Briana Lee


  1. Tofic Sulley from the netherlands was trying to scam me for her papers to leave her country and come to me for the amount of $2,500.00 to come to me in Hawaii using briana lee’s the porn star pictures to entice me, but I didn’t fall for it thank God!

  2. I was attempted by Tofic Sulley from Holland, the Netherlands 36yr old woman or who ever was on the other end! her birthday is 1/1/1980 her email is to pay the amount $2,500.00 she attempted to scam me for this money to pay for her papers, the documents to leave Holland legally ha and come to me in Kona, Hawaii by using Brianna Lee’s pictures to entice me in sending the money to her in which before knowing who I was dealing with, I actually fell in love with her! thankyou Brianna for being that fictious babe I fell in love with nd cried over many x’s until one day David Lovejoy, my most xcellent friend nd software technician disclosed who I was really dealing with I was being scammed by Tofic Sulley … and her uncle Michel Fosu Mensah who was going to pick up the cash at a Western Union location in Rentilin Holland because Tofic Sulley has no Id. no phone, nd no address just a mum Elizabeth Sulley and a computer as her evil weapon…

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