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    Dora Rivera says:

    I was scared threw a Nigerian man 25 years old his name is China Ogwo, he was using stolen pictures as Christian Coican in our 6 month Facebook friendship he scammed me out of 33,000.00 US dollars. After I said to him someone send me a link with the real Christian coican he admitted he was not that person but his name is China Ogwo from Lagos Nigeria, his phone number is +234-708-3662420 he uses FBI still but with a different name of Charlton Olimpio, FB /Ogwo 1 I have reported him to the FBI and was directed to you. I also have his Lagos bank of Nigeria bank account. Could you contact me my name is Dora River 210-725-8665 San Antonio, Texas I have much more information on him, and a check I didn’t cash for him.


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