Insurance Fraud and Class-Action Lawsuits

We take out insurance policies to protect ourselves and our families in the eventuality of a serious accident or injury. In a certain sense, insurance is a form of gambling: you’re betting a company that something bad will happen, and they’re betting against it. So it is especially egregious when an insurance company rigs the table, so to speak.

Insurance companies are often large, national, or even multi-national companies. In many cases, they’re controlled by private shareholders. Like all big companies, their goal is profits. And the sad truth of the matter is that you don’t make profits by giving out a lot of money. Some insurance agencies deliberately act in underhanded, unscrupulous ways to deny legitimate claims and avoid payouts.

Preventing Fraud

Denying legitimate claims made by policyholders amounts to fraud – and, as such, is illegal. Some of the most common ways insurance providers take advantage of their customers include:

  • Failing to provide necessary coverage
  • Improper or illegal charges
  • Refusing to pay claims

If you’ve been the victim of insurance company greed, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the company. However, the odds are good that a large company has taken advantage of many people in similar ways. If this is the case, you and other people who have been wronged in similar ways may be able to file a class action. Large-scale class actions may be better able to secure justice for everyone who has been similarly hurt by the company.

Discussing your needs with an experienced class-action attorney may be the best start to filing a large-scale lawsuit against an insurance company guilty of fraud.

To learn more about class actions and how they can hold guilty insurance companies accountable for their actions, read more…

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