Abigail Abbey


  1. Beatrice Abban Sibirm is also using pictures of this girl. She’s from Accra Ghana and has just recently sent me a number of photos including naked pictures. She claiming to be in school for nursing and working at a military hospital in Accra Ghana. I hope you add this information to your site to help others avoid getting scammed. Ron

  2. Lizzy Doe is also a scammer from Accra Ghana. She also uses Elizabeth Doe, Elizabeth Dosu, Elizabeth Yaa Doe but I believe her full name is Asemusah Elizabeth Dosu Kafui. She uses different people’s pictures and claims that she uses them to avoid getting scammed herself. I can send in one of those pictures and a real picture of herself.

  3. She use name lovely Abigal she ll call you her husband and convince you that she love you and wanted to spend time with you she good at het game. So beware

  4. I think A woman calling herself Beatrice Abbey must be the same person, she works with her mother in Ghana in the market and got very friendly with me even talking about marriage.

  5. this one is also stella curtis and stella acurtis she send dani daniles pioctures dani is a adult starshe cliams to have a nursing degree and passport all photo shopped same thing pormises she will come to you. This one uses other peoples picture her sentence structure is as if she is a foriener.

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