This is a fraudulent email from a theme “MR. GODWIN EMEFIELE, EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR, CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA (CBN)“. Do not try to contact him by phone or email, you risk being cheated or robbed of her well-known tricks.



Date:Wednesday, 21 February 2015 11:30 PM to 10:00 PM
To: undisclosed recipients: ;




Dear C.B.N Beneficiary,

Your payment of  $8.3 m in CBN is UNCLAIMED. The Federal Government has threatened to confiscate the funds, but as the NEW Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, I decided to release the funds to you in CASH PAYMENT for delivery agent to deliver it to your residence.

I’m glad to inform you that your delivery agent by name AGENT. CHARLES BROWN has arrived with your cash consignment box value $8.3 million dollars in USA and he is now on TRANSIT at (Los Angeles International Airport  California, USA). I want you to know that you have 24 hours to call him now with his line (234) -206 -1681  and also email him:  please ensures that you follow the INSTRUCTION of the diplomat to enable   him CLEAR your consignment from the US CUSTOMS and have smooth delivery to your residence, As he has been waiting to hear from you to help him complete this delivery to you today.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE, your $8.3m inheritance funds was loaded into the two trunk boxes as a consignment, but i did not tell the delivery man AGENT.
CHARLES BROWN about the content of the 2 TRUNK BOX for security purpose.
On no account you should let him know about the content of the consignment.

Most importantly, you are advised to send your full data to him, which include your Full Name, Current Residential Address, Direct phone Number, and A copy of any of your identity card to verify that you are the right receiver to avoid mistakes. Send it via his above email address  once you receive this email to enable him to deliver your cash consignment to your house without any further delay or mistake.



Note; that you must call me as soon as you receive this email for more discussion, my direct line is +2348123276916. I appreciate your good sympathetic and collaboration, Hope hearing from you swiftly.



DIRECT PHONE: +234 812 327 6916

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Tage Werner April 15, 2015 - 2:33 pm
Hello. As I understand this is a SCAM. best Regards Tage Wern er From: GODWIN EMEFIELE Mr. Emefiele’s presentation was titled “ENTRENCHING MACROECONOMIC STABILITY AND ENGENDERING ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA” Central Bank of Nigeria (CB N-call Number: +234-813-222-3638) Date: 15/Apr 2015-01-07 0:20 GM B+06:00 Mr, Knut Tage Linne Werner Sir, I have not heard from you concerning your payment after my email notification for the release of your outstanding payment to you on the assumption of my office as the new executive governor of central bank of Nigeria. I am pleased to inform you once again that the president has instructed me to release all the outstanding payment to it's bonafide beneficiary and i have pledged my loyalty to the president to release your payment to you as soon as you send this fee of $60 OK all Will Be Done in 24Hours you send this account activate transfer fee (Etc) of $60 to us as the new executive governor of central bank of Nigeria. Get back to me for more detail and onward release of your payment with the fee you are to send from now. Thank you for your cooperation. God bless you. Mr. Godwin I Emefiele The New Executive Governor (CB N-call Number: +234-813-222-3638)
shagor April 7, 2016 - 4:05 am
OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR, CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA (CBN), TINUBU SQUARE, LAGOS - NIGERIA. DIRECT LINE 234-80838-35935 RE: DELAYED PAYMENT.. A team of Auditors set up by the Presidency, Foreign Contract Payment commission has discovered an outstanding payment due to you by one of the banks here and has reported it to our bank for immediate action. Our bank has called for reasons for non-payment and was informed that you were unable to pay the statutory charges, and that there are counter claims on this same money. Presently there are two different interest groups known to be lobbying for the payment of this money into two different accounts and we do not know which of these groups is truly representing you. You are therefore required to confirm to u s in reply to this mail which of the groups is your true representative, if any. You are also advised to be wary of anybody that promises to help you get your money. You do not need any special assistance to receive your money, especially now that the Presidency has restated her resolve to adhere strictly to the mode of payment stipulated in the Anti Corruption Bill (ACB). There will be no incredible and unofficial methods of payment in this case. The system of settling debts in Nigeria is the same as in your country and anywhere in the world. We oblige you to suspend any legal action you have considered taking against the bank or individual/s or the Government of Nigeria because of the delay. Answering the following questions will help our bank to facilitate your payment: 1. What problem are you having in receiving your money? 2. Do you owe any Bank, company, persons, or group of persons in Nigeria.Henceforth, get clarification ion from the undermentioned officer before contacting any other office or person in this matter. Note that your local representative/s may not be welcomed by our bank to avoid further complications. While thanking you for your endurance till now, we promise to fulfill our part as early answer get your respond to this letter and also take the right steps. Yours truly, Mr. Godwin Emefiele For the Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
DR. ISMAIL ALQUSSEIR September 2, 2016 - 7:25 pm
FROM: Mr. Godwin Emefiele E-mail: E-mail: ============= CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA District,Cadastral Zone,Abuja, Federal Capital Territory,Nigeria Our Ref: FGN/CFCR/CBN/SH-VOL.08/2016 From the Desk of: Mr. Godwin Emefiele. The Governor,Central Bank of Nigeria (C.B.N) Attn: Beneficiary We write to notify you officially that after due verification on your payment file,Your total fund which was originally meant to be released to you through a certified bank draft, Western Union, Money Gram or ATM Card have been converted to a payment via Wire Transfer, since all the previous attempt to pay you through other methods failed. Your total fund is now with the BARCLAY'S BANK LONDON, therefore you are advised to contact the Director International Remittance for the transfer update of your fund. We have tried to reach you severally to no avail before we wrote this email to update you about the latest situation about your fund. Your fund is in a bond account therefore, I urge you to contact the remittance officer with below information. Contact Person: Clare Corbett Director Foreign Remittance Dept, Barclays Bank PLC Email: It is very important that you contact the Bank now and request for the FUND TRANSFER APPLICATION FORM so that you will fill it out and submit to the Bank for the immediate transfer of your fund into your Bank account. This is an intervention to checkmate the bureaucratic ineptitude and administrative bottleneck most beneficiaries have suffered in the hands of our local bankers and their international allies. Your immediate payment instruction have been forwarded to the Paying Institution (Barclays Bank PLC ) which was appointed specifically to handle your payment in order to avoid further delay in releasing your payment.. We are working according to the constitution binding this committee as well as helping the less privilege through this means. You will be required to reach Clare Corbett via email ( ). To protect , honor and serve Nigeria. Faithfully Yours, Mr. Godwin Emefiele. Governor CBN - NIGERIA
Garry Bennett October 11, 2016 - 4:03 am
FROM THE ACTIVE OFFICE OF THE CBN GOVERNOR,GODWIN IFEANYI EMEFIELE OFFICIAL PHONE#: +2348167725021 ATTN: Did you authorize attached Mr. Russell Card of 8539 Desoto Ave # 205 Canoga Park Ca 91304 USA, to claim your outstanding fund?.Please get back to me immediately so that we can know the next line of action to follow. Call me direct or SMS me on +2348167725021 for immediate action. Regards Mr.Godwin I. Emefiele NEW CBN Executive Governor. PHONE#:+2348167725021
Berl Westmoreland December 13, 2016 - 4:37 am
Here is what I received... is this a scam? Godwin I Emefiele, Executive Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria. Ref: CBN/OXG/OKD1/2016 Telex: Cenbank Payment Schedule Number file: CBN/FGN/01/16 Code: CBN15 Attn: Berl Joey Westmoreland, Due to your inability to fulfill the transfer obligation, we have prepared ATM Card in your name and the card has been registered with Netplus Express for delivery across to you. The ATM Card is produced in a way that allows you to withdraw five thousand united states dollars per day. However, the Netplus Express has concluded the shipment procedures and will dispatch the Card upon their receipt of your contact information(s) and handling fee of $197 from you. Thus, you are hereby instructed to contact Netplus Express with your contact details (home address and cell phone number) in order to facilitate the instant shipment of your ATM Card to you. Below are their contact information(s): Contact Person: Justin Kadima E-mail: Website: Netplus Express Notify me as soon as you open delivery contact with them. NOTE: The only fee you are required to pay before the delivery is handling fee and it is $197 only. Be informed that the FBI would be monitoring the whole process to ensure we release your funds to you so you have nothing to worry about. You can reach me on my private phone number, Mobile: (+234 817 054 4871) at all times. Thank for your understanding and cooperation. Your sincerely, Emefiele MR. GODWIN I EMEFIELE MOBILE PHONE: +234 817 054 4871 E-MAIL: EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA (CBN) Show more
fraudswatch December 13, 2016 - 5:59 am
Yes, Its a scam.
Connie Durrant May 28, 2017 - 3:15 am
One from today: IMMEDIATE INHERITANCE PAYMENT CONTRACT #:V/NINIC/FGN/MIN/0017 C CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA Reply | Today, 7:06 PM This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be. CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA TINUBU SQUARE, VICTORIA ISLAND, LAGOS-NIGERIA OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR IMMEDIATE INHERITANCE PAYMENT CONTRACT #:V/NINIC/FGN/MIN/0017 Dear Friend, After our meeting today concerning your unclaimed fund in this Apex bank, I was instructed to contact by the board of directors and the senate committee on foreign matters. Before I proceed, I decided to stop communication with you because you have always doubted all my words which I gave to you and decide to follow the instructions of hoodlums and impersonators who are only interested in extorting money out from you and use you as their prey. I want to ask you a question and do not be offended "since you stop communication with me and prefer to follow the impostors rather than me, have you finally received your fund? Is there any hope that you will receive the fund in near future if you continue to follow their instructions? The board and senate committee has been asking me why I returned your fund to the Government reserve account without your knowledge and I have given them the reason, to allow you follow the hoodlums and know what the outcome will be and to see if you will follow my instructions this time. Anyway, I decided to contact you and to alert you on the status of your fund, during our meeting today on the round-table with the Presidency and senate president including the Minister for Finance, I have been advised to contact and to make sure that your fund is transferred to you before the closure of the payment system in no distance time. The ball is now in your court as I have been advised to allow you choose the way the fund can be getting to you which will be easy for you and stress free which are as follows: 1) Do you authorize me to continue in the Swift wire transfer process, if you choose that, you will be needed to come down here to sign your original hard copies and if you will be unable to come, I can dispatch the documents to your doorstep through a certified courier company which will cost $295 2) Can the fund be sent to you through diplomatic process? There letting the fund into a trunk box as a consignment which will be declared as a family treasure in other for the customs not to intervene into the consignment box which will be sent to your doorstep by the diplomatic means which will by the diplomatic means which will cost $600 3) We can also package the funds in an ATM card and deliver it to your doorstep and this will cost $165 only. These details and update was instructed and given during the round-table meeting held hours ago and you are requested to comply and respond to this letter as urgent as possible. Information RECEIVERS NAME: RUFUS IMEH. COUNTRY ...NIGERIA CITY ....LAGOS TEST QUESTION.... BE REST ANSWER ...ASSURE AMOUNT TO SEND...OPTION (1), OPTION (2), OPTION (3) SENDER'S NAME... MTCN NUMBER....... Strictly follow my instructions. Thanks for your anticipation and understanding. Yours Sincerely, Mr. Godwin Emefiele New Executive Governor Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
ISMAIL ALQUSSEIR July 20, 2017 - 8:26 pm
Executive Governor Of Central Bank Hello, CBN APPROVED PAYMENT LETTER. Good to contact you this day i have just been appointed the new Governor of the CBN and on assumption in office i have seen your untreated transaction with my else while predecessor Dr. Lamido Sanusi, i have seen the records of all your payment made in the past to CBN and also have a complete files of yours here with me. This is to let you know that your case has repeatedly coming to my Office everyday and all the complain that I have been getting all inre gards to your payment with the Federal Government of Nigeria which the CBN has been involved to pay to you. Enough of this entire allegation that we have been adamant over your payment, i want you to know that we have to end everything now without further issues. I am handling this payment myself and I have approved the sum of US$10,700,000.00 for you and I don?t want to know how much you are supposed to be paid. I have a meeting with Mr. President Muhammadu Buhari and the Finance Ministry who have agreed that I should handle this payment myself and Make sure that your funds is wired into your account with immediate effect. I want to let you know that we are securing all payment transfer papers that will delay your payment such as: The Anti Terrorist and Drug Law Clearances, Financial Service Authority (FSA), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) AND The Financial Action Task Force (on Money Laundering) (FATF). Without this Clearances nothing will be done, and with my position as the Central Bank Of Nigeria Executive Governor, you will only pay for your representative Attorney stamp and signatory of the above mentioned documents for your payment to be paid to you. This is the only way I can help you get your long awaited payment transferred into your Bank Account or by an ATM CARD Delivery, if you are serious to receive your fund as I stated, you will have to get back to me with the listed information bellow and indicate if you wish to receive your funds through a telegraphic wire transfer or by ATM CARD delivery to your doorstep. I will want to have a one on one conversation with you so i advise you to call me as soon as you get this mail so that i can know what actually went wrong and why you weren't paid along with others. if you want to know more about my new appointment as the BOSS of CBN please call the Nigerian government,visit the google or go to the Nigerian Embassy in your country for more details. USE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS ( AND CONTACT THE CBN PAYEE MASTER WITH YOUR DIRECT PHONE NUMBER AND PERSONAL DETAILS, ONCE YOU READ THIS EMAIL AND GET BACK TO ME WITH THE LISTED INFORMATION BELLOW. Re-confirm to me the followings information to enable the urgent processing of your payment. 1.Beneficiary Name 2.Direct Phone number and fax 3.Personal Address. 4.Age,profession and sex. 5.Copy of ID. Endeavor to call me as soon as you get this mail on my official number below in this mail. Treat as top urgent. Regards, Mr.Godwin Emefiele Executive Governor Central Bank of Nigeria. official Direct Line:+234-0935187482
Richard L. Hyatt September 20, 2017 - 6:39 pm
My Inheritance amount was 10.5 million. I have received several e-mails one even from our own Secretary of the Treasury, if you can believe that, One from the Attorney General Jeff Sessoms from a woman in IL saying she must have $520 $ to cover the expense of issued and shipping a ATM card to me. But instructed me to keep he withdrawals under 10.000 per day. They have in the past gotten a few hundred dollars from me on several coccasions and once I sent $3,900. by Western Union. Am I s...d or what???
Ingrid September 30, 2017 - 1:00 am
I just got an email like this! LOL i am the new Governor of (CBN) as i resume office received a payment credit instruction from the (United Nation/Federal Government of Nigeria)to credit your account with your full contract Inheritance funds from the Nigerian reserve account with our bank but we can not transfer this fundsdirect to your nominated bank account, because we are having a little problem with International Monetary Fund (IMF) so our method of payment is by Diplomatic Courier Service. (Delivery) This is to inform you that your diplomat has arrived with your cash consignment box value 10.7 million dollars in CLEVELAND HOPKINS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT OHIO USA. as their transit I want you to know that you have 24 hours to call him now 216-769-9073 or E-mail( ) then ask to speak to the diplomatic in person of JOHN LARRY in the United States, let us know if you are still interested to get your consignment delivery to you today? as they have been waiting to hear from you to help them complete this livery to you right now the diplomatic have arrival at CLEVELAND OHIO United State with you consignment box call them now to help them pay for clearance of your package as soon as he get to your airport you are to call him with this number 216-769-9073 and ask to speak with the diplomatic in person JOHNLARRY or contact him through this email( ) call them and get back to me Note; that you must call me as soon as you receive this email for more discussion, Also reconfirm your full current address and valid phone number to the Diplomatic once you receive this email to enable him to deliver your cash consignment to you without any further delay or mistake. I appreciate your good sympathetic and collaboration, Hope hearing from you swiftly. CONGRATULATIONS. MR GODWIN EMEFIELE , EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR, CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA
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