Email Scam: PayPal Intruder Detection

PayPal Intruder Detection
PayPal Intruder Detection
PayPal Intruder Detection
PayPal Intruder Detection

This is an received is a scam and why not try to contact these people or log onto these sites and enter your data because you risk being .


Dear Valued Customer, Unauthorized access has been detected in your .Unfortunately, due to this event, our system has limited the access to your account.Account Limitations prevent you from completing certain actions with your account, such as withdrawing, sending, or receiving money.These limitations are implemented when we see unusual or suspicious activity to help protect both PayPal buyers and sellers.Please verify your account by completing the form which is attached in this email. By doing this, restrictions in your account will be lifted.We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you,
PayPal Security Team


Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”Verification.html”

Email analysis :

+ accounts@paysrv.com
+ X-Mailer : Evolution 2.0.159426
+ Content-Type : multipart/mixed; boundary=”–31890″
+ Mime-Version : 1.0
+ Received : from 68-116-17-190.static.knwc.wa.charter.com
+ (HELO mail.westernmaterials.com) (
+ Received : from ([])
+ by mail.westernmaterials.com

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