Alice Miller -10

Alice Miller -10

Alice Miller Lia19 aka Lia Leah


  1. a scammer from ghana tryed for months to scam me romance stuff i e mailed her back none stop with her name full id others useing these photos much more after weeks she gave in. and was more worryed about being black mailed i sent her tons of fake ids pas ports more untill the scammer gave in finnaly

  2. I was scammed by someone using pictures of Alice Miller. In total I lost $67K. There were two sets of pictures in the second set were not Alice Miller but closely resembled her. This individual could not be identified. The scam lasted about 4 months.
    They used the name of Rose Jacklyn or Rose Jacklin. The e-mail addresses were and There was also a man pretending to be a detective working out of the U. S. Embassy. His name used was Bill Anderson with e-mail being

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