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    Tarja Aakula says:

    The man name Alfred Christian, took contact to me in Facebook. He asked me to be his friend. I looked his profile and he felt nice man. But then he started to asked money from me. He said that he is the soldier of USA army, and he is in Yemen. He wanted that I send money to him, because he is in Yemen at the state of war and he didn’t get money there. He asked me that I took some parcel, what he is going to send to me. In the parcel, was his money which he want to send away from Yemen. He needed some money that the custom could send it to me, it needs some yellow mark. I asked him to send me more pictures from himself, and then appear the pictures of this LT Jeffrey Miller, so I said to him that, this are not your pictures, because his profile picture is quite different, little same looks but not same. He sent to me even some card of army, where is this Miller’s picture.
    I think that this is so so cruel to steel somebody’s profile. This Miller looks like a very nice man. So it is very wrong to use his pictures.
    I said to this man, who ever he is, that I find out that those are not his pictures. But even after this he continue his lies, but I do something if I should know what I do.
    Sorry my bad English, because it’s not my native language

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    Alma Rosales says:

    i started a friendship with a man called Robert Miller he todl me he is military man. but i dont know where is at now. we just talk in Skype at this time he sent me pic from him an his son, but i saw the pic was handled with photo shop. and i start looking his pic at Google and i found his pic are from Lt. Jeffrey Miller and now i am in shock, He never ask me for money, but i think he was sincere about our friendship.


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