LT. Jeffrey Miller 8

LT. Jeffrey Miller 8

LT. Jeffrey Miller


  1. This picture was being used again in the name of Gen.Miller Nick David William being stationed and had a mission in UN for peace keeping at Syria.claiming that he is the one who ownes this picture and communicating with my friend for about 3 mos.from now and they having a relationship that will end to marriage after he was being out on the mission on coming nov.30th of this year.He did alot of promises to my friend and he use his 2 kids to ask money for support of his children to my friend.I wanna help my friend coz she is being victimized by the person name Gen.Miller Nick David William.He is using this picture of Lt.Jeffrey Miller

  2. Hi. How can I denounce this person? He has communicated with me, has said romantic words and has promised to send many things of value to me. but the worst thing is that I have believed in your words and send all my personal information.

  3. This picture is used not only Facebook but also in languages chatting places.”in hallopal “and “speaky”Scammer use micahel Miller name and andrew Miller .Scammer Said ı have a boy whose name is Alex.ı need money for him.scammer is from friend did not give money thank God.please be careful.

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