Financial Fraud, Scam and Identity Theft



  1. Mike says

    I am online now with a girl who claims she is actually Natalie Sparks, she hasn’t ask for money and has sent me pictures I can’t find anywhere on the internet, we video chatted and she held up a piece of paper she wrote in front of me with my name on it. At this time I will not share her name, but I called her out as a scammer but denies it, says she don’t want any money from me. Although I can’t find anything about her because she is in Accra, Ghana. But she claims to be under UN protection because she is half lybian and her father and mother where killed because they where Christians during the over through of kadaffi. How can I verify this stuff. I have a address, but no way of looking it up.i have phone numbers and can’t look them up. This girl has a tattoo on her foot, tongue piercing, boobs and navel piercings piercings and is an exact match for Natalie Spark

  2. Serjio Holguin says

    Mike , I have a similar story . Stilldo not know for sure . I also have a name and whereabouts of this person . I still speak with her every now and then . I have pics that are not on the internet . I also have contact with another individual who says the same we both are staying . Nimitzlasotla1@gmail . Contact me so we can discuss stories . I’m just searching for the truth

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