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  1. Beranrdo Patino says

    This woman Cindy Renee Volk. Aria Giovanni, was presented me by Skype and Face Book. as Gifty Osei Agyei. A poor woman living in Accra Ghana, said to be of South African nationality, His greatest desire was to emigrate from Ghana to Norway by the lack of employment and he was suffering, without money to eat, I help you supposedly requested Gifty employment visas and stay in Norway as a nurse, I will send money for all that, however, Cindy pued eviajara not for Norway’s lawyer said his late padr she had a legacy of 52kg of gold, and he had to fight a Security Copañia, also pay taxes to the State of Ghana.yo help for all that, says the money after d ela sale of gold was deposited in Canada, Roya Union Bank. 1`845.000.oo euros. Account which was frozen by the government of Ghana, as Cindy had to pay a couple to unfreeze the account license and so to travel to Norway.
    I sent the money for all that I pay the license, after saying goodbye he travels to Norway 3/10/2015, via Istanbul. but I remain akli in Turkey that no plane had to continue the trip to Norway. That was mentirdos weeks after Cindy appears with a new story that had been taken hostage and that all dienro pay all of his inheritance to his life. between the kidnappers allegedly a cousin Emannuel Agyei.Ella she now says that I have to send money for her to make a report to the police in Accra, because she now lives in Kumasi away from his kidnappers who want to kill her now. total dimer I sent to Aria Giovanni was more than 27.000.oousd. She has always been rather in the chat room via Skype. for six months will always be fun like many bathing words love cooking, I never speak only wrote, note that she was busy with other people, PUE saw I had two monitors and two pc. This I saw in the end, she works pornography webcam.
    report this complaint I am waiting send and response, Aria Giovanni, housed in California at: Fregsia ct. Crown. CA 92880. she works as a hook to catch their victims and discuss similar situations according to documentation that you have are very similar, but has contact with a man and a woman in Ghana, man is Emannuel cousin whom I send money transferred your name Aria Giovanni agreement stated.But also it told me to call her, but answered a woman with African English accent and only woman does not talk much. Simpre Aria told me that she is not Amaricana she is South African, who lives in Ghana. but IP193.71.109.176 IS USA. Ghana.Asi, not that this is an organized gang with Aria Giovanni. I hope this woman is soon arestada and transfer my money as promised.

  2. Anthony Hughes says

    this woman is a honey trap of a small gang of romance scammers in accra Ghana. currently using the name Rebecca Aweh from North Kaneshie, Accra. She uses numerous alias names and demands money for all sorts of excuses. she is very professional at what she does. from 2000 to 2016 she is a nude porn star using the false profile of Aria Giovanni speaks english with African accent BEWARE and never never send her any money if anyone has facility of publising this evil woman please do so everywhere.

  3. Mike C says

    Hi, I wonder the name Winnie Badagbor of Accra, Ghana. Using a Norway passport and an email is part of the scam? She she was caught as a former porn star by the name Aria Giovanni. Trying to escape that lifestyle and lived there to start fresh. After realizing, it’s not exactly the country to be at. She’s using Yellow website and her way to communicate is whatsapp.

    1. FraudsWatch says

      Maybe the name is true, but email is a bit too “friendly”, that in our statistics show that it is a scammer

  4. Tom says

    This bad woman tell me and my colleagues nearly the same story, we gave hear a little bit money, after the last transfer she was never available. She mad documents frauds, passport frauds an much more. She was present in the past on
    whatsapp as cynthia abena, this name was also on his passport and visa fake.
    She told only wrong stories. She is a criminal guy and we will find her and punish her very strong.

    1. bernardo patino says

      [09.46.53] GiftyBrooks: ok just send me the 300 dollars so I can release the money okay so if I pay them now I will get the money from bank and make the bank transfer money to you
      [09.51.09] bernardo Patino: But I do not understand that, if you have money to transfer money for me, you do not need money to do it, because you want to say that your bank account has you money, I’m telling the truth I do not have money because ahun I’m paying your money. I do not use it will send to you all my Money wow .

      1. Derrick Aylward says

        Sir I am replying to your comment.I have been in contact with a lady from mampong, Ghana claiming to be Aria Giovanni but has now changed her name to Nazifa Nuhu she says she is born again Christian. I have paid thousands to have her fly to me in Canada. And this person does use Skype and she now has no way of caring for her living situation, I don’t know what to believe cause the photos that she sent I have seen on scammer websites. Sje claims people are using her photos.

  5. Derrick Aylward says

    I have met a lady by the same name Aria Giovanni, she goes by the name Nazifa Nuhu, lives in Mampomg, Ghana. She said she was born again Christian. I have sent thousands cause she hasn’t been able to live. She said that we were married, even showed the marriage certificate I need to if it is her or not she wants me to buy her visa and ticket. Her email address is

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