Financial Fraud, Scam and Identity Theft



  1. Frances Partin says

    This man calls himself James Barry or Barry James tried to scam money from me he goes after women make them fall for him then its them for money. I hope he is found and put away. He told me that he was station in Yemen and found a chest of money and he had a person name Steve Noble to tell me how much I should send for the chest to keep it safe for him. That sent a red flag and I started to wonder if he is for real now I know he is not I don’t know how people be mean to still another person identify you need to put this on all network like Facebook, you tube, Twitter and other places that you could worn Women about this guy. I hope they find this person who is using this person identify and put him far away.

  2. Mary J Perkinson says

    I have been talking to this man he seems he is not who he says he is

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