1. My friend has been talking to someone on the internet now for a few months and they saying they are Robert Abrams! He has scammed money out of her a few times and since I have pulled up this information and confronted her with it she chooses to believe he really exist. I am here to tell anyone that is going through this to please please open your eyes! This Mr. Robert Abrams has no idea that this is going on. He probably has a family and would never think this is going on but unfortunately it is! Please do not be taken by these people!

    • Lol I had a friend talking to him on tango to. I tried to tell her he wouldn’t have to be on tango to talk to someone

    • Essa pessoa diz estar no Iraque e me enganou por alguns dias. Mas eu quero alertar aquelas mulheres que estao se comunicando com ele para nao continuar a conversa porque ele pode ser uma fraude.

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