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Othеr organisations уоu саn report scams to:

Local consumer protection agencies

Whіlе thе ACCC іѕ thе national agency dealing wіth general consumer protection matters, state аnd territory agencies аlѕо play аn important role іn fighting scams.

Comments 86

  1. Cynthia Lunsford says:

    Romance scammer now on LinkedIn by the name of Clarence Rodriguez. Requested connection to communicate in a different method due to LinkedIn being a professional website. I told him we could communicate through Skype. Yet before I’d accept his Skype request I had a question. I asked him what was his intentions, what was he looking for. Was he looking for a friend, a companion or someone to help with financial needs. That I was available with only one of the above. His answer was most of friends. I asked him what is most of friends? His reply: I meant best of friends. Then asked if that was a convincing answer. I told him convincing came in time. He hasn’t responded back or sent his request through Skype Beware!!! Alot of scammers out there. More than those of honesty.


    I have been scammed out of thousands of euros by a guy who calls himself Michael Scott who actually is Jason Jordan. I really believed I was helping this guy Met this guy on POF dating site, me being in Spain and he supposedly in New York thought no harm could be done chatting with him. How wrong I was? Have all details of whom and where monies were sent, names and addresses to. I will survive but want to prevent others being taken in by this ‘romeo’ scammer.

  3. Diana says:

    Scammer on behalf of James (Curtis) Scaporrotti sends letters from e-mail

  4. mia Dieteren says:

    Scammer Robert Kave.
    He use the picture from Raymond Chandel.
    His email adres is.

  5. Barbara says:

    This was my first timeattorney ever go on on-line which is,, and phishing.
    I met these guys and they are Mike Kelly who says he’s on a peace mission in Syria. This mike kelly ask to send an iTunes card. Another guy name David Cooper, whose into construction, he says he was so excited for being awarded in Cape town, Africa. He ask me to send money due to his luggage being lost/stolen and he need to buy a laptop, cell phone, and tools that were stolen.
    Last guy is Jenkins Moses William’s or all those sweet loving words and promises me he will l fly out to visit me, but before he can come out to vial, he ask for money that the United Nation is holding for him.. it must be paid before he visits me. All these 3 names are scammers! Beware ladies!

  6. Ciara says:

    Scammer going by the name Calvin Abraham, Romance scam, pretends he is in the military and needs leave permit money. He is now scamming someone who thinks they are in love and planning to meet soon and has received thousands of dollars from this person. Uses email account: He has convinced this lady to send money to some mystery man who supposedly is his commander named KITTISAK PAAIKUN residing in Bangkok Thailand.

  7. Nadine says:

    Ik ben opgelicht door deze zogezegd en Larry Mac Frost.
    Ben gevallen voor deze goed uitziende man en wou het wel proberen met hem. Na een poosje kwam hij in de problemen en vroep of ik hem helpen kon. Ik twijfelde maar deze man wis’t me toch steeds te overtuigen. Alles heb ik hem gegeven . Zelf meer. Ga nog jaren leiden door deze bedrieger.
    En nog steeds denk ik aan hem. Mi’s ik hem en ween ik om hem.
    Ben ik dan zo achterlijk.? Ben nu zeer ongelukkig .

    • nadine nowak says:

      Yes is there a place where I can reported al the information I have.
      Maybe so we can punishing the person’s ho doing this.
      Ime in big financier probleemstelling now.
      How helps me.

  8. Lyndal gill says:

    I have important information to give regarding the true identity of the gen peter pace scammer for 1 and no doubt relating to others. Hopefully someone contacts me

  9. paula says:

    met him thru fb and became friends . we communicated for a while and then he said he got contract to work in Cambodia.
    when he was in Cambodia, he asked me to help him so govt will release his money. He promised to pay me and i believed him with his sweet convincing words. HIs name is Manuel Bayanai. from sweden. He even gave me his US passport. Now i saw his profile picture in fb as Ben Molenbrugge from Neitherlands. I hope he will be catched and put to jail or hope his picture will be displayed all over. he is enjoying the money he scammed from me who worked so hard to live a comfortable retired life. now im homeless because of this scammer. Is there a place to post his picture online? so his family will know that he is a scammer , feeding food to his family from a scammed money

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