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Miss Melissa Annan – Letters

From: <>

Email 01:

Hello Dearest,

My name is Miss Melissa Annan ,I’m 26 years single and never married before,I’m from Libya but presently residing at Senegal Refugee camp seeking for asylum as a result of war that was fought in my country which claimed many life’s in my country,
I’m from family of three ,My Father my Mother and me though they are now late remaining only me,I really like you and will like to meet you someday if you will like to move along with me as i am an orphan and do not have any one  around me,I lost my parents during the war in my country,Rebels attacked our home in a mid-night and killed my Father and my mother Gen Ahmed ANNAN and my mother Mrs  Bagana,i pray that their souls may rest in peace…..Amen,
I am living today is because i was living in school during the war, I lost every thing including my close relatives during the war.I was able to ran to this country Senegal through the help of red cross team under the united nation high commission
there is something very important that i want to tell you and i want you to keep it a secret between you and me,

I have my late father’s death certificate here with me, which i will send to you if you promise to help me and keep it a secret between us,My late father deposited some money in one of the leading banks in London with my name as his next of kin and the only child at the ROBO BANK  Of Britain London  ,the total amount,is $3.800.000.00 Three Million hight Hundred Thousand Dollars ) please I will like you to help me to transfer this money to your account and from it you will send some money for me to get my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to meet you in your country.

I contacted the bank recently to know how i can access the money in order to help my self out from this prison called refugee camp to have a new life and continue my study but the bank advised me to look for a foreign partner that will represent me in transferring the money to his or her position,because of my present status as a refugee which does not permit them to deal directly with me,
In respect of this information from the bank, I decided to tell you about it,please i want you to stand as my beneficiary so that the Bank will transfer the money to your account on my behalf,
I am offering you 30% percent of the total fund for your assistance after transferring of the fund in your personal account on my behalf pending my arrival
Please treat this with utmost confidentiality and send me the following Information’s for further application for this transfer if you are interested to be my foreign partner

1 your Name……….

2 your Address……..

3 your Age……

4 your Nationality……

5 your Work/Business…….

Please sincerely indicate your wiliness to help me by responding back urgently via mail or by giving me a call ( +221709858562 ) I will be so glad to hear from you, so please try all you can to call me as soon as you read this mail to let me know that you are willing to help me out,

Yours sincerely,
Miss Melissa Annan

Email 02:

How are you my dear,hope all is well with you. I must tell you the truth, i am very happy to hear from you, Take your time to read this letter carefully so that you will understand what you need to do.

As you already know they say, Situation changes all things  I prefer to trust you than to die here in the refugees camp where no body want to help me, Though I have money somewhere,  But I am suffering here because the money is still at the bank and I can only have access to it with a foreign partner as my late father instructed the bank and I am also ruining for my life because my step mother is looking for me to kill me because of the money which my let father gave me,

Firstly  I am emailing you from the office of the Rev.Father in the refugees camp, I told the Rev.Father about my communication with you and he permitted me to access my email in his office computer, here in the refugees camp life is very difficult, You can also call me through the Rev.Father’s telephone number +221709526706 Remember to ask of Miss Melissa Annan when you will call me.
I have received your email and I am very happy for your concern and care towards me after reading your message I was very happy because you are being there for me , It’s very painful in life when there is no body to depend on,  But I am glad that I have you now to protect all my interest, I remembers the way my daddy use to call me sweet name about my beauty when he was alive,  I remember how secured and free I use to be before the cold hand of death took away my dad, Its painful to remember, If I was in position of taking care of myself it could have been better,  But I know God must dry my tears some day, I believe with you,
If you will understand how great you have create an impart on me, after reading your mail then you will understand that I am owing you an appreciation for the healing you gave to my heart, For the lost hope of life.

All that I am waiting now, is your efforts to get the money transferred into your account then you will help me prepare my traveling documents to join you so we will live to understand each other, while I continue my education.

I want you to understand now  that you are totally in control of this transaction as soon as the application is sent to the bank, because I don’t have any access to monitor this transfer from the refugees camp,  And I am giving all my trust and good faith believing there will not be any  betrayal or mischief that will break my heart in the future, because I have already gone through a lot of pains, and wouldn’t want to under go pains any more, There is something in me that has made me trusting you, So please do not let me down.

I honored your propositions based on the Gold transacting system;  But since I am still in the refuges camp it is your duty to contact the bank and instruct them on how you will want the money to be transferred,

I have already sent a letter to the bank regarding this claim this morning so all you need to do now is to draft the letter stating the method which the transfer should be done and sent it to the bank,  because I don’t know much about transaction and  I am giving all my trust and I believe that you are choosing the right part for me.

Firstly you have to send a message to the bank address as it is below requesting the transfer of the fund be made into your account on my behalf, with the bank contact address in as follows;  Send the letter to the bank first then we shall see what their answer will be.


Contact person:Director of Foreign Operations.  His name is Dr. Bonnie K mathies at: ( )  Tel: +447980861285, Fax +448704717102, You must send the letter through the bank email address I will be Looking forward to hear your response from the bank.God bless you..
Tell the officer in-charge to transfer the outstanding balance of $3,800,000.00 (Three Million & Eight-Hundred Thousand Dollars). into your account belonging to Miss.Melissa K Annan. With account number, 771287987 Swift code AFT877; Deposit code AT78 Tell the bank officer that you are my foreign business partner and we need the fund to be transferred into your account urgently for an investment. Send including your bank data where the fund will be transferred into.
Send to the bank as directed below:
Your full name/
Your telephone number/
The receiving bank account data/
As soon as he responded to your email,  do not hesitate to let me know Make sure you send the email to him as soon as you received this message urgently to notify him about your request, I will be waiting to direct you further. Because I want to leave this country to join you as soon as possible.

Thank you kiss and hugs from yours Melissa Annan

Email 03: (RABO BANK)

Deputy Managing Director Office.
Address:Thames Court 1 Queenhithe, London, EC4V 3RL, United Kingdom
Tel: +447012969678,
Fax; +448704717102

Dear Customer:


Following the instruction we received by Melissa K. Annan. for the transfer of her late father’s outstanding balance in our bank into your account, After our due verification in reference to your request for the release of outstanding balance worth of (US $ 3, 800, 000,00)  with account number are to be transferred to your account;  belonging to late Dr. Korren Annan, willed to Miss.Melissa Annan, presently in our bank here in London. We have acknowledge the receipt of an authorization letter from the beneficiary  Miss.Melissa K Annan, stating the transfer of the funds be made into your account en line to your mail inquiry irrespective to the said inherited fund deposited in our escrow account.

Be informed that your formal inquiry has been noted and forwarded to the transfer unit, As we were notify by the medias about the death of the original depositor of the fund in our bank, in person of Late Dr.Korren Annan, you are hereby required to provide the proof confirming the true death of the depositor and the legality of your claims from the side of the next of kin (Miss.Melissa Annan) to enable us process the release order, you should present the following documents to this office for the contents to be viewed properly.

1. You should present an authority letter (Power of attorney) dully signed by Miss.Melissa K Annan, and a Senegal based lawyer as your witness, mandating you to make this claims and transfer on Miss.Melissa K Annan behalf.

2. You should present a copy of Dr. Korren Annan. death certificate, issued by a public/General hospital confirming his death.

3. You should present an affidavit of oath from the federal high court in Africa signed by Miss Melissa Annan.

4.You should present a copy of the statement of account issued to her late father by our bank.

5. You are required to reconfirm to us your telephone and fax number for easy communication, and notification of the transfer schedules.

On receipts of the above documents/information, with satisfaction,we shall process your claim and effect the transfer with-in 48 hours. We sincerely apologies for the inconvenience, and we promise to give our customers the best of our services

Note: You must discuss with your partner, as the above requirements are mandatory and must get to our Head Office here in London on or before the next 30 days in order to ensure a smooth, quick and successful transfer of this fund is made to your bank account.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Dr. Bonnie K. MATHIES
An official of the Department Fund of funds


Email 04:

Hello Dear,
How are you doing today? i hope you are okay doing well if so thanks be to God, Dear i have not hear from you ever since please i want to ask you if ou have contacted the bank for the transfer please if know yet please try your best and contact the bank so that they can let us know what we need to do before they will transfer the fund into your account so that i can be free from this camp and join you over there in your country after the transfer,
i will be waiting to hear from you

Email 05:

Hello My Dearest love, I must say once again, i am very happy for you OK. Hope all is well with you. I thank you very much for the notification of the reply you received from the bank I greatly appreciate the love that you are filling into my empty life, Indeed it is natural and nothing can turn us apart, I hope to come to  you soon to meet you in person immediately after the transfer to your position,

Hello my darling, been in a relationship with you will be the happiest thing to me. I contacted you because I know that you are the type of man that I need in my life to make me feel happy as a woman. My dear, age  is just a number because what matters in a relationship is love and understanding. I love you from the bottom of my heart and that is why I have chosen you as my life partner. I want to come over to meet with you as soon as the money is transferred to your bank account to start a new and happy life with you over there in your country.

I hope you remember my position here in the refugees camp,and that I have no means of handling this transaction perfectly without your help, So it is your duty to be in control of this transaction and to make sure that every thing is well done,  you must be constant in communicating with the bank since all communication is being directed to you, You have to always be sending to me any letter received from the bank for further advice.

I am very happy to receive from you the response from the bank, I thank God for everything,I really appreciate your care and your concern and I know God will surely see us through.

According to the bank request,
After reading the message from the bank I understand that they required a backing documents signed by African indignant lawyer, Since you are not coming here in person will be too expensive and after all we will still need a service of an indignant lawyer so the Rev Father has given me an address of a competent lawyer here who will represent us to the federal high court to get the (Affidavit of Oath) and support, the lawyer will also help us to prepare the (Power of Attorney) on our behalf. This lawyer will help us to get the items which is the (Power of Attorney) and the (Affidavit of Oath) and the lawyer will also draft the transfer application for us and support from the federal high court here in Senegal. for the (Statement of Account) and the (Death Certificate) of my late father i have them attach to this mail for you to View,  so it is just remaining two documents (Power of Attorney) and the  (Affidavit of Oath) the lawyer will help us prepare from the high court.
You have to contact the lawyer immediately with this two documents attach here including the latter from the bank in London for his more understanding on what to do. Honey my life here is like somebody that stay in the prison No freedom No good food. even good water in fact my life here is so difficult for me to face as a woman of my age, please darling help me out am in deep pain.
Please keep this matter strictly confidential, I can always trust you,  Because I don’t want my step mother to know about this on any account, as you can see that we are almost at the end of this matter, God will help us.
Now there is no need for us to keep waiting since the bank are ready to make this transfer once the documents are ready,  I have ask the Rev.Father here and he gave me a contact of a good indignant lawyer, here in SENEGAL, He is an international lawyer he will help us to get this documents without wasting much time,
Bellow here is the lawyer contact The Rev.Father gave me;
Barrister.Dr Dante
Mobile phone   +221707501537
Email :


Please Dear,I will like you to make contact with this law firm immediately boot on phone and email and ask him to help us to get those needed document for us, to enable you send them to the bank for the wire transfer of the money into your account ,as you can see that everything concerning this transfer is complete, please help me out to see that this lawyer get this document ready quickly ok, my prayers are with you and I know that God will surely see us through. Send the letter you received from the bank to the lawyer for his more understanding.

I will never forget you in my life, God bless you for me, waiting to hear from you with the response from the lawyer, Send the letter you received from the bank to the lawyer immediately for his more understanding on what he need to do,

Open the attachment you will see my late father death certificate and the Statement Account .

Thank you for your concern, always put me in your daily prayers.

Kissess from Melissa

Email 06: (Barrister. Dr Dante)



                                   LAWYER / SOLICITORS
                                   654/67BK RUE DE CONSURLAR DAKAR SENEGAL
We have observed the authentication of these transfer and the need of the document required by the bank.
Be inform that We are ready to give you our best of service as we have been subjected to act on your behalf with the procurement of the documents from the High Court.
I Just arrive at the Federal high court of justice  right now and i called the bank ( RABO BANK LONDON ) and after my discussion with Dr Bonnie Mathies, I have confirmed the importance of this document which must be submitted to the bank before your fund can be transferred to your account.
Firstly we appreciate your choosing us to represent you in this matter in the High Court of justice. and be rest assured that we will give to you our best of service and shall apply all legal terms to guarantee our efficiency from the moment our required mobilizations materials is received.
You are hereby required to send immediately to us the fees as stated below to enable us get induce urgently as regarding the legal paper works from the high court.
To adequately mobilize us on this assignment You are hereby required to send to us a total sum of  (2,320€)
1) We will use the sum of (500 €) to register the two certificates in the office of the court registrar.
2) We will use the sum of (400 €) to get the authentic stamp duty on the Certificate from the office of chief justice.
3) We will use the sum of (450 €) to secure a receipt of Incorporation from the ministry of internal affairs here in Senegal before the two Certificate can be approved.
4)We will use the sum of (370 €) as our mobilization fee.
5) Our service charge will be (600 €)
The total mobilization fee is (2,320€)
Note,Upon the receipt of this fee s  (2,320€) We shall proceed immediately to procure the required documents for the transfer of your fund into your account and it will be our pleasure to represent you in other matters concerning your business in the future.
As soon as we receive the required fee we promise to secure the documents for you as demanded in 2 working days. You tell us when you will be ready to make the payment, bellow is our payment information’s Call me on my mobile phone +221707501537 immediately you receive this mail to confirm that you have received this instructions.
You must make the payment through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER UNIT with the information bellow of our secretary to enable us receive the payment on time before the bank will freeze the account, because if we should delay to submit the documents to the court, it may warrant them to freeze the account.
Name of Receiver —————- Dante
Destination Country —————– Senegal
State ————————– Dakar
Post Code ———————-00221
Address ———————— Yoff Line 11
Amount to be sent ———- ( 2,320€)
Barrister. Dr Dante,

(Principal attorney )


Email 07: (Barrister. Dr Dante)

Hello Mr,
i have not hear from you this Morning have you make the payment?,

let me know so that i can go to the high court to start up the document for you for the transfer.

Email 08:

Hello Dear,
How are you doing today? i hope you are okay doing well if so thanks be to God, Dear i have waited to hear from you but i have not hear from you i even mail to the barrister today the barrister also said that he have not hear from you too, Dear please can you let me know what is going on i am so worried about my life here in the camp is to bad for me please i don,t want to die here in this camp,
please don,t let me down i put all my hope in you please for the very first day you have promise to help me out on this transfer please help me,
i will be waiting to hear from you
May God Bless you

Foto From Melissa Annan

Melissa Annan
Melissa Annan