Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder


  1. I was scammed by a guy named Scott Michael on messenger.Talked to him for about 7 months.He started saying he loved me even went as far as wanting to buy a house here where I live. He said he was a engineer and was working in Malaysia.He called me everyday and also texted. Twice he asked me for money but I never gave it to me. The person he was hacking was Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder. Course I was very upset but I’m not letting it ruin my life.These people are very dangerous I do believe I learned a huge lesson.I just want people out there to know when they start asking for money that’s a huge warning sign.Dont give them any.

  2. I agree with Nona\\\’s comment! I also had a Scott Michael called me for a long on Facebook. He was in the picture above. He traveled to Malajsia, said an engineer, and when he was there, he told me he could not use his MasterCard card and could not pay for his hotel And borrowed from me. Unfortunately, I trusted him and I made I send money from Western Union. All in all, $ 2,100, which he has not sent back until now. I was released from Facebook, and on that day, I myself deleted Facebook. Let me tell you here who reads, learn from it. I\\\’ll win a worthy punishment once. Whenever someone starts asking for money, stop the conversation immediately and never make any send money.

    • The fourth photo on the video is a pink umbrella and a striped shirt matches all the photos, next to the black man who stole the photo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h83Nek1L0UY
      Jánosné Nagy
      True not the person in the photo is the cheater! You have to watch the video!Néger people are the scammers!Néger people are using white people photos!Online people steal photos of white people from

      • Olde Vampyr The real scammer is often a black Young guy from some african countries or Malaysia.Ok,he shows himself as a white man? He says he is american,british or irish ….?No problem.Tell him to go to his embassy to explain his problem.You don’t have to help someone you don’t really know.You will never see him but you’ll lose money and soul.Always block them when they ask you if you’re married with children and what you do for living.Scammer will fall in love for you so fast;you will feel that no one loved you before like he loves you; sweet words,love songs,poetry,calling you princess,honey,sweetest wife….He will promise you marriage,to come and visit you,he will tell you he is rich,he will show you photos of box plenty of money but after that he asks for money because banks problem,his son is ill,his mother is dead etc….He will target your emotions so you can not resist to find solutions for him. this charming prince is really a devil from hell who wants only your money and to destroy you. He has Nothing to do with you in feelings.He has his own girl friend or a wife.Some of them work in couple,with chidren or in team 24h/24.He will call you everytime,taking your time to do Something else.A DEVIL.The real man in profile is innocent,in love,want to live peacefully with his family.Uwe H is not on any dating site or Fb. Please share to educate each other because many women are still falling. Thank you very much.

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