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    @FrankJamesMoor1 this gentleman told me to be an American soldier in Afghanistan and after that he asked me to send money to his son because he did not have the mother at this address HERE IS MY INFORMATION YOU CAN SEND IT HERE
    Name: Jamal Charles
    Country: USA
    State: Pennsylvania
    City: Folcroft
    Zip code: 19032

  • Was involved with a man named Derrick Lee Smith who was stationed in Africa. He told me he shot someone and needed money for a lawyer. I have sent him money several times. Then he needed money for flight home to me. Sent him money. His lawyer contacted me, (Thomas Marty) telling me he had been arrested for carrying cocaine across border lines for a friend and didn’t know it was in his bag. Me and mom send money. Wasn’t enough he was sent back to Africa to jail. They found the man who planted the drugs. He needed money to come home. He contacted me two days later saying he was in Jail in Asheville Police Dept NC and needed money. I didn’t give right away because I didn’t have at the moment. A month later I gave him money. He was asposed to get out and pay me the money on 5/24/18. Last I heard from him. I called and texted. Never returned my calls. I called his lawyer he said he would check into it. He never got back to me. I texted him telling him he and Derrick were scammers and God will punish them. He texted me back threatening me I will go to jail for talking to him like that. I lost a lot of money that Derrick said he would pay me back. DO NOT EVER GIVE MONEY TO A MAN IN THE MILITARY. IT”S A SCAM.

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