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  1. Yep, She tried me. Same story pretty much. Sent pics, promised her love in marriage. Using the name Jodi Mary Vandewerken email. jodimary21@yahoo.com. Story about needing to fly overnight to Nigeria to negotiate the recovery of millions of dollars worth of gold. Must have $12K to pay for demurrage. Then she is stuck there in a room with bedbugs and needs $400.00 to upgrade her room. Next she needs access to my bank account to receive a deposit from her attorney. Needs full access and passwords the whole works. She claims to be a fashion designer. Never will use the telephone, has every excuse in the book why not to. Only communicates via text. Won’t do video chat either. Hates to be told “no”. Can’t handle no or rejection. Has to be in control. Will cuss you out in a second if you second guess her or refuse her. You are selfish and don’t trust her. You are like all other men. Her ex beat her and stole all her money she claims. Her phone number 661-468-9835 is GPS located to Los Angeles area when she claims to be in Africa. The poor girl who’s identity she stole is from Michigan. She says that is where she is from to begin with. That her Facebook got hacked. She really wants to remain isolated from anyone. She is, for fact,a porno queen. When confronted when couldn’t take to BS any longer she claimed she was seriously wanting out of the world she was trapped in as a hustler romance con and fraud con along with her porno shit. That she was ready to get straight. Then continues to need to get the gold and needs your account info still. Not worth the key depressions! She is a good looking girl for a full figured woman.

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