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This is an email received about “ UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION COMMISSION ” is a phishing scam and why not try to contact these people or log onto these sites and enter your data because you risk being stolen.


United Nations Organisation

UNCC Secretariat, Villa La Pelouse, Palais Des Nations 8-12 Avenue de la Paix 1211 Geneva 10, swistzerland.

Our Ref: UNCCORG/849IMF/2016

Your Ref: RBC-04INTRA-801TT

Dear Fund Beneficiary / Email Address Owner R



We wish to notify you as a beneficiary in compensation of USD$2,000,000.00 (Two Million United States Dollars). We, the authorized governing body of the United Nations Monitory unit has been authorized to investigate the unnecessary delay on your payment, recommended and approved in your favour by the United National Security Council.

During the course of our investigation, we discovered with dismay that your payment has been unnecessarily delayed by corrupt officials of the previously appointed paying bank who were making effort to divert allocated funds into their private bank accounts. To prevent this, security of funds has been organized in the form of a Personal Identification Number (Pin) ATM CARD. This will enable only you to have direct control over your funds with the ATM CARD. We will monitor your payment by ourselves to avoid any repetition of the hopeless situation created by the officials of the previous paying banks. An irrevocable paying guarantee has been i ssued by the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for your payment.

The United Nation Compensation Commission(UNCC) was created in 1991 as a subsidiary organ of the United Nation Security Council under Security Council resolution 687(1991) to process claims and pay compensation for the losses and damages suffered as a direct result

of Iraq’s unlawful invasion amd occupation of Kuwait in 199 0-91. Their first meeting held on the 8 th of April 2003.

You can view this page for your perusal

Hitherto, the United Nation Compensation Commission have received all the overdue outstanding payment owed to the following: firm, Contractors, Inheritance, Next of Kin, supper hurricane Sandy and Lottery beneficiaries that originated from Africa, Europe, America, Asia including Middle East. Your payment have been approved to be credited in your favour through ATM VISA CARD which will be sent to you by courier delivery service. Your email address was randomly selected from Kuwait and USA databases which qualify you to lodge your claim for payment of USD$2,000,000.00. You are therefore advice to contact your case-appointed UNCC Claim Manager below, to begging the process of filling your claim and payment of funds through your ATM Card.

Mrs. Caroline Hussein

Email Direct Office lines: +27845561729 Direct Fax Line: +27867501027

Note importantly, that your case Reference Number: UNCCORG/8491IMF for your payment falls under the USA-Euro-Asia-Africa geographic payment zoning (UEAA1). Therefore your payment, when processed under the UEAA1 geographic payment zoning in Johannesburg South Africa United Nations Branch, will be executed by our treasury allocation of funds to an appointed paying bank in USA. Your money will be paid out to you in a VISA/MASTERCARD Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Card by the appointed paying bank in USA.

You are advised to contact the UNCC Claims Manager immediately you receive this notice to file for your funds claim and payment through delivery of other part of the world, but the maximum withdrawal amount per day on the card is USD$5000. As a matter of urgency, please contact Mrs. Caroline Hussein and file for your payment with the information as stated below.

  • 1 Beneficiary’s Full Name ………………….
  • 2 Sex: ………………………………………………
  • 3 Date of Birth: …………………………………
  • 4 Nationality: ……………………………………
  • 5 Occupation: …………………………………..
  • 6 Physical Address: …………………………..
  • 7 Telephone Number: ………………………..
  • 8 Private E-mail Address: …………………..
  • 9 Total Compensation Amount: USD$2,000,000.00
  • 10 Copy of Identity Document (Passport ID, National ID Card or Drivers license)

We expect your urgent confirmation and response to this email as directed to enable the UNCC monitor your payment effectively. Congratulations.

With best compliments,

Steve Connelly

United Nations Compensation Commission.

We the people…..A stronger UN for a better world


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