Sgt. Maj. Raymond F. Chandler

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    Patricia Beswick says:

    Hello since March this year some one using Sgt Raymond Chandlers photographs to write to me, I’ve been totally scammed,but it isn’t over yet, I’m doing my best to trap on of the cohorts, supposedly helping theCaptain Jerry Parker, that’s the name he’s using, to rescue documents he posted in error? And in order to explain how this request got to me, I must tell you my late husband was a full Colonel in the British army, he served over 26 years, and whenever he could he sent aid to soldiers and sailors etc , and since his death I’ve tried to continue to help,so it isn’t some blonde bimbo looking for a date? But his emails were very ordinary at first , then became very romantic so the tale is still ongoing so I will report what happens as soon a s possible


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