is why I decided to help gathered all your total funds from all over the world to total sum of $87.6million and it will be handed over to you in person by head of your state with a lots of security personal as soon as you send the needed charge to obtain the presidential permit order to enable you useable of your total funds in the country without any problem as that is only thing delaying you funds to be handed over to your so  you can be able to start making use of it without any delaying ok.

Your urgently  response will be highly needed once you receive this email so that I will give you the receiver information which you can use
to remit the payment to obtain the presidential permit order to allow you useable of your funds without any delaying OK.

Contact  Prof.William Bernard Dunn,

Your full name;=======
Your Delivering Home Address:=======
Home Phone Number:=========
Cell Phone Number:=======
Your country==========
Your home city======
E-mails Address:=======
E-mails Address ====
Your passport & Drive License:====
Your Monthly Income:=======
Date You Receive Monthly Income:====

Best Regard.
Prof.William Bernard Dunn, And Mr,Barack Hussein Obama
President of the United States,
and the first African American to hold the office.

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