Janessa Brazil-13

Janessa Brazil-13

Janessa Brazil


  1. I know this woman ! I talk to her every day for the past 6 months. She admits she is Jenassa Brazil porn star. She is living in Ghana! The name I know is fake but she won’t give me the real name . I’ve had to find out about her mostly by myself, porn career , etc. she claims to be dead broke! I’ve seen and talked to her on webcam and without a doubt it is Jenassa. She did the same show as when she was doing web shows for the world. Admitted doing the Howard Stearn show. So it’s her. She is just trying to come to the US. How much she is telling me is lies or the truth I’m still trying to find out!

  2. mmmm this woman will not go on web cam with me. as of today she says she is in germany. and can not leave until pay a surgey bill. also she and i are married so she tells me. mmmmm scammer

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