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Learn how to defend yourself from credit card fraud with guidance, information and our examples. How to report a scam or a theft of credit card.

ATM Scams Types And Preventions

ATM scams are a type of fraud that involves stealing a person’s ATM card details or personal identification number (PIN) while using an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). The criminals use various tactics to obtain the information, including skimming, card trapping, cash trapping, and phishing. These scams can result in the loss of money from a person’s bank account or identity theft. Avoid ATM Scams Here are some tips on how to avoid falling victim to ATM scams: Be aware of your surroundings When using an ATM, make sure to be aware of your surroundings. Look out for any suspicious activity ... Read more

Free Annual Credit Report – Avoid Fraud – Tips and FAQ’s

When obtaining your Government Free Annual Credit Report, you may not realize that identity theft is closely related to Credit Reports – so you need to guard yourself before you become another victim of the fastest growing crime in America. There are many scams on the net that you need to know, have you heard about Triangulation? or how impostor websites will trick people into providing their credit card details. Let’s have a look at some of the typical tell tail signs of Internet Identity Theft. Credit Report – Avoid Fraud Bills and statements are arriving late or not arriving ... Read more

2 Cases of Credit Card Fraud

Twо people wіth nо apparent ties tо thе community, suspected оf buying thousands оf dollars іn gift cards using stolen credit card information, hаd thеіr alleged criminal activity соmе tо аn еnd оutѕіdе Sam’s Club оn Ken Bale Boulevard – thаt describes twо unrelated investigations thаt occurred 10 months араrt thіѕ year іn Bowling Green. Credit Card Fraud Thе earlier case led tо federal criminal charges аgаіnѕt Noslen Guerra аnd Julio Simon, а pair оf Cuban nationals frоm Florida. Court documents link thе pair tо $71,000 іn illegal purchases іn Bowling Green аnd elsewhere. Guerra, whо wаѕ arrested wіth Simon ... Read more

New Credit Cards Its Not Safe 100%

NEW MICROCHIP-ENABLED CREDIT CARDS MAY STILL BE VULNERABLE TO EXPLOITATION BY FRAUDSTERS By October 2015, many U.S. banks will have replaced hundreds of millions of traditional credit and debit cards, which rely on data stored on magnetic strips, with new payment cards containing a microchip known as an EMV chip. While EMV cards offer enhanced security, the FBI is warning law enforcement, merchants, and the general public that no one technology eliminates fraud and cybercriminals will continue to look for opportunities to steal payment information. What is an EMV credit card? The small gold chip found in many credit cards ... Read more

Credit Card Fraud: Avoid When Paying Online

  Credit Card Fraud Credit Card Internet Fraud is one of the most common crimes in cyber space today. It can be as simple as being charged for a dollar online purchase and then the merchant using the card to charge other purchases. This is much easier for a thief than the old fashioned way of actually stealing the credit card and account details. It affects not only the card holders, but the merchants as well. Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are lost to fraud. As well as business, for example: some people may shy away to charging ... Read more

Credit Card Fraud: How To Prevent?

Credit Card Fraud Prevention Credit card fraud has recently grown at an alarming rate around the globe, with online transactions accounting for a high percentage of fraudulent purchases. In fact, online credit card fraud is expected to increase to an estimated $190 billion by 2014, according to financial experts. This is a worrying statistic considering the detailed research and efforts from major credit card companies such Visa, and MasterCard to prevent this fraud. Credit card fraud is typically defined as the purchasing of a product or service from personnel not connected or associated with the specific credit card making the ... Read more

Different Types of Credit Card Fraud

  Credit Card Fraud Credit card fraud is one of the biggest loss concerns in a bank. The frauds are usually performed by a group of people either using counterfeit credit cards to cheat unsuspecting merchants or in collaboration with the merchants to cheat the banks. This group of people who performed fraud is known as fraud syndicates. Types of frauds There are many types of frauds that have identified by the banks. To ease the efforts of fighting fraud, they are classified into various categories by their natures 1. Counterfeit cards Counterfeit credit card transactions are one of the ... Read more