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Gen. William B. Caldwell-10

Gen. William B. Caldwell

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  1. I just learned about William B Cardwell, alias Cardwell B William as the name he used on my Facebook page, which was public, as was some of my personal info, namely the town I live in, and my age. He claims he is stationed in Afghanistan now, was widowed 10 yrs ago when his wife died giving birth to his daughter, who also died. He said he has 1 son age 13. He says he lives in Los Angeles, California. He asked me what country I lived in, where was I born, where do I live now, how old am I? He said he is 62. And he had an odd structure of sentences I saw that there is nothing listed under friends, but 9 names and pictures under Likes and 5 under Groups, all are arabic. Before I learned of all this today, on Sat night I started a 24 hr Malwarebytes scan and updates at which my computer was not usable. This morning I was pleased to see that the only thing that was missing was all contact with this person.

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