Scam Email: James Chavez

type=”html”>Yes, even someone who hosts a blog and Facebook page about scammers, warning people how not to fall victim, receives these stupid emails as well.

To entertain myself, I removed the name of my art piece from the subject line and replied and asked which piece they were interested in. Now they won’t be able to match what they said before. They may decide who cares and just pick another piece and see if I fall for it. Obviously I won’t.

So I wonder to myself – are we all getting smarter? Are we googling names and emails before we send anyone money for any reason (particularly when WE are the seller!)? Are we making the scammer’s life a harder one?

While I ponder this, here is the email I just received:

From: james chavez (
Subject: [Name of Piece] 

My name is James chavaz from south carolina. I actually observed my wife
has been viewing your website on my laptop and i guess she likes your piece
of work, I’m also impressed and amazed to have seen your various works too,
: )  You are doing a great job. I would like to receive further information
about your piece of work and what inspires you.

I am very much interested in the purchase of the piece (in subject field
above) to surprise my wife. Kindly confirm the availability for immediate
Thanks and best regards,

In so many ways these emails haven’t change over the years. Lately, it’s a little less about them moving to some obscure country or that they are out of the country on “assignment” but you’ll always know it’s a scam if they overpay the amount (saying some scenario about a shipper) and ask the “difference” be sent via wire transfer. Your transferred money will be good but their money will be a counterfeit check or stolen credit card. That’s the crux of the scam. They could care less about your art and they disappear with your money long before it even gets to the shipping stage.

So never accept over-payments, no matter what and NEVER ever ever wire money to anyone when you are the seller. No matter what their story is.

‘Nuff said.

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